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Why do we offer you treasures that we have been looking for and found with much effort? Quite simply because we needed them first in order to illustrate copyright-free the different Bach-websites and then also to refinance the expenses, in order to always be able to "lift new treasures". It is not easy for us to give them away.


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Johann Sebastian Bach - Miniature Biography with a Leather Cover in a Slipcase + 2 Gifts*

Artikel-Nr.: 60.001


This little biography is not intended to read. It is really too small for that. Almost an antique, it was reprinted almost "identically" in 1978 and again in 1985. In top quality it‘s only rare to find. It’s hard to find such a miniature biography in perfect condition.

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This small biography - better the text - was actually written by Johann Nikolaus Forkel and for reading actually a little bit small. But she is not meant to do that. Only with the protective slipcase the small antique is a complete ensemble and a wonderful and fancy gift or a perfect small decoration, best behind glass in a noble place in your house or apartment.


Only if you are constantly looking for new Bach treasures, you meet this miniature biography here and there and a few people inform us when they get such a gem in their hands. Of course it is not a new, fresh book, you can see tiny damages on the slipcase. The book is, however - because of the slipcase - immaculate and except for a slight darkening. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the miniature biography you see in the pics here is not the same as the one we send to you.


And whether the worth of that little cute biography going up over the years quickly, we cannot say. However, the edition of course is relatively small and our websites are visit of thousands visitors every month from all over the world. 


Johann Sebastian Bach - Tiny Miniature Biography with a medallion of Meissen porcelain, all in a leather case + 2 gifts*

Artikel-Nr.: 60.002 


The smallest book about Bach in the world is almost an authentic antique. It is a rarity anyway. And the state in which this treasure was published is no longer there.


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The state, which existed only forty years, is the German Democratic Republic, DDR, which are now the New Eastern States of Germany. It is actually tiny, still much smaller than the smallest biography above, about Johann Sebastian Bach, with the text of Johann Nikolaus Forkel, which you can find at least occasionally. In the former DDR, the composer Bach's 300th birthday, was celebrated in 1985, for this occasion this unusual mini-combination was proudly presented: A tiny book on the right, on the left a medallion of Meissen porcelain. Both in a red-brown leather cover, a case with a flap for the closing. The print on the book and the case is in gold, the Bach seal shows the back then correct number of 7 pins on the crown. It is exactly 38 x 56 millimeters (1.5 x 2.2 inches), the booklet, the case measures 62 x 72 millimeters (2.4 x 2.8 inches). Surely this little book wasn’t bought by nobody to read, although the content is really exciting: with pictures and old documents and also much text. And because it was not intended for reading, but as decoration, this book, if you can find it and can buy it, is almost always as good as new, with some smallest usage traces. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that this tiny biography you see in the pics here is not the same as the one we send to you.


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IMPORTANT: The Necrology from 1750, the Bach Tributes Medley and  the "Bach Biography for Children" are right now only in the German Version available. The English Version will be available at the end of the year 2018. Until then please choose between the Bach Coloring Book, the small Bach Bust and the 16.800 music sheets. Or you decide for the not yet ready items, you get them as soon as they are ready, this might take even longer until spring 2019.


The Bach Coloring Book, the smallest Bach Bust, the Necrology from 1750, the Bach Tributes Medley, the "Bach Biography for Children" (... you can choose between four different versions) and the "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe" consisting of 16,800 pages of music sheets (PDF) ... and you not only get one gift, you get two gifts.


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