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IMPORTANT: The Necrology from 1750, the Bach Tributes Medley and  the "Bach Biography for Children" are right now only available in the German version. The English version will be available in fall of the year 2020. Until then, please choose between the Bach Coloring Book, the small Bach Bust, the small Bach figure and the 16,800 Bach music sheets. Or you decide for the not yet ready items, you get them as soon as they are ready, this might take even longer until fall 2020.


The Beethoven Etcher, the Mozart Etcher, the Bach Necrology from 1750, the Bach Quotation Medley, the "Bach Biography for Children" in 3 different versions and the "Old Bach Complete Edition" consisting of 16,800 pages of sheet music (PDF).



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1. Bach Biography for Kids: Audiobook with 19 x Bach Music; Download.

2. Bach Biography for Kids: Audiobook with 66 x Bach Music; Download.

3. eBook Download (EPUB) Bach Biography for Kids: A Cool Reading Fun.

4. Tablet Download Bach Biography for Kids. Reading fun with pictures.

5. The Cool J. S. Bach Medley of Quotes about and Music by Bach (Audiobook).

6. The Bach Necrology – The Bach Biography from 1750 as Audiobook.

7. The smallest Ludwig van Beethoven bust in the world: the Beethoven Eraser.

8. The smallest Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart bust in the world: the Mozart Eraser.

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