Twelve 2024 Wine Wall Calendars and Twelve 2024 Personalized Wine Wall Calendar ... "Invented" in the Wine Village of Flein, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Are you a winegrower, restaurant operator or professional in the wine and beverage business? Then you are right on this page.


Are you a wine fan, wine connoisseur or end consumer? Then you are also right here.


It is real noble ... the 2024 wine wall calendar. Plus, you can order it personalized, too. And that already from an edition of only one piece.



There Are Four Options for Consumers and for Wine Professionals


The inexpensive wine calendar in DIN A4, in DIN A 3 and in impressive size DIN A2. Check what's that in inches with a click here.


We can personalize eleven wine calendars on the title page. For € 10*. With a purchase of 100 pieces, this costs ten Cent per calendar. Please check, what's that in your currency here.

There are another eleven wine calendars that we will only print with your order: eleven print on demand wine calendars.


The premium product of my Publishing House. This wine calendar offers four individual components per monthly page: In front of a composition of empty black and white wine glasses, we present one of your specialties each (1), the light reflex is matched in color to the label (2), the color of the year as well (3) and we place your logo to the left of the calendar (4).


Do you own a winery, offer wine, run a restaurant, manage a winegrowers' cooperative or run a beverage house? So you are a beverage professional?


You are a wine fan, so a private person, and you are looking for a wine calendar for your own home or for friends?

You don't want to be entertained now, but you want to visit the shop? To explore the monthly pages or to order the wine wall calendar? Then please click on the right.


The Personalized Wine Calendar for Wine and Beverage Professionals


This is what the personalized wine calendar looks like for companies, that is, for winemakers, for restaurant operators, for beverage distributors and for winegrowers' cooperatives. Actually, it's only the front page that is personalized. And that on all eleven wine calendars. But you can also personalize all the monthly pages in all eleven wine calendars.


Here you get an impression of how little promotional this personalization looks. That's why – actually – the inside pages are not personalized as well. But ... it can be done, of course.


Of course, you can purchase this great wine wall calendar also in the 50:50 style, which is to say with a huge grid. However, there is no option for us to personalize it for you. You get to such a wine wall calendar via the following link here. Welcome to my "Zazzle" shop.


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So my Publishing House also offers wine calendars? Among all music gifts are now also wine calendars? Yes, that's right, the cool wine calendars from "Bach 4 You" are indeed the famous exception to the rule. There will never be a mushroom calendar, a dinosaur calendar or a Berlin calendar on this website and in this web store. Promise? Yes, promised.


So why wine calendars, which, by the way, can also be given to music enthusiasts, musicians and classical music fans? Coincidence had it so. The place where all gifts on the subject of classical music and music are created is Flein. The wine village Flein near Heilbronn, southern Germany. And then there is an exciting and well-known wine portal on the internet. Which is edited in the neighborhood city. Actually, it is almost a wine magazine and a regular reading is a great offer for a wine fan. And sure, there's a store there, too, with cool get-to-know-you offers, specials around wine, and many, many suggestions when you're on the Internet looking for joy to spread.


Silvia Schelle is the managing director of this internet portal "Württemberger Wein". And the headquarters and editorial office of "Württemberger Wein" are only a nine-minute drive from my Publishing House in Flein. So the editorial contributions are created in Heilbronn. And yet it took many years and a "connecting person" to arrange a private meeting. No one knew about the other's project and so all involved came to the conclusion that maybe something exciting could be "invented" together: The wine calendar and especially the personalized wine calendar were "born".


Flein village center: Not five minutes walk away, we send your music calendars and also the wine calendars. And personalized wine calendars are prepared here.


Downtown Heilbronn. The online magazine "Württemberger Wein" has its headquarters less than ten minutes' walk away. It was here that the idea was born to offer a wine wall calendar.


Flein ... here the wine is at home in everyday life. Every 20 steps something has to do with wine. You meet tractors "every few minutes" (... not really) and here you drive on a section of the "Württemberg Wine Road".


Two cool facts on the subject of "Flein and Wine": First, in 1950, a Flein resident was the Baden-Württemberg Wine Queen and that with a population of 2,500 "souls" in Flein. And later – in 1965  Queen Elizabeth II drank Flein Altenberg Spätlese on the occasion of her state visit to Germany. What a pity that no further wine calendar about Flein is planned.



Wine Wall Calendar 1, Wine Wall Calendar 2, Wine Wall Calendar 3 ... ?


