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Music gifts, gifts for musicians and Bach gifts. With your purchase, you support our common "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" and our "Classical Music for Children Mission". Thank you! Please read here, how you could support our missions additionally with spending no Cent more, when you want to purchase millions of music gifts and even gifts beyond the Bach and musician gift and music gift subject. And please ... for T-Shirts and US style calendars ... be sure to get to know "Zazzle, Spreadshirt & Co.": There are actually thousands, if not tens of thousands of music gifts more!


Everywhere on this website are hints that allow you to calculate immediately and to the day what a price in € is in your currency. Plus, you will find the sizes in centimeters and in inches.


99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars and Children Music Calendars, a Beethoven Calendar, a Mozart Calendar and a Luther Calendar, Plus Several Pipe Organ Calendars


99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars, Pipe Organ Calendars and Children's Music Calendars

* = All calendars in my Publishing House Shop (... so here at my working place) come in European style = poster style. Learn more here. You will find US style calendars (... with the huge grid in the lower half) on Zazzle.



Bach Gifts and Music Gifts  


Bach String and Nails Artwork – Composers Thread and Nails Wall Art

4 Bach Spectacle Cases 

2 Bach Magnets

Bach Paper Handkerchiefs

Bach for Children: Paper Book, eBook, Audiobook, Tablet

J.S. Bach Coloring Book Plus Miniature Biography

Bach Music Complete Edition + 6 Free Add-Ons

5 Johann Sebastian Bach Busts + 6 Free Add-Ons

Bach Statues / Bach Monuments

Bach Miniature Biography 1

Johann Sebastian Bach T-Shirts

Bach Beer Stein + 6 Free Add-Ons

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart Erasers

The Bach Genealogy

Johann Sebastian Bach Mugs

Teaching Material Classical Music

The Little Bach Figure

Bach Figure from the Ore Mountains

The Little Bach Turning Box

Many Bach Calendars in US Style (50:50)

Johann Sebastian Bach as Edge Sitter

Joh. Seb. Bach Bottle Stopper

300 CDs: For Babies, Children, Beginners 

Bach Stamps Whole Collection 

The Exciting Bach Flea Market

Composers and Bach Puzzles

Johann Sebastian Bach Posters

Bach Miniature Biography 2

Bach Tributes Medley: 72 Minutes 

Bach Tin Figures Painted / Unpainted

Bach Necrology 1750 as Audiobook

Bach Gifts + Six Free Add-Ons

Two Biographies by Eidam and Meynell

Composer Posters + Music Posters

Composers Mugs + Music Mugs

Composers + Music T-Shirts

Composers + Music Beer Steins

Many "50:50" Calendars (US Style + Grid)

Bach Gifts, Composers Gifts, Music Gifts in Four More "Bach Internet Shops": Just 30 Examples. However ... Please Also Read the Text Below


In total, there are five online stores of my Publishing House. One of them is the store right here at the Publishing House: You are on this page right now. Orders here will be sent directly from "Bach 4 You", or more precisely: directly from me. Basically, these are music calendars, composers calendars, pipe organ calendars, gypsum busts and very typical Bach gifts. The internet portals "operate" differently. There you can choose from hundreds of items. And I "contribute" my designs and decors to the total offer. You can find most T-shirts – with my designs – at "Spreadshirt". US-style calendars – in Germany they are called brochure calendars – can be found at "Zazzle". And here you can get – with one click – to all of these four additional internet stores.  Below is a tiny selection of typical items there.



Gifts for Musicians and More Gifts for Musicians: Please Let Us Here ... In the Oncoming Paragraphs ... Just Entertain You


Gifts for musicians. This first page of the shop – and that is true for this part of this page below this headline – is just created for those internet surfers and visitors of our shop, who already had fun reading on the "Bach on Bach" website. Or with another website of the "Bach On Bach" project. As this lower part of this page does definitely not come "to the point" soon. And that is also true for the coming paragraphs. As this is the section for you, just to browse a little and to poke around. With much time to read: That is to say just to kill time. Just to learn more and more about gifts for musicians and more gifts for musicians, which we found for you. Or about gifts for musicians, which we created for you. Or about gifts for musicians, which we wrote for you, put together for you or just "invented" them. With our sense of entertainment. With the way of my husband writing text and with his hullabaloos. And you already realize it: I as well do not get "to the point". However: You just don't read here, because you are "streamlined" checking on the internet for quick gifts for musicians. But you are probably here, just because you have fun reading.


