Bach Seal / Bach Monogram / Bach Sign and Bach Portrait as a Bach Thread and Nails Artwork ... Plus the Metal Wall Art Related to the Subject of Composers ... It Is Also Called Metal Wall Sculpture, Nail and String Wall Art or String and Nail Art ... or Just String Art


This page is for your entertainment only. There is a lot of reading here, but you can't shop on this site. Of course, you can buy these artworks in the end though: Feel free to click over to my store and there you will learn more about prices, sizes and conditions.

Okay, so Nail and String Art, Nail Wall Art or Thread and Nails Picture ... what now ... and are the two works just lovelessly placed on our couch? Nope ... You know us by now ... we leave nothing to chance. Quite deliberately, you will still get to know many pictures of the two works created above "very atypical": already here you can see the plastic effect, which is not so explicitly seen in the results - simply hung on the wall and photographed frontally. Please use your zoom function to enlarge the image above.



 A thread picture. Or also a nail picture? Metal Wall Art, String and Nail Art or Thread and Nails? What is all that? And where can you get a Bach Thread Picture, or a Bach Nail Picture, respectively? Or a Composer Metal Wall Art Piece, or a Thread & Nails Art Work ... you guessed it. Is there such a thread picture in one of the shelves of my Publishing House? And is such a Nail & String Wall Art an original? Made especially for you? And then also a unique one of a piece? Questions about questions ... and there are the suitable answers to further questions – that is regarding the work of art "Thread & Nails" itself – not yet at all with it. Are you already excited and want to order as soon as possible in my store? Gladly, you can do that with a click here.


What we provide in Germany and for the whole world has two names in German and there are a lot more in English: It's called Metal Wall Art, String and Nails, String Art, Nails and String, Wall Art, Hammered Nails, Nail Wall Art, Metal Wall Sculpture and finally Thread and Nails. So ...


... there is a first a crucial hint regarding finding such a service outside Germany: After meeting "our" particular German artist – with his unique service – we tried to find specialists in the USA or elsewhere, to find out, what the perfect English translation for what we call "Nail Picture" or "Thread picture" or "wire picture". What we found were so many expressions, but we didn't find the matching service behind the offers. All artists, that we found in Germany, are all way more expensive. No exception at all. And they don't deliver the precision that "our" partner offers. That is the reason, we only offer German artists ... again ... because we found non elsewhere. Regarding the terms: We play around a little ... that helps if you found us and lost the address later "in time and space". Have fun now meeting a unique service.


Please pay attention here - and this is also why both motifs are in the sunshine - to the reflection of the sun on each individual nail: This silver glitter, which occurs when you approach the picture or move away from it plus when you change the viewing angle, is decidedly exciting and no other wall decoration offers such an exciting effect. In the next image, this becomes even more apparent.



One after the other. A string and nail picture was once ... until very few years ago ... a certain, usually "small, very manageable" number of nails, "tapped" on a base. Mostly it was – and still is today – this substrate wood: Here and there, such a small "piece nail picture" is offered even today as a DIY kit. If all nails are finally "sunk" by you (... yourself ...), one (... so again you) tightens a thread ... and the work is finished. There are matching motifs for this: a really cool offer for kids. However, we do not talk about such less elaborate thread pictures ... on this website page and in my store.


But then there are also such thread and nails pictures – or nail and string art again – as an impressive, handcrafted work of art in a "really neat size". With thousands of nails and a thread hundreds of meters long: Works of art made completely without a machine in many days of work. The artist hammers the nails for it on the underground already mentioned above, and he (... or she) then stretches the thread. Personally. By hand. There are many, many crossings and overlaps of the thread for the black areas and only decidedly sparingly "strung" for the white. Even such an offer did not excite us as much ( ! ) as what we offer you today. Our Bach portrait and the Bach seal – and also André's personalized artwork – are photorealistic, but there is no printed ( ! ) image behind, respectively underneath. Who is André? He is André.


The 3D effect (... most noticeable in Bach's jacket button area) is absolutely cool and each thread image, or nail image, invites friends, family, and actually any visitor to discover and explore the masterpiece from multiple distances and angles. From a great distance, it looks almost like any poster. Noble, though, namely in black and white. A little closer, the peculiarity of a nail work with thread becomes apparent and very close up you discover the principle of gray gradations through the density of the overlapping black thread. Meaning – and this is somewhat "oblique" – a medium density and number of overlaps of a black thread results in a medium shade of gray when viewed, from a certain distance. The fact that this thread collage, then also consists of a single piece of thread of enormous length, finally amazes when the proud owner comments on the creation of the nail picture in his music room or living room.


Now you can see it clearly: the glitter on the nail heads ... a third component of "color" besides the black thread and its resulting black areas and the white background.