Is this the first page you read, so you come from Google? Good, then you don't know my husband – Peter Bach Jr. – yet. He likes to "tinker" websites. Among others this one, of course. And he has his very own writing style and his very own way of designing all these websites. Already very "against the flow". And he " incubates new ideas". Almost as if he's working at an assembly line. He can even do it while he sleeps. And I ... then execute them, his ideas... carefully, precisely, to the point, preferably flawlessly. While he is already tinkering with the next idea. I always look forward to his creative breaks.


You guessed it, an author who invents 99 music calendars "just like that" doesn't start with "just one" wine calendar. One could ... think up several. And so he thought and thought ... and came to the conclusion that it is a very demanding goal to "invent" a second wine calendar or even a third wine calendar. Right from the start: He rejected this plan. It remained with only one wine calendar, however a wine calendar "pure" and a personalized wine calendar. Time jump: This was published here shortly before he came up with nine more wine calendars and finally a very special twelfth one.


The wine calendar no. 2, that Peter had planned was a wine calendar with twelve cool wine postage stamps or wine stamp blocks. Just like there are two Bach stamps calendars and two composers stamps calendars. But neither he nor I found twelve super cool wine stamps. Besides, even those were nowhere near attractive enough. So ... there will be no wine stamp calendar.


The same with historical "treasures": Not only are there by far not enough (... we thought at first). The finds are then also divided into "Palatinate wine", wine from Würzburg, or they even have a reference to wine abroad (... that was then later no longer a negative criterion). So there will be no second wine calendar with original wine postcards, engravings, drawings or similar. Not like it was possible with two Bach calendars *. Sure, again the time jump: How you can change your mind after all: Be sure to check out the jewels that came out of it, which are the twelve cool wine calendars.



Twelve Months in the First Wine Wall Calendar


Wine on its "trip through a calendar year": This wine wall calendar above is available in the sizes DIN A4, DIN A3 and DIN A2 (... check the sizes in inches with a click here).


Right, no wine wall calendar ... however, you get a perfect imagination, how cool the size DIN A2 works.


Wine wall calendar author and wine wall calendar publisher. Renate Bach and Peter Bach Jr. (... starting on the right).



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Wine Wall Calendars and More Wine Wall Calendars ... what the Little Star ( * ) Earlier Means


He loves it, my husband, to "insert" a "time jump" on a page of one of his website. And this is such a time jump now. His websites – also the ones about the wine calendars (... yes they have their own website, these wine calendars) – are created publicly by him, that means they are online from the beginning, everybody can see the many, many spelling mistakes, but also follow how the website and the single pages and sections get better and better. But, that's not the issue. More precisely, it is the fact that the individual pages – so also this one about the wine calendars – are created at certain times rough or raw. And that was the case after getting to know Silvia Schelle. Silvia Schelle of "Württemberger Wine", you remember?! It, this website, or just the page, is then corrected, optimized and enriched here and there with yet another picture.


In rare cases, however, as for example in the story of Veit Bach from Wechmar, a situation changes "in the most violent way" after weeks, months or even years. Such was the case with this page about the wine calendar. It becomes now the page about the wine calendars, thus in the plural. And even more precisely about whole twelve wine calendars.


My husband Peter also makes a living from writing texts. For others. And if something changes there in essence ... then ... he rewrites. That is part of his profession. Not so, if he "works for me" and on his hobby and project "Bach on Bach". Because then sometimes a part 2 is created – so to speak – namely the "own" story to a product, a service or simply an exciting aspect. And that's exactly how it was with the second wine calendar, the third wine calendar, the fourth wine calendar and so on up to a very special "invention", the premium-personalized wine calendar. So now there is more than "just" one and possibly "Bach 4 You" is thus not only the only Calendar Publisher that specializes in music calendars, but also the only one that offers so many wine calendars per year.



The Wine Wall Calendar No. 2: "Wine & Flein" for 7,200 Souls


The wine calendar with the order number 2.



If you want to become the No. 1 calendar publisher for wine calendars within a few weeks, then you have to do two things. First you have to want to become visible on Google, Amazon, Libri, eBay and many more. Not easy... but it works. Then you also have to be very creative in order to come up with further topics on the subject of wine, so that more wine calendars can be created. So you search again. However, while searching, you sometimes have ideas that are almost perfect. And what could be more useful than to create a wine calendar about your hometown from the photos, the knowledge and the closeness for further photos? A wine calendar about Flein. After there is already a Flein photo calendar, the wine calendar of "Bach 4 You" had to look, of course, completely different.


