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Johann Sebastian Bach – A Biography for Children as an eBook for Download (EPUB)


Format: EPUB

Number of pages: approx. 119

Publisher: Renate Bach Verlag - Bach 4 You

Language: English



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Two little baroque cherubs, very best friends, deal with the life and music of the greatest composer of all time. Balthazar has learned how to tell stories in a particularly cool way, Veit is the musician of both. Alternating between the everyday life of a baroque cherub and the story about Johann Sebastian Bach, the two of them have exciting two week fun together. The little reader – and certainly many a grown-up reader – learns in a relaxed and easy way which highlights of Bach's life there are to tell about. Pedagogically ambitious, music-scientifically significant events are greatly reduced in favor of Bach's adventures. Many names, works and musically and scientifically significant knowledge are not communicated. Because: The Bach biography is supposed to be exciting. And nothing else at all. Of course, key data must be correct, and many Bach experts vouch for this in the project.


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