On this page of my website and my offer and that of our specialized artist in the team are large format artworks. Large format thread pictures (... thread and nail art works, string and nails pictures or metal wall sculptures). He designs them – without our participation – also according to your wishes. And according to ours. In my Publishing House "Bach 4 You", however, you get only relatively few, but particularly exciting unchangeable illustrations in the matter of "Bach & Musical Colleagues". And of course, relative is relative, because soon there will be some more, which we offer you there. And particularly: You can also name us motifs, which you have seen somewhere on one of our the many Bach websites: Because we have the high-resolution originals of all these motifs. Because high-resolution ... that's what the original has to be. They are then reworked by us and designed by André for us exclusively produced works. And they are only available at "Bach 4 You". Back to the actual thread picture, that is, the production process: Of course, before the first nail was hammered in – for us – André's actual creative contribution still happened, because you have to be very talented artistically to develop software twice at once, so that afterwards looks what already exists as a photo or as a graphic for so long, that is "a kind of poster". And you have to know how many nails to use. 100? 200? Or some 500? And how long must be the thread that will decorate the whole work in the future in a living room? Or even the music room and actually ... yes actually ... every room in the home of a musical family.


You know so-called " from-prices ", but you do not know André Gall?! Well. The two montifs that André presents here in the picture are his standard size. So a huge picture is available from him for an absolutely attractive price, that is for a minimum of € 159 (... check here, what's that in your currency). And with him there are no "from-prices", already the standard size impresses. And now ... you do know André Gall in the meantime. Important, on this occasion also: André's pictures are rectangular, not ( ! ) round. And there are exactly two other larger sizes. Once, the format above is just a bit larger. The next, namely the third offer, is then again somewhat larger, but in addition ( ! ) a pronounced widescreen format. Two kinds of pictures can be ordered from André Gall: First, there are exciting motifs, such as the pictures "Albert Einstein", "Marilyn Monroe" or the famous motif "Construction Workers Taking a "Breezy Break" During the Construction of the Empire State Building in New York" or a "Tiger Portrait". And then, above all, there are personalized pictures: of your parents, of your family, of your grandparents or of your best vacation photos. Only Bach string and nail pictures and composers thread and nails pictures ... is what you do not get ( ! ) with him. But only with us. At "Bach 4 You". For one Euro less. For € 158. Yes ... that's how foolish we are.


 A masterpiece by André Gall. Enlarged, you can see the challenge: The high quality of the final product cannot be seen optimally in the simulation and also not really when the artwork is photographed perfectly flat. But: If your photo is sharp, then so is the string and nail image, or rather the thread and nails image or the nail wall art work.


A simulated shadow looks like a "light gray thread layer". The one above, however, is not ( ! ) simulated. At the top of the photo, however, you can see quite clearly that the light gray areas are "real" shadows. Again, the shine on the nails is also noticeable.


On this motif, the 3D effect is again particularly clear. It is the impression when your guests "inspect" a nail and thread picture by André Gall, that is, look at it from several angles. In this perspective, it also becomes clear what the purely technical advantage of a metal wall art / thread and nails work / string and nail masterpiece executed with a robot is: It is the absolutely constant distance of the thread from the back wall in millimeters. This makes the motif appear to hover on its background. But now what? Robot? Right. That's what's unique about our collaboration with André Gall. No one else works like him: not for this price. Not in the whole universe.



Art & Software Programs & Robots: The String and Nail Picture and the Metal Wall Sculpture Are Available at André Gall "At Its Best"


Our thread and nails picture – well ... gladly again our string and nail picture – these are always very many more nails than usual processed. More nails mean a higher sharpness later. 4,000, 5,000 ... that's the number often already for a standard size, that is 57 x 42 centimeters frame (... please check here, what's that in inches) outer dimension. 6,000 or 7,000, sometimes even more than 8,000 ... are the numbers for the size 81 cm x 57 cm. And it gets even cooler with even more nails, if it is to become a nail wall art with the frame outside size of 57 cm x 117 cm. Then there are up to an incredible 12,000 to 13,000 nails. Even sharper? Yes, that's right, more "nails per square". The more nails that sit next to each other on the base, the higher the "resolution". That's why preparation before execution is so critical. On our designs, it's always the same number of nails per field, not per overall artwork. The point of the nails per square ( ! ) is to compare different works by different artists. If one supplier needs 1,000 nails for a square meter (... three square feet) of thread and nails picture, another 5,000, then the later work with the 5,000 nails is the sharper. And the thread / string? It is between 700 meters and an incredible 1.6 kilometers (... one mile) long. And each string and nail picture consists "only" of a single thread. So ... except for the thousands of nails. What's the deal with length? The longer a thread is per work, the more often it covers – wound and "layered" – the white background. Black becomes blacker, the contrast to the standardized white of the background becomes greater. The Bach seal is a graphic, so the number of nails here is less than on a halftone image (... a black and white photo) and it's still sharp ... just in case you're counting. Colored images are okay, but they will be converted to black and white before the simulation. And when all preparations are finished? Then two ( ! ) robots take over the job: Two robots, specially designed by André, hammer and "weave", that is, nail and then pull a thread, your future work. Both robots of course work as precisely as no human being ever can ... maybe not even has to. But they also work faster. By no means lightning fast, not at warp speed, but much faster than a human. And that has what advantage? Well, take a close look at the prices. Either similar results do not have the necessary sufficient size, are round and / or they are simply unaffordable. Unless it should actually be the work of hand of an artist, what you really want to have. To both " versions" to stretch a thread, there are two super-short videos to discover later.