In the time when Peter Bach, not my husband but his father, still worked alone, it is known that he made a one-hour "sound picture show" for the municipality of Flein. However, this work has nothing at all in common with the six minutes short video of my husband. But through this work and this show he knows that there was a Württemberg wine king from Flein in 1951. So ... You probably know what happens next. The wine calendar about Flein is created. And actually without thinking about selling it even once. According to experience, 7,200 people are simply too few to buy a print on demand wine calendar, that is one that is printed only once "print on demand". And again it came differently. We wanted to have two printed as a “Thank You”. For the Armbruster Wine and Beverage Store, which took the certificate that Hildegard Seitz received at the time off the wall in a few seconds, and I was able to make a photo. And there they helped me much more: Ralf Armbruster established the contact between the married couple Jett and me and I got the photo album of 1951 and was allowed to take a photo of this photo in the treasure of the "Jetts" and also publish it.


So two wine calendars, DIN A3 (... check what's that in centimeters, here). One for the Jett couple, one for the Armbrusters. The print shop we work with offers five just as expensive ... or just as affordable – as you like – as just two. And then we thought about whether there, where they offer the first Flein photo calendar since 2017, we wanted to offer the Flein Photo Calendar No. 2, so ... our wine calendar "Wine & Flein". And one was enthusiastic, and we got the first okay from Gerda's store, the next from the WG Flein, even if it belongs today to the WG Heilbronn (... both wine cooperatives), the mayor of Flein, Alexander Krüger, was enthusiastic. Plus, finally, even the Flein BürgerStiftung (... yes it is spelled with the big letter in the middle) was impressed, and we got closer to presenting this wine calendar to many Fleiners. Of course, you could also buy this, our wine calendar at Armbruster.


Here for this reason the twelve monthly sheets in the wine calendar with the order number 2.


Twelve cool monthly pages of a wine wall calendar, twelve exciting monthly pages in the wine wall calendar "Wine & Flein".



Enough Reading ... You Get the Next Ten Wine Wall Calendars Almost Without Comment


"Black & Wine", a word play, the wine wall calendar with the number 3.


You just have to search longer, much, much longer and then ... you will find enough historic prints like postcards for not only one wine wall calendar, but even for three wine wall calendars. The wine calendar no. 4.


The wine wall calendar "Veni, Vidi, Vino" with the order number 5.


For this wine wall calendar the title almost suggests itself: "Fireworks in the Vineyard " is the order number 6.


Such pictures simply are not allowed to "get dusty" in the electronic archive. And if you can't decide between 100 excellent photos? Then you simply create two wine calendars with the topic "vineyards". Therefore, order number 7 is also Vol. 1 ... and Vol. 2 follows next.


The wine wall calendar with the order number 8. Caution, danger of confusing.


A common background, twelve different cool historic prints. The wine wall calendar number 9.


Twelve different modern backgrounds  that is empty wine glasses – and twelve historical treasures represent a connection between the "Past" and the "Present". The graphic design of the script also symbolizes exactly this. The wine calendar order number is 10.


The wine calendar "Wine Barrels" with the order number 11.



Not Only One Great Personalized Wine Wall Calendar, But Even Eleven Cool Personalized Wine Wall Calendars


The wine calendar variant for the wine and beverage professionals. And just like this, another eleven wine calendars can be personalized. Calendar title page plus your logo ... ready. From a print run of one ... but then ... at the price of a print on demand wine calendar and for the inclusion of the logo € 10* basic costs arise. Not considered, but possible, is the individualization of each monthly page.


Again all monthly calendar sheets of the wine calendar "Wine ... Impressions" so that you don't have to scroll back to keep track.


The Premium Personalized Wine Wall Calendar ... Something Really Cool: the Twelfth Wine Calendar ... Now Only for Professionals


"Thank You" ... that is the title of this wine calendar, but you can also "rename" it. For example, in "Thank You for Your Cooperation", "To a Good Year Next Year" or whatever you want. Of course, a bottle with your ( ! ) specialties adorns the cover. We adapt to this the color of the year, and we adapt the color of the light reflex. It is the wine calendar with the order number 12.


In the wine calendar 12 each page is personalized four times. Of course, it starts with your most important specialties being displayed. We need a total of 13 exempted photos from you for that. It continues with your ( ! ) logo, on the left of the calendar. Third individualization is the adjustment of the color of the year and finally the color adjustment of the light reflex rounds the small work of art off. In fact, our pride and joy is to personalize a wine calendar several times with high quality: the wine calendar with the order number 12.




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