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Popular Classical Music: The best CDs for Babies + Infants  

Do you love pipe organ music? Just visit Martin Doering's CD offer.

Popular Classic: The "Best of the Best" for All Target Groups

Popular Classic: The Top CDs for Children + Starters  

This is the most affordable way to enrich your "Classical Music Lessons": Decide for Bach. Better: Use my free and convenient offer of ready-to-play collection of 14 popular music works of the Thomas Cantor. It's a length of some 45 minutes and keep in mind, you may perform this collection twice, three times or even more often. Repetition is the significant part of meeting classical music for the first time. Next, not for free, but for a nice low price, is what you get, when you order one, two or three of our recommended low-priced CDs, even if you have to pay for the S&H from Germany. Keep in mind, that it's all about the fact, that you only pay for music, that fits the mission and the thesis, that comes with it. If you plan to stay with this approach for the oncoming decades, the "high-end recommendation" is our combination of the two collections below the next two paragraphs. You get the best of the best for a real low price. Also, for this recommendation, it's significant to remember, that it's all about our personal check, what you get for your money. Please click here.



In general and very important: It seems to make no sense to order CDs in Germany, when you live in Canada, Great Britain, the United States of America or elsewhere on the planet, because shipping and handling costs are huge. On the other hand, you save much by not buying the wrong articles. The problem is: You probably don't know which works are best for the project to excite children and starters to the "World of Classical Music". That is because you are a conservative classical music lover ... if so, you maybe don't know, which are the popular pieces in a large number. Or you don't like classical music in general, then it's the same.


It's different with "my" CD recommendations. Peter and I have paid attention to a cool and perfect ratio of 1) popular, 2) beautiful and really wonderful, and 3) "negative songs" in the sense of our common mission goal. That works out to a super-cheap nine cents per "positive" (... popular) song (... check here, what's that in your currency today). And the best CDs and CD collections are not only inexpensive, but even cheap! In addition, you can sample listening, and we firmly believe that this is possible only at my partner music publisher. So there is no risk of buying the "wrong" CDs in terms of the "mission". My suggestion would be: buy two CD offers with really many pieces, and you will get the best value for your money, even if you add the S&H costs! I present you my five personal best price packages on another website. And very detailed. Click on the link under the "piggy bank picture" above. You can get ahead quickly and "to the point" by reading the next image caption.


Buy these two CDs and you have a "collection of popular music for your entire life": You get 270 songs, the best combination for the Mission's goal to provide classical music background during the school project and later, for a total of € 33,98 (... check, what's this in your currency, today). Including VAT. Plus S&H costs. Please note: There is an additional section in particular for classical music for babies, because regarding such works, it counts that they have to be slow and "light" in addition. Important: Many works show up on both CDs, which is no problem in the sense of the "mission's goal": Repetitions are important!


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