It is quite a hefty big masterpiece, which you can get for an unbelievable low price. Here it is again a different perspective. All images together offer the impression that a visitor experiences in your home when he "inspects" a work closer. And ... what is the price now? You can find out here.


Bach twice ... so again a motif related to Johann Sebastian, once again my husband Peter. First, it is above the correct ( ! ) Bach coat of arms, namely the one with the five cones in the crown and not the over 250 years long assumed seven. Secondly, it is a Bach motif that you can order only at "Bach 4 You" like this. And again it is again this size, which is so affordable.


Here, too, it is very clear in a so-called halftone image that the reflections on the nails are a style element. Of course, this is completely missing on all round offers when the nails are only arranged in a circle and around ( ! ) the motif . And just not distributed over the whole motif.


Again, a cool perspective, but one that hardly anyone will ever experience in your home. You don't want to hang the work off the wall, after all. That ... would then just go too far?! 


The 3D effect becomes really clear on the buttons in Bach's jacket. Only with a really standardized distance of the thread from the underground, this exciting impression is achieved 100 percent. Otherwise ... not.


And another picture ... simply for the "fun of it". If the original is top crisp, then so is the nail picture, or rather your thread and nails picture. But be careful with the simulator: It gives you an impression that is later "diametrically surpassed" by the finished work. It's the rare surprise that something is even more awesome than you hoped it would be. To us, anyway ... it was exactly the same with the Bach seal and the Bach portrait!



What else is different about André Gall's Bach nail picture ... or gladly also Bach thread picture, then with the hand-picked other suppliers? Well, our string art consists not only of a circular row of nails "with no nails in the middle". Because exactly these "nails spread over the entire surface" ... that makes the very special charm, once it hangs on the wall with you or with your friends, grandparents or parents. The nails reflect on the surface when the sun shines on it, or when it is at least bright enough. This results in another color component, besides the black and white. The motif then "glitters" indeed: not really, but you experience an effect that is difficult to describe.


Above all, then, the size in which we offer our works is fantastic: The standard size is already a real, full-fledged work of art of exciting dimensions: 57 x 42 centimeters (... you know what you will find with a click here) is the smallest of the three ... and truly large already. No DIN A4 size (... check here, what DIN A4 means, with a quick click here) and also not "a little bigger". But really excitingly large. That's why there are the photos of me holding the works in my hands. So that you have a size comparison. And this is in each case the smallest size! So you get really "a lot of Bach string and nail picture" for your money. Then these string and nail art works are incredibly difficult to present: A simulation in advance adds shadows, just like life " does". But this leads to the fact that the result often appears dull and blurred. But it is not. Why? Because your brain (... ours and also yours) does not perform its task correctly in a simulation. But when the masterpiece (... for demo purposes) is on your sofa at home, the experience is incredible. Then also at an impressively low price: What the standard size costs is what you know with just one click to the store of "Bach 4 You". André's masterpieces are simply ... wow.


Another offer from André: This motif above is one of the finished artworks he offers. The cost? In the smallest size – which is anything but small, though – it's only € 159. And what's the cost of this size if he makes it from your favorite photo during your last trip to Paris? So, only € 159.



