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Why do Bach T-shirts exist, and why have Bach T-shirts only been around for a very short time?  When I founded my publishing company Bach 4 You a few years ago – long after the Bach project "Bach on Bach" by my husband Peter Bach Jr. had come into being – offering Bach T-shirts was out of the question at all, because the risk of offering a particular T-shirt with a particular Bach motif in a particular size seemed not only far too risky to me, but far, far too risky. Of course, I was aware of the fact that print-on-demand, that is printing on demand and starting from a run of one piece, was possible, not only on paper, but also on all kinds of materials and products. However, it never occurred to either of us that this would give our many Bach motifs – photos, small works of art, quotes, sayings and, above all, the Bach seal – a second life.


Today it is different, and we offer you Bach T-shirt next to Bach T-shirt. Our favorite portal in Germany is the German portal Spreadshirt. Outside Germany, it's Zazzle. But the other of our three online stores also offer you Bach T-shirts. In many imaginable fashionable variations and with many imaginable Bach designs. Plus, in many sizes. If you multiply the these options all together, that alone is billions of music T-shirts. More accurate? One Bach t-shirt after another.


Just a few examples of already now many more and countless Bach t-shirts in the near future. Please note: Although Spreadshirt, a European, better a German online store, is our preferred recommendation, all four of our online stores offer Bach t-shirts in many variations and with many designs. For clients from abroad we recommend "Zazzle" as our preferred T-shirt destination.


You can see a model wearing a black T-shirt. The model's head is not visible. There are two white Bach Seals next to each other in the chest area, with red and yellow to make it clear that they are the letters J, S and B.

That's right, there are also many classy t-shirts with muted colors.


An error? Nope, we take the opportunity to let you know, there are way more T-shirts than "only" the Bach T-shirts.




Two rows of five buttons are arranged in an extremely wide format. Next to it is another button that takes up the full height. So there are eleven buttons to the publisher's shops.

What are you waiting for. Decide for one out of far over a billion combinations: Bach T-Shirts and more Bach-T-Shirts. You are invited to click here.



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