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Subject Bach calendar. Of course: If it's a Johann Sebastian Bach mission, my husband Peter's project is called Bach on Bach and finally the name of my Publishing House is Bach 4 You, then it's simply a matter of honor that you get the most Bach calendars on earth there. 33 Bach calendars have been there for many years and exactly these 33 Bach calendars you will get in the future. They are wall calendars, as they are common here in Germany. Full format and the time tablet, the calendrical, is a design part.


However, since 2019 there are even more Bach calendars around. Over the years, soon even more than 33. In Germany, they are so-called brochure calendars. In the USA, the Publishing House offers them as "50:50" calendars, while the full-format are called "European Style" or "Poster Style".  The very day that there are 50 Bach calendars in my Publishing House some day in the future, we will celebrate that. And until then we are busy and ambitious and "invent" one Bach calendar after the other Bach calendar.

The Bach calendar for your kitchen: a furnishing proposal. Of course with a smile.


Here, no US Style calendar would be great. And right ... it is also no Bach calendar.


Calendars in the US style vs. calendars in the "European Style". Right, that's Beethoven in the picture above.


Finally, a Bach calendar: the US-style June page above. In Germany, it's called a brochure calendar. The next picture, then further down, is the July page. Again, as we know calendars here in Germany ... when it comes to high-quality works.


Handel ...


... and Mozart.


A music calendar, again no Bach calendar. However, it is clear: A calendar, how it's common in the US, wouldn't fit here.



Bach calendar in the European format is what you find in the Publishing House Shop of "Bach 4 You" ... Bach calendars in the "US style" is what you find on the Publishing House's Shop "Zazzle"To all the stores and then from there, after you have informed yourself what is available where, you can get by clicking on all the buttons above ... or simply here.



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