If you search bravely, you can find other string and nail picture offers and thread picture and nails offers, as mentioned above. Then, for example, only as a circular motif and practically not in the passe-partout character. In addition, with the nails only on the circular edge. This motif is 50 centimeters in diameter (... 20 inches) and a circle as a motif must also please you first. Or there are just expensive, much more expensive or incredibly expensive. This ranges up to an amount of € 21,000 (... check here, what's that in Dollars and more currencies ... today...) for a motif that is not even personalized. Another offer is DIY motifs. You don't know the abbreviation DIY yet? "Do It Yourself" ... is the motto to get such a nail picture. But: If your little daughter or your son does not "tinker" it ... and therefore irregularities are more sympathetic than a defect, then the result will probably not turn out so professional. Apart from the fact that it takes endless effort and each nail must be hammered in individually. Always the same depth, always with the correct spacing. And then there is a very important – in our opinion decisive – disadvantage: As a "toolkit" you get 500 nails and a tear-resistant industrial sewing thread as well as a printed template. This means that you will recognize later that there was and is a picture. The wood background is something which you have to buy ... with another approach ... in addition at the local Home Depot, or at Lowe's. The provider writes – for demanding works – from 30 to 40 hours of work, and you need to overlay the thread many times over the dark areas. Finally, the toolkit leaves the "finishing" to everyone. Means then in addition: carry around the artwork, select a frame at an art place, or furniture store or a place like Home Depot, in addition also order a passe-partout and then have everything put together. This "fun" costs – in addition to the expenses for the board, frame, passe-partout and the framing itself – then already € 99 ... for the smallest format, 60 x 60 cm (... 24 by 24 inches), so about as large as my offer. And at the "end of the day" it is very likely even more expensive than mine and those of André. In addition, there are several errands, work, time, risk ... and it doesn't become a Bach artwork just like that.


A great "Still Life with Family and Plants": another motif from André ... that is a personalized motif. And ...


... I'd like to show you both Bach motifs again, now side by side. You know: Both are top sharp, even if it doesn't seem so with the Bach portrait. And they are one Euro, that is some one Dollar more affordable than the works of André.



Other artworks are available with ready-made graphic decorations in a size of 62 centimeters x 32 centimeters at a first further supplier. But if you are looking for Bach in this style of art, then you will be out of place everywhere. Such a nail picture of this artist already costs 168 €. Another – similar in graphic appearance – is offered at 498 €. And in fact in the size 73 x 73 centimeters ... but also not as a Bach motif. And instead of our price ... there, just for proud 498 €. So that means ... Bach as the highest quality and at the same time most favorable thread picture ... or nail picture ... at an unbelievably low price and unusually fast delivery ... is only available at the specialist for Bach gift ideas. And this is my store ... in my Publishing House and with our joint projects. Another result (... further down), but this time with nails distributed over the entire motif – as with us and Bach as well – looks good, but costs a whopping 858 €, however, in the stately size of 60 x 80 centimeters. So it is "cross-calculated" almost six times as expensive as from the "Thread and Nails Picture Blacksmith & Weaving Gall & Bach". Olesia Kyriacou (... his offer is below) can be reached via this link. There is a motif now under this text.


Other artists are also top: But for us in the "Bach Mission" and the "Classical Music for Children Mission", the price-performance ratio is also very important.



A Thread and Nails Picture in Two Versions: 100 Percent Handmade or the Combination of Creativity, Manpower, Software and Two Robots


Accordingly, today you can – in an impressive size and in general – get a large thread and nails picture in two ways. Once is the conservative way, which existed exclusively until a few years ago. You master this art and apply the template, for example, a photo of your partner, on the underground, which will later become the background, that is, the – for example – aforementioned wooden board. And then the "hammering" starts. Nail by nail becomes the basis of the string and nail picture. For 20 to 30 hours. Who does something of this size, on this scale, and the whole thing personalized? Only really very few artists who can do it ... with much, much time. In addition to their skills! You practically can't find their offers on the internet. How could you? Today actually by googling. But by googling ... I did not find the following artist: It is – for example – Laura Gabel, and she impresses with her works. With the order and the purchase of a work of art from her "studio" you not only have an original, but at the same time also a "one of a kind". Because another work looks exactly the same, but is of course – nail for nail – a little different from the pre-produced. Just the quality of an expert, a work created with much love. It costs 2,900 €, respectively 2,500 € and it is worth its price. But ... it is, even for this reasonable price, not personalized. And there are also only two alternatives of it. For comparison, the largest thread painting by André Gall costs only 299 €. But then plus small S&H.


 Without question, Laura Gabel from Augsburg, Germany offers a dream of thread and nails artwork. Huge and high quality ... so, art! However, these works above are not examples of personalized requests, but it is specifically these two ladies that Laura offers there. And that for € 2,400, respectively even € 2,900. You can reach Laura with a click here.



More artists offer somewhat smaller, but still imposing thread and nails pictures. In addition, there are then quite tiny, cute and exciting ones for children to do yourself and also large works, some even huge ... but ... just also cool, but finished works. Why do I present you many artists on this page? So that you can get an idea of the value of the "end result", that is, a work of art, if you want it, then also made as a one of a kind – according to your wishes –  large, impressive, cool, individual. And you get sample photos, prices as well as internet addresses. 


