The Johann Sebastian Bach Puzzle



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My husband Peter likes to photograph and especially Bach motifs. In all Bach locations and in all Bach cities. And he finds illustrations on the internet ... for his numerous websites: historical etchings, prints, pencil drawings ... everything on the subject of Bach or on the subject of composers. In addition, there are countless paintings that were created in these years in my Publishing House. And that for the 99 music calendars. In addition, there are pipe organ motifs, dozens of them. Fantastic ones. Soon there will also be dozens, if not hundreds, of Bach puzzle motifs. In addition, you can get them in different sizes and in different numbers of pieces. And upon personal request, we can also offer you a personalized one-of-a-kind puzzle using the method listed below.


However, it is unfortunately not possible for my Publishing House itself to have puzzles produced from the many templates and store them on the shelves in my store. In fact, with the number of puzzle pieces, the size of the puzzle and the variety of motifs, I would have to guess in advance which combinations would eventually sell ... and all the others would finally "clog" my shelves and ... what is much more important, it would cost a fortune to provide you with the widest possible spectrum. But ... there is actually a cost-effective, perfect solution. My "puzzle on demand" for you, so to speak. Here's how it works: Just take a look at our motifs in my "Zazzle" store. If you do not like any there, then contact us and let me know from which motif you want a puzzle. Then we set it up, and you can buy it ... and the whole service is even possible without obligation and without additional costs. With your order of today already available puzzles, we unfortunately do not get to know each other and only notice by a small commission that you have chosen a puzzle from our motifs. And this commission does not make your puzzle more expensive.


One of really many pictures to make a Bach puzzle from. 


... and two more Bach puzzles. These three are only the works of three different young artists. In our shops on the online platforms listed below you will also find exciting photos: of the Bach cities, the Bach places and of the Bach monuments. There is also one example of those ... in the picture below.

You can put together an entire Bach Monument Puzzle Collection.


Modern or traditional, historical or hip-stylish. And correct: These are no four Bach puzzles, but four composer puzzles. Of course, the Publishing House is also a specialist in this field.




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