The Bach Music Complete Edition / The Bach Music Gesamtwerk: 142 CDs and Six Free Add-Ons* 


The Bach Music Complete Edition. The price for this work of art "alone", the Bach Music Complete Edition from 2014, is unbelievable. However, if you then add the six free add-ons – which you personally will love, or you give some away to friends – then this top offer is definitely unbeatable: The Bach Music Complete Edition.


If you add these six free add-ons, then that's a value of around € 63. And all these add-ons are high quality. Adding to this is that this Bach Musik Gesamtwerk / Complete Edition from 2014 is state of the art. It is mastered in DDD. Without any question, this "super Bach package" together with the Bach Musik Gesamtwerk, that is the Bach Music Complete Edition, is absolutely the best Bach deal in the whole universe ... and you can buy it here in my store. All add-ons are listed below the offer, two sections below ( * )


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Bach Music Complete Edition on 142 CDs and Six Free Add-Ons*

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Included in the delivery are: 


The Bach Music Complete Edition (142 CDs) and

Your Six Free Add-Ons


169,00 €

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Here They Are: Six High Value and Cool Free Add-Ons With the Bach Music Complete Edition / Bach Musik Gesamtwerk


  Items as Free Add-Ons, That Come With the Bach Music Complete Edition (142 CDs – 1 Box)  



1 The Historic Music Complete Edition of 16,800 Music Sheets as PDF (Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe / Old Bach Complete Edition) Priceless!
2 Johann Sebastian Bach for Children (... eBook: EPUP) 9.99
3 Johann Sebastian Bach for Children (... audiobook) 19.90
4 Johann Sebastian Bach for Children (... tablet-version, PDF file) 18.90
5 The Bach Quotes and Tributes Medley as an audiobook 9.99
6 The Bach Necrology 1750 as an audiobook 4.99
  Complete value of all add-ons 63.77


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* Much more info about the six free add-ons is available with a click hereThere, reading and exploring is also a pleasure.



How Many CDs Are Ideal? Is the 2014 Edition an "Old" Edition?


An "old" edition? For heaven's sake no, such a complete work is published by a music label, a music publisher, not every five or ten years. Why should they? If the quality is top and all pieces are played by gifted musicians, why should it be? The only consideration: If an edition is finally sold out, and you have a new one produced, then you just renew the box again and the edition seems super-new again.


155 CDs, 160 CDs, 142 CDs: What is the best deal ...only in quantity? None of the offers, because all of them feature the complete edition of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. None of the pieces in Bach's Complete Edition has been lost again, as it was the case in 1750. So: 1750 we already knew, for the next 80 years, where the notes were. At least that was true for most of them, because the whole work had not been lost, in the sense that it had been disappeared for many decades. And following this misunderstanding: every collection contains all pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach's complete works of music.


A huge download button. On the left on a white background is a gray Bach portrait with the golden Bach Seal and a golden title. On the right is a red mirrored area with the white word "Download".

There is no better and clearer way to get to know the genius of Bach: The great ones about Johann Sebastian Bach: Tributes, Bach music and a 9-minute mini-biography. This Bach medley is only one of six add-ons. Here you can test listen.



Is One Box Like the Other Box And One Volume Like the Other Volume? 


And why do you find so many alternatives, so many prices and so many different boxes (... the complete edition is only available in such a box with one cardboard slipcase per CD, otherwise you could hardly lift it. And of course: This is somewhat exaggerated). In ever shorter sections, not only cars, the internet and music styles are changing, but also recording techniques, compression and quality standards. And so it is that Brilliant Classics, a music label – that is a music publisher – optimizes its offer. In the 2014 edition, the main factor was to place the complete edition on just 142 CDs thanks to a better arrangement. In addition – as with every new edition – there was an optimization of the technical and performance quality.


From the front, you can see a hovering CD box with 142 Bach CDs. Haußmann's portrait of Bach is on both the top and the side. And you can see the letters "J.S. Bach" on all three sides.

Don't let yourself be confused in your decision: This is the 2006 edition of the music label Brilliant Classics. It is practically the same offer, introduced around ten years ago. 1,128 Bach works. And it is still offered today by some dealers. We offer you always and only the current edition of 2014.



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