So, now it's getting exciting: You can't get personalized thread and nails artwork from me, but only from André Gall and his team. And there you will not get any motifs that my Publishing House offers. That's how our cooperation works, that's why we present André and his service so explicitly here. But, there are other differences: Firstly, the prices ... there ... is hardly any difference. That makes it comfortable for you. Right?! Right! The size: In my Publishing House, we also offer the standard format (... 57 x 42 centimeter frame), and additionally the medium size with the 81 x 57 centimeter frame size. And finally, the exciting super-wide format with its frame outer dimensions 57 x 117 centimeters (... check here again, what's that in your country). You want the Bach seal as a medium size thread and nails picture, not as a standard format? Of course, that also works with us. But now the "advantages start": André currently delivers in three to six weeks (... what applies today, is what you can find out with a click here; keyword is the German "Lieferzeit"), but that could be quite different next summer. Ordered "Express", it will be faster, but will cost € 59 more. Understandable! My Publisher delivers in just one week. And without ( ! ) express surcharge. How does that work? Well, we – that is André Gall and I – are cool creative partners (... we are – as a company – still much smaller than André's company) and we both have a big advantage from our cooperation: I can deliver extremely fast, you get to know André through our recommendation here. Feel free to contact André's team directly with your requests (... ex classical composers, ex Bach), we don't get any ( ! ) commission! And very important: You can return all of André's motifs (... you won't, I promise ... and that's not possible from outside Germany), but unfortunately not ours, because we have them specially and individually made for you. Finally, André Gall also offers five alternative backgrounds and different frames. My Publisher does not, but even with that ... "we can" exceptions. And why exactly are there no composer motifs at André Gall? Because I ( ! ) designed the templates in each case, the Bach seal is drawn exclusively by me. The Bach portrait was also painted and modified by two Bachs. Both works are therefore subject to copyright.

The Bach Seal has its own history. The baroque composer designed it himself in his time. Because around 270 years no clear and clean templates existed, Bach science assumed for 270 years that there were seven "cones" in the crown. That is why all historical depictions are shown with these seven cones. The now correct Bach Seal, with only five cones, was discovered only in 2009 in the inner lid of Bach's treasure chest in the Meissen Cathedral in Germany, namely with five cones. One had it traced, but why should you "start from zero" if it then also becomes one Euro more expensive?



So, this Bach seal above is designed by me, and the Bach portrait – in the original – painted by Briana Bach-Hertzog. And then further developed by me for the nail and string wall art  / thread and nails wall art. From other classical composers, we have also created "arrangements" or prepared the originals for the thread picture, nail picture, string art or metall wall sculpture. So, although copyright protection applies to all my motifs, this is not the basis of our cooperation: And why should André offer you "Bach, Composers & Co." when we can deliver much faster (... you know now that we maintain a cordial cooperation) ... a real win-win-win situation (... the "first win" is of course you). And there is one decisive additional criterion: Ordered from us, you save on the picture this one complete Euro. André's shipping, however, is 50 cents more favorable, and so only half a Euro remains of your lower-priced purchase. But ... after all!



Seriously Now? A Thread of 1.6 Kilometers, That Is 1 Mile Long?


To be precise, the nail picture, or rather the thread and nails picture on the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach and other composers, is in each case five centimeters smaller on the right and left than the above-mentioned frame dimensions. The motif is always black and white, so a black thread on a white background, the gray values in the motif result from the density of the thread overlays. By the way, also to the thread in the thread picture: already 700 meters, as listed above ... that is the length of seven soccer fields. The large thread pattern / nail pattern even has a thread length of 16 soccer fields. In extreme cases – under certain graphic and photographic conditions – the thread can even reach the length of 20 soccer fields: around two kilometers long ... in one piece. By the way, the two motifs "Bach Seal" and "Bach portrait" consist of "only" 2,791 and 3,588 nails, respectively, and a thread that is "only" 226 and 337 meters long, respectively.



Your Bach Thread and Nails Picture Becomes an Original


You will never be able to get such jewelry, that is a thread and nails picture or a string and nail picture with motifs around classical composers and especially around Bach, of course, sent to you from the shelf of a company. Not only too small, but much too tiny is the group of such people who even know what a thread and nails picture, or a nail and string wall art is. In addition, then also they would like to have. And that even on the subject of "Bach & composers". That is why my Publishing House does not "compete" with the fastest on the market. Even if we would offer these smaller works in even shorter time: There are still things in this world – how good actually – that may need a little more time until the mail ... yes, or UPS and FedEx... rings at your door.


Right, you could also get this motif above as a thread and nails picture: Then we would have to edit it a bit, because André's maximum-sized nail picture is not that extremely wide. And it is first converted to a black / white motif and then exactly once for you "nailed and finally woven".


This combination of experts also requires further editing to match André Gall's offer. Here you have them almost all together, the gentlemen composers (... however ... where is Bach?). An "Arrangement by Bach 4 You". For 279 € it can soon decorate your home. Where you can order it? Not with André, but with us. And you know: At "Bach 4 You" it is a whole Euro more favorable. Once again: That's how we are. Never quite serious, but always reliable.



