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(Free Add-On) Johann Sebastian Bach - Eine Biografie für Kinder as Tablet Version for downloading as a pdf-File (German)


Format: PDF

Pages: 172 pages

Language: English

Author: Peter Bach jr. and Petra-Ines Kaune

Publishing House: Renate Bach Publishing House - Bach 4 You



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It is almost a journey back in time when Balthasar told Vitus, his best friend forever, both little cherubs, about the life of the greatest musician on earth and all time. And this composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, had not only had twenty children, was the greatest composer in the world's largest musician family, and even played two kings, but he had also experienced so many adventures in his life. So fascinating was Vitus the story about a musician who lived three hundred years ago, not presented in a dream.


172 pages of text in a delightfully light writing style are illustrated with watercolors by Vitus, Balthasar and Johann Sebastian. A few photographs of cities and places where the composer lived, worked or played, offer a small orientation, as it is nowadays, what Bach's homeland and factories were 300 years ago. 


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