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The Bach Tributes and Quotes Medley as an Audiobook


Format: mp3

Length: 72 minutes

Files: 20 mp3 files packed in five zip files

Language: English

Narrator: Aaron Regerar and Erica Dizzinea

Author: Peter Bach Jr.

Publisher: renate Bach Verlag – Bach 4 You



With the delivery of your order, you will receive the download links for the quotes medley. 


Audio Sample





Many celebrities have expressed their opinions and enthusiasm about the master or about his works in some 270 years after Johann Sebastian Bach's death. Among them were presidents, a pope and many of Bach's colleagues. Plus politicians, scientists and artists. 66 quotes are exciting and there are a few more. Of these, the best are selected and compiled. Two professional speakers have narrated these quotes. With a little bit of space between them, they add up to round 72 minutes of listening fun. The breaks between the quotes are enriched with music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Please make sure to listen to the audio sample. A short biography, also with Bach's music, tells in eight minutes the life of the Leipzig Thomas Cantor, who was born in Eisenach in Thuringia in Germany.



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