You Order Your Thread and Nails Picture ... And We Start “Tinkering”


For this we work together with the artist, photographer and studied physicist listed above (... right, with André). Because you have to be all that to even figure out how to create such a work of art even before the first nail is hammered in. So transfer it. Because in the background of a real thread and nails picture "sits" no photo or picture. At the same time, a work must have sufficient resolution and the contrast must be perfect. Especially for this, André Gall offers an additional service for an additional, small flat fee. However, you can already experience on André's website how your work will look like as a thread and nails picture one day. Free of charge. Then they also advise you, in advance and free of charge, whether it needs any contrast post-processing at all and how you could do it yourself. After all, you – that is, the artist or the artist who offers such nail and string pictures in an innovative technology – must be familiar with computer algorithms and finally spend much, much ... actually much more time.


Many hours were initially necessary until a thread and nails image of this quality and size was created without a machine. It doesn't matter whether the artist hammers himself or the robot. The only thing is that a robot does not get tired or unfocused, it does not need breaks, but it also likes praise. Of course, shortly after we got to know each other, we also researched the topic on the internet, and that especially intensively. And found out: There is actually no other such or similar offer worldwide, as that of our new partner in the Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. Not on the topic of Bach, and to our knowledge not on the topic of "Classical Composers". Actually ... we haven't found any offer at all even remotely similar to what you can get from me at my Publishing House. That is, incredible thread and nails pictures on the theme of "Johann Sebastian Bach" and "Classical composers". As a thread picture or nail picture 4.0, so to speak, it is actually the work of a robot that implements the creativity of several artists (... namely also of you). It hammers, and it stretches the thread according to the respective "human creative process". Precisely and relatively fast. Relatively: Yes, he needs a little time. For several thousand nails! And a miles-long thread. It does not get tired, as mentioned, and works – if it must – also "completely without praise". This robot sets the nails at a hundred percent precise, specific distance in each case, which later makes a barely perceptible optimization in comparison to a purely handmade thread pattern. In addition, the computer algorithm interlaces – computationally – the thread to a quality that cannot be achieved by hand, which contributes to an actually optimal reproduction of the later thread and nails picture artwork.



One Design and Also Multiple Frames?


Sure, you could hammer nails into a slab of beech, oak or birch, the background could be red, the thread blue ... even colorful, the frame made of wood, with and without glass. And ... no, no, no. That would be a mess with a publisher as small as mine and in such a special partnership with the artist involved. After all, a Bach gypsum bust could be offered in pink or light blue. Or purple or olive green. And calendars in different designs. But everything would then make everything much more expensive. That's why we don't do that. And whether it would then fit better in your home? We think: The Bach thread and nails picture works best on a white background. And because it is "only" one ( ! ) sometimes hundreds of feet long thread, it is just ... black. So that the darkest parts become as "rich-black" as possible. The nails are silver and that the whole artwork is an indoor decor, almost goes without saying. Humidity or even wetness ... is what "it does not like" ... and it is also hard to imagine how you would want to use it outdoors. The Bach nails and wire picture arrives as a finished work in the frame with you and can be hung – directly after unpacking – on the wall. However, André himself provides a small selection of different styles, in terms of frame and background. But ... Bach ... and classical composers ... are only available in one design ... at "Bach 4 You".


Don't listen to the German text, just watch the video ... it's rewarding ... promise! It's really impressive how man and machine create super cool motifs and even more awesome personalized works of art. Without several artists ... yes right ... you are also one of the creatives for a personalized thread and nails picture, respectively wire and nail picture ... to "create" something so impressive that is possible at a fantastic price practically only with André and us. It is actually a really incredibly low price! Watch in a few minutes above how a robot is "part of the game". A German TV station was a guest of André Gall in Karlsruhe, southern Germany.


If you're brave, we can also have upper-cool Bach nail and wire pictures and Bach thread and nails art works made from decidedly "borderline" Bach motifs. For this, however, they must first be converted into black and white motifs.



How Do You Keep It Clean ... Your Bach Thread and Nails Picture? 


Although it looks very delicate ... and is also produced that way ... it is very stable. So stable that you can even vacuum it carefully ( ! ) with the wide sofa brush of your vacuum cleaner.



Can It Break ... Your Composer Thread and Nails Picture?


Of course, it can be broken. If you do not treat it with care when unpacking. But actually ... it is actually very sturdy. And yes, the thread can – as mentioned, if you handle it very roughly – also tear, but the result is then like a hole in the sweater. The sweater then also does not unravel. And if you carefully cut off a few loose threads, you can hardly see what you think of as a disaster like this. And is the next time ... a little more careful.



The Thread and Nails Image of Bach and Mozart and Beethoven ... Is There a Printed Black and White Image Under the Wire?


