Bach Quotes, Bach Tributes: The Exciting Johann Sebastian Bach Medley with Bach's Music + a Short Biography


Reading quotes and tributes is what you know. But to listen to quotes and tributes, in this case Bach quotes and tributes ... this is a very special offer, which certainly does not exist elsewhere or about another famous person. This medley is something for connoisseurs and at the same time perfect during a car ride. Or in a traffic-jam. It's a collection of many, many Bach quotes and tributes interpreted by two professional narrators. Interrupted are the round 50 Bach quotes and tributes from many of Bach's musical works. In the first third, an eight-minute biography gives an overview of Bach's life.


Quotes about Johann Sebastian Bach plus a Mini Biography with Music by Johann Sebastian Bach


Format: mp3

Runtime: 72 minutes

Files: 20 mp3 files as 5 zip file

Language: English

Narrator: Erica Dizzinea and Aaron Regerar

Publisher: Renate Bach Verlag - Bach 4 You



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Bach quotes and tributes and more Bach quotes and tributes. The amusing conversation lasts 72 minutes and illustrates why Bach can certainly be classified as the most gifted and greatest composer of all time – of course without regard to the very subjective view of his work. And many people may prefer Mozart, Beethoven or the music of other composers. But for no other musician did so many celebrities get enthusiastic and are enthusiastic. The Bach quotes and tributes are arranged in such a way that the listener has enough time to think about the content after listening. Bach's musical works are among the composer's best-known and most popular, and you can listen to any of them in full length on "Bach on Bach" before. The third component in the medley is a small, only nine-minute long biography of Bach – also spoken by a professional – with the pieces of music you can listen to. Exciting: the Bach quotes and tributes naturally outline a broad spectrum: from statements to the point – in three concise words – to the most demanding literary style. And that's why listening several times is always fun. Just listen to a really long sample.


Originally, the project was only 20 minutes long and a Bach quote followed the previous one... It didn't get any more Bach quotes after that. However, there are more pauses "built in". After an initial mixing, the Bach quotes and tributes were so close together that there was hardly any time at all to "appreciate and analyze" them. In the meantime, the most recent and final version is far more than an hour long and, together with Bach's music, a pleasure. The little spoken mini-biography loosens up the collection of Bach quotes and tributes and is – by the way – exactly the biography, without film and without pictures of course, which you can also see on "Bach on Bach". Which proves that the mini-biography can also do without "looking at something".


The passages are alternately narrated by a male and a female voice and they are interrupted by musical passages. Both narrators are professionals.



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