Please Support Our Johann Sebastian Bach Mission Without Spending One Single Additional Cent for Any Gifts


The big online gift platforms honor, if their  ( I ) sellers ( ... not we) recommend their company ("" for instance) on their websites. That means, if you were on one of our mission's websites, switched to my Zazzle shop in our mission but couldn't find something, which seems to be perfect, you may go on researching from there (... actually from the page behind this link to Zazzle, Spreadshirt & Co.).


If you proceed in this way, you enter Zazzle, Cafepress, Spreadshirt, Redbubble and Etsy with an attached number that points to our Bach mission. All items you will find from that moment and maybe purchase, remain - for you - at the same purchase price. However, we the Bach mission, receive a small commission. And that is true for all items, even way beyond Bach gifts and music gifts. 


We Think, You Might Find this Hint Cool. So, how Do You Remember to Get to this "Bach 4 You" Page After Let's Say 9 Months? Please, Google ...

Bach andShop

You want to get back to where you came from? Please, click ... 


It is not complicated: Click the 5 shops combined button above (... or here): You will return to where you came from. Next click the "Zazzle - Spreadshirt - Redbubble - Cafepress" combined button. Next decide, to which Bach shop you want to get. We recommend ... Spreadshirt for T-shirts and Zazzle for US / 50:50 style music calendars.





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