No, your thread picture of Johann Sebastian Bach, whether painted by Haußmann and thus the most famous motif from the Thomas Cantor or by a (great-great-great....) niece of Bach, who now lives in the U.S., with no less artistic skill: Her Bach nail painting consists of only four parts: the white background, the silver nails and black thread, and the frame. At a distance of one to two meters (... some six feet), you will be amazed by the arrangement of the nails and the thread. From a distance of round four meters (... some twelve feet), however, most people perceive the whole work of art "only" as a great black and white picture. It is therefore a double "effect of amazement", because if guests and visitors are initially excited about the work as a whole, with the smaller distance than a second, a completely different – additional – effect arises: the recognition of how this image came to its effect.



A Thread and Nails Picture With Bach as a DIY Motif


You think you could make such a Bach thread and nails picture or such a Beethoven nail and wire motif yourself? Well, it could work. However: We cannot imagine it. Well yes, with a heart it works, a fantasy cake, some letters, a name and with initials as well. And if it is then "made" by your kids, it is a cute gift for Christmas. But as a serious decoration in your home? It sounds a little arrogant, but for that it's honest: Forget it.

Some Do It Similarly ... But – By Far – Nobody Like André


If you know how to search Google in depth, you will find many a similar offer. So we did that for you, and now we present the results. They are also very surprising for us, because we first got to know André Gall and were enthusiastic about his offer and his prices. And only afterwards we researched and "dug" for this page of our website, which jewel of artwork we found there. There first – or simply next – behind the two vendors already listed above is "One Thread Art". At first glance, it seems very similar to André's offering. But it is not. Because here the nails frame ( ! ) the motif. In the motif itself, you will not find any nails. And so a large part of the actually exciting thing is just not ( ! ) present. The most important thing, however: For a whole € 89 you have to do it yourself, it is a DIY offer (... check here, what's that in your currency today). Then ... 89 € are also not more favorable than André's € 159 and our € 158. However, there is still a supplement from me ... here and now: For € 149, this artist also offers it ready. So then there are only two differences: The offers of this designer are all round and there are no nails in the ( ! ) circle.


Erik Obstfeld ... "One Thread Art" offers thread art: You can contact him through this link. The text in the picture says: "Turn your favorite motif into art".



Arias Ruumi Store offers Michael Jackson (... below). And more finished and very impressive artwork. With 31 x 31 centimeters (... 12.2 x 12.2 inches) not really big and the nails are distributed completely different than in the motifs of André and us, that is exclusively on different outlines. But for this, Jackson costs a proud 846 € and that in 31 x 31 centimeters. In 35 x 35 centimeters size it is then already full 1,426 €. The most expensive work, which he offers in his store, is a personalized family picture from a price of 1,243 € up to almost smooth 1,500 €. But just: not comparable, because it is not a "real" thread and nail picture over the entire surface ... but ... a thread picture.


Not personalized, it is at least 846 € in the smallest size, which, however, is already decently large ...


... personalized, it is a bit more expensive, ranging from 1,243 € to 1,501 € (... around the same amount in US Dollars, but better check via your currency calculator above). And ... it is and remains by far not as technically complex as André's results. An important note at this point: The above are not photorealistic results, but they are photographic solarizations (... alienations), which are first created from your photo. And the results are therefore also graphic compositions from your photo motif. Please do not confuse this, if you compare the offers on this, my website page.



More Art Work, That Is Thread and Nails Pictures Plus String and Nails Wall Art


"Photofaden" (... a German company's name means "Photo String") probably comes closest – in Germany – to what looks like what we also offer. But no ... they were not the first with something like this on the market and yes, they also offer colored results. Whether these then look as exciting and noble, as only with a black thread and silver nails on a white background ... that is up to the viewer. The fact is: These works also start at a price of around 1,000 €. More than five times as much as with André and my Publishing House, "Bach 4 You".   ––


Some 1.000 € for such an art work: We think, that can work more exciting (... that is just not with colors) and nobler with that and in particular ... much more affordable.


In Madrid, Spain, Larcoo Gallery also offers very close to what we propose for our part. High-quality, in the result very similar, but as finished motifs it starts with 550 € and personalized motifs start from 950 €. Via their FAQ section you get to nine motifs – that is not individual offers – and there you can find President Obama without frame for 750 €, the cute, huge, shaggy Star Wars Chewbacca for 940 € as well as a portrait of the to us (... and only to us ! ) unknown Daenerys Targaryen for proud 980 € ... as mentioned the pure work of art without frame in a size of 50 x 50 centimeters (... some 20 x 20 inches).