Is It This Shop, That Offers the Most Bach Gifts on Earth? Or Are There Actually More Anywhere Out There?


Somehow, here are actually already the most gifts related to Johann Sebastian Bach. But maybe only indirectly, because from here you also can get to "Zazzle", better to our" Zazzle-Shop". And everything you find at "Zazzle", you can also buy via this page. To this, next we add simply everything, which you cannot get at "Zazzle" regarding Bach. And then we really are it: The portal with the most musician gifts around the court composer from Eisenach. What is "Zazzle"? "Zazzle" is a portal on the subject of "individual gifts", with which we work together. And thus can offer you many, really many exciting musician gifts: Bach on T-shirts, Bach on mouse pads, Bach on coffee mugs and Bach on watches. Just: musicians gifts and more musician gifts. And all gifts have a decor that comes from our Publishing House: Bach in a truly incredible number of variations. And just "in case": If you find a store that offers more musicians gifts ... that is, more musicians gifts on the theme of Bach ... then please feel free to let us know.


Our Supreme Discipline of Gifts for Musicians and Music Gifts Related to Johann Sebastian Bach: Our Three Publications About the Cool Composer on "Real Paper"


The most extended Bach biography for children, the shortest Bach biography for children (... that is the Bach Coloring Book) and a cute, cool and exciting work "Letters of Children to Johann Sebastian Bach" for adult readers among you Bach fans: "Klassik and Kinder". However, there will be no translation ever for the third jewel.  Never ever. We are so sorry.


Bach gifts and more Bach gifts: How could I continue this chapter different, than with the first book in my Publishing House assortment. The book about Johann Sebastian Bach is written by my husband and the illustrations are painted by his sister Petra-Ines Kaune.



Bach books are also cool Bach gifts. Only with three publications, you are right here. Two of those are perfect for your Bach adventure, when you speak English only. Because a third is only available in German. All other  books you can get faster, more affordable, and it makes more sense at Amazon. With the two exceptions listed below, we suggest a different procedure for German readers. The "Little Chronicle of (Anna) Magdalena Bach" by Esther Meynell and "The True Life of Johann Sebastian Bach" by Klaus Eidam is so worth reading that we offer the exception to the rule: as used books in at least good, however often in very good condition. Because they are not available new anymore. Now it's getting better and worse. There are no preowned English copies of Eidam's book, but it's available in English, and that is even ... new. Here is the Link to this item on Amazon. The "Little Chronicle of (Anna) Magdalena Bach" however, is not available – even used – anymore. We tried very hard and checked the US used book market and the used book market in the United Kingdom, and we did not find one single one in five years.


Then we get to the second publication category: These are my own books from my Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". These are books that my husband has thought up and then written. And which I then designed into ready works. With my layout, with the addition of illustrations and the addition of photos and pictures. They are actually the perfect gift because all the books are already designed as such gifts. From the beginning. All our love, of course, belongs to the "Bach Biography for Children", the cute story about Bach's life, told by baroque cherub Balthazar and musically accompanied by his best friend forever, Veit. It is an educational gift, but you do not notice this objective. Of course, Veit does not accompany the paper book musically. He does that in a gift in another category, which is the audiobook. But more about that later. A biography for young people is our next gift project, also a book about Bach stamps, then almost only suitable as a gift (... and not for stamp collectors) , is in the planning. Plus a few more titles.



