Composers Calendar in US Style and Music Calendars in US Style (50:50 Style)


Straight to our favorite US style composers calendars and US style music calendars online store.


Two Absolutely Different Options to Order Your Composers Calendar and Music Calendar at "Bach 4 You"


The first 50:50 calendars – that's what we call them on the English shop page, brochure calendars is what they are called in Germany – were already available in the summer of 2019. By 2023 there will be really many of them.



Composers Calendars and Music Calendars in the US Style ... And Some Entertainment for You


Composers calendars and US style music calendars, that is what we call them, "50:50 style" and what they are called in Germany: brochure calendars. They have a long history in the common Bach Mission of my husband and me, respectively in my store in the Publishing House "Bach 4 You".


Of course, it starts with the first Bach calendar, which is more in demand than all other music gifts and Bach gifts at "Bach 4 You" ... in the first year of my Publishing House's existence. Then my husband – actually real quick – invented another 98 Bach calendars, composers calendars, pipe organ calendars and music calendars. Of course, all of them in exactly the style that is 99 percent common in Germany when bookstores offer dreamlike wall calendars. 


Excited about our plans to offer so many music calendars, we told our relatives in America about this new direction of my Publishing House and Michele, wife of Dwight Back, asked: "Why should music fans be interested in wall calendars, when today much more and so much can be done via smartphone: that is, the management of appointments like birthday, name day or the appointment at the dentist?".


The thought behind it: In America, 99% of all wall calendars are brochure calendars or what we call 50:50 calendars. Please read on under the pictures.


And what by the way do you call the lower part in English? We call it "grid". Or also "timetable". Gladly also "calendrical".



The Wall Calendar as a Decoration


Unlike in Germany, a wall calendar in the USA is a kind of "tool" and its place is practically only in the kitchen. So half of it is a decoration and the other half a useful "organizer". The wall calendar as a pure decoration highlight for many more rooms in the house is not so well known by you, music lovers on the other side of the Atlantic. So for us – crusade or fight against the famous windmills – our plan began to convince all Americans, or as many as possible, that a wall calendar on the theme of Bach, music, organ or composers can simply be beautiful. So that one or the other decides for such a calendar. Away from the brochure calendar or, if you like 50:50 or "with a grid", to the full-format calendar. 


Yes, we do have composers calendars and Bach calendars which fit into a modern kitchen and also in a traditional kitchen. They even match the color of your kitchen furniture.



Eureka ... Why Not Offer Both Styles of Wall Calendars?!


Late, actually ... very late ... we then found the option to also offer brochure calendars ourselves. For all those Americans we couldn' t convince, hanging up a great "Bach and Co." calendar for pure fun. And just not as a tool. Unfortunately, not all online portals on which I have set up shops offer this option to purchase calendars. Only Zazzle can do that. But ... actually, that's enough, because there aren't so many different options for creating a 50:50 calendar. With T-shirts, that's a completely different matter ... so for them, it's worth checking out all the shops.


In German calendars, as you get them in bookstores, there is usually no space for notes, but the artwork or photo is twice as big.



50:50 calendars, brochure calendars, US style calendars ... for with "Bach 4 You" it's the same. They are available exclusively from "Zazzle". What about our music calendars as we know them in Germany? Exclusively in the shop of "Bach 4 You".



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