And then there's "Fadenpause" (... which is "Thread Break") ... that's Julian M. Karsten and Maximilian Segelken, and we almost can't believe it during our research: They have Tchaikovsky in their range. And also Dvořák, so both classical composers. But: They are both 162 € each, 14 € more expensive than at "Bach 4 You", my store in my Publishing House. The preview of a personalized masterpiece, which is available "for free" at André, costs 20 € at "Fadenpause", the standard motif is then available for a rather "uncool" 1,390 € and these motifs are also made solely from a simple nail circle with a diameter of an impressive 80 centimeters (... 31.5 inches). To find the prices, you have to make a little effort not to confuse the terms "put on paper", "do-it-yourself" and – as we want to call it here – "work with real thread that you can touch". Of course, it is also worth mentioning that the nails hammered by hand, never sit as precisely as by a robot. The same applies to the seating of the thread at a consistent height. Of course, this does not have to be evaluated disadvantageously ... that is then actually just real handwork.


Finally, there is "": Sandra Dörwald equips both interested parties: those who prefer to make their own thread and nail picture, respectively string and nail art work and then those who are looking for something like André and "Bach 4 You" offer: That is individual, personalized thread and nails pictures (... you get that from André) or just a Bach string and nail art works or a composer thread picture (... that then in my Renate Bach Publishing House). A 40 centimeter by 50 centimeter elephant (... 16 by 20 inches) sells for 100 €, many, many more, but rather simple artworks are more affordable. She also offers personalized thread and nails pictures, the only recognizable one though can be found in the middle of the second picture on the "About Me" page.



Who Invented It ... That Were the Greeks? A Fun for 21,900 €, Which is 21,900 US $ (... Today)


The first artist to offer a thread and nails picture on the internet may have been the Greek artist Petros Vrellis six years ago, who created an early form of what André Gall and "Bach 4 You" offer today. In an early form because the exclusive nail circle around the motif is nowhere near as impressive as what is later offered by the only manufacturer in the world in a process with two robots and at this low price today. André's two robots are responsible for the first two glaring differences, the area-wide and the irregular placement of all the nails all over the motif, and the second essential one: André's thread is not hand-tensioned. And considering the called price, that is 21,900 € (... that's not a misprint and not an accidental zero too much ... and if you are interested in the today's exact price, please use the currency calculator earlier on this page) for a hugely large but unaffordable work of art, that's the third crucial difference. At least you can get a print of it for a cute 40 €. Be sure to check out his YouTube video (... below): a really cool job. What also looks decidedly unattractive in this early form is that it's not nails at all around, but some kind of staples. And that's why it doesn't look as classy from the side as a cool aluminum frame would. Both latter features are of course – as always – also and definitely a matter of taste. 


Not personalized, but a respectable size. Two cherubs from Vrellis are available for a whopping 21,000 € each. Feel free to enlarge the picture, then you can see the price better. Neat ... neat. Really cool though is his video of the work below.


Simply superb: the video with Petros Vrelli's masterpiece. After the YouTube commercial, it gets exciting from the 21st second. But then wait for the 50th second as well: It's worth it! And the difference becomes clear how such a thread and nails picture is created by hand ... in contrast to those with André Gall (... in the video much further up on this page).



"Fadenfeld" ("Thread Field") in Hamburg, Germany is a next provider that you might not come across with the right keywords on Google. But certainly if you "do a power search", as we did. However, the prices are hefty and start for finished ( ! ) animal motifs at 890 € and end at a hefty, almost 1,000 €. And that's for the size "Small" (... 57 x 71 centimeters, which is 22 inches by 28 inches). "Medium" it is already 2,290 € for 71 x 90 centimeters, for a large-size product, 90 x 116 centimeters, they finally want 4,000 € and for the size XL they would like to have in Germany's high north 7,490 € for a gigantic large 116 x 150 centimeters measuring work. The comparable sizes? For 159 € with André Gall, when it comes to a finished work of art. Instead of the finished, unpersonalized motif, but we can also compare the personalized: Then it is – again 159 € with André – but now 1,750 € with the folks from Hamburg: You can not find this price quite as easily as the prices for the finished motifs, but if you "work through" their website completely, then you will find the cost note for a personalized "thread field", as the artists call their works, in the FAQ. Namely, each 750 € more than the same size animal motif. So, that is 8,240 € for the largest personalized work. Please check here, what's that in your currency today.


If you have enough money to spend, you can order from "Fadenfeld " in the far north of Germany: a finished, huge motif for 7,490 € or a personalized one in this size, the price of which is then also "only" 750 € higher. That would be then 8,240 €. For this price you get – with André Gall and with "Bach 4 You" – a whole 55 motives, then of course not quite so gigantic. But who needs 55 thread and nail pictures or 55 string and nail art works?!



Renate Bach Publishing "Bach 4 You" – Bildstrasse 25, 74223 Flein / Germany – Phone: +49 7131 576761 – info (at)