Wine Wall Calendar for Beverage and Wine Professionals ... For Your Customers, Guests and Suppliers: Twelve Cool Wine Wall Calendars for the Next Twelve Years


In the picture above in the lower left corner: Such an individualization can be implemented on every wine calendar title page. It costs – regardless of the print run – € 10 (... check here what the prices are in your currency plus learn more about the sizes in centimeters and inches). Of course, then the DIN A4 size calendar is the most affordable. And it goes without saying that there are exciting discounts if you want to give the gift to more customers, guests and suppliers.



We Personalize Our Eleven Wine Wall Calendars for You


We are happy to personalize any of the eleven wine calendars you see listed below: We place your logo and / or name on the title page. Of course, the service is limited to this small amount. This is because we assume that we will receive your logo or coat of arms in the best quality from you in addition. To make sure that both are really visible, we place both with a fine white border and embed them in a discreet to medium size on the front page. Alternatively, your logo or coat of arms is most exciting in the color white.


Not provided, but realizable is the personalization of the individual monthly calendar pages, as well as the enrichment of the back with your logo and / or your address. This will result in additional costs of € 10* per calendar page and back. You can find the individual monthly pages in the store.



Eleven Wine Wall Calendars Are Personalizable, One Wine Calendar Is Even Premium-Personalizable, That Is Four Times per Calendar Page


Please do not overlook our "Ferrari" below our eleven wine calendars.


Without personalization, they are of course more affordable, but even with a print run of 50 pieces, the personalization of the title page is just 20 cents per calendar. No matter whether DIN A4, DIN A3 or DIN A2 (... check here, what that is in centimeters and in inches).


Our "Ferrari" Among Our Twelve Wine Wall Calendars


Sure, in this wine calendar your ( ! ) wine specialties get a place of honor, 13 times. Instead of "Thank you" on the title page you can choose another text. The light effect is adapted in each case to the dominant color. That is, if yellow dominates the label, then the light reflection is also yellow.


Now it's clearer, right?



* incl. VAT, plus S&H costs



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