The Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Book Is the Shortest Miniature Short Biography on the Earth


Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Book and Mini Biography in English + German

von Peter Bach jr. und Briana Bach-Hertzog

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Brochure: 48 pages

Publisher: Renate Bach Verlag - Bach 4 You

ISBN: 978-3-945760-01-7


The Bach-coloring book depicts the life of the great composer  in 23 motifs for coloring. In addition, there are 23 samples in color, a brief description of the stations in Bach's life and the whole is in German and English. 



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Inside the Book


Of course, there are no "Cs" on the original page.





Johann Sebastian Bach's life, depicted in twenty-three drawings to be painted. A mini biography, written by Peter Bach jr., accompanies the drawings. All drawings in the book are made by Briana Bach-Hertzog in the USA. She is a second cousin nine times removed of Johann Sebastian Bach. The coloring book is in two languages, German and English.


The coloring book on the life of Johann Sebastian Bach and Bach's music – very carefully dosed" – is a cool introduction to the topic of "Classical Music". Music calendars are it in general and finally the "Teaching Material Classical Music" is a cool extension to bring children closer to this genre. Click here and read more about the missions' goals.



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