Our eBook About Bach Is One of the "Fastest" Gifts


For a long time, this "corner" of my gift store was also new territory for me: electronic offers such as eBooks or the "Classical Music Teaching Material". But in the meantime this has been working out fine for a long time. Here too, of course, the Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach for Children – as an audiobook and for reading – and just as an eBook is "our star in the Publishing House". In the meantime, there is also the Necrology of 1750 and a "Bach Quote Medley" in this electronic version. Both as audio collages with music by Bach. By whom else?



Audio Book With "Veit and Balthazar" ... What an Exquisite Offer in Three Different Versions 


Actually, the biography that my husband wrote for children is even more exciting as an audiobook, because the music makes the difference. On the one hand, there is the audiobook without music, of course, but already the variant with the 18 pieces of music is somehow more appealing. 33 pieces of music are partly arranged between the text, but some pieces are also very quietly in the background, that is, "under" the text. And there are not 33 different pieces, but about 20, some of which sound twice, a few even three times. Spread over several hours of narration, however, you never have the feeling that they should have been better replaced by others.


An exciting development: This may also be a perfect gift for adults. At least that's what my husband and I heard when several acquaintances and friends read this book. It's just "Bach easy going" and a really "light" introduction to the composer's world. Alternately, the two little baroque cherubs talk about the "events of the day" (... if there is such a thing with baroque cherubs at all) and Balthazar tells about the life of the master. So, as an audiobook, it might be just the thing to "consume" as a father, a mother, a grandpa or grandma, on the way to work or in the next traffic jam, and then pass it on to your children or grandchildren. A highly educational approach. Isn't it?! 


It is a whole department in the shop of "Bach 4 You": the Bach figurine, the Little Bach Figure, the Bach bust, the Bach statue or Bach monument, the Bach Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) figurines and finally ... both Bach tin figures.



Indeed: First there was ... the Bach Tin Figure. And why is that? Quite simply because my father-in-law was a tin figure collector. And then, of course, you check whether there is already one of Johann Sebastian Bach. Yes, there was. At that time. But: This flat, small tin figure was not beautiful enough to offer it in my store. A 3D one, however – that's what you call all those that are not flat – already existed. And what does a tin figure collector and his son do, if a figure, which is urgently "needed", does not exist yet? They first have it engraved and then also poured. And so there is also the flat Bach Tin Figure ... exclusively at Bach 4 You. Nowhere else. The 3D tin figure completes the offer, and both are available painted and unpainted figures. What is special about the Bach Busts is that they are not only offered in five sizes, but that these five Bach busts are the ones that have the best modeled faces. By the way, the youngest bust in the store is – actually – an eraser. But you really can't tell by looking at him.


The Bach busts, the Little Bach Figure and the imposing Bach Statues – we also call them Bach Monuments – we could find, despite intensive search, only in recent years. The Little Bach Figure was only "invented" in 2019 and the two Bach monuments are only available from a small manufactory in Spain. Finally, there are the tiny Bach figurines made from wood, all are very special handcrafted from the Erzgebirge (... the Ore Mountains in Germany). Together they are all a cute and impressive Bach figure family.



The Bach Beer Stein: Soon There Will Be Countless "Modern" and Two Historical Bach Beer Steins


The Bach Beer Stein ... an exciting theme at "Bach 4 You".



A few years ago, the Bach Beer Stein from 1985 (... top left in the picture) was the most impressive first of its kind, and now we know meanwhile how and where one or the other may still be found. And we buy it then to bring you as a Bach fan and the Bach Beer Stein together in one "marketplace", that is, in my store. It is different with the middle Bach Beer Stein from the year 2000. It "plays in a completely different league". That is in its value, then the probability of finding one at all, and finally, of course ... also in price. It is practically impossible to find one anymore, and certainly not in the very moment when you are looking for a Bach gift. A completely different offer are the new, "modern" and cool Bach beer steins. We offer them – soon in a huge range – through our online stores at "Zazzle", "Spreadshirt" and other internet portals. They really do come in all varieties: for conservative Bach fans and for hip Bach fans, for older Bach fans and for very young Bach fans. And finally, there are Bach mugs and other Bach drinking vessels.


Right, none of the above is a Bach mug. These are four composers mugs.



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