A Video about the Wine Village Flein, Germany


Cool, short, "to the point": the short video about the wine village Flein near Heilbronn, home of two creative people who want to spread Bach all over the world.


"Bach 4 You": That Is Music Calendars, Music Gifts and Gifts for Musicians


"History Meets Modern Art" we could have call this composers calendar. But a name more suited to the publishing house has prevailed. Exciting about it: 12 portraits are painted by well-known artists in the past 2 centuries. Well-known, but not famous. 12 other paintings, however, date from the 21st century and were created by completely unknown artists. Artists still completely unknown today. And what does "Bach 4 You" stand also for? For Composers Calendars and more Composers Calendars.  



Many cool Bach figures on the left, a music calendar page on the right. To the shop.


1,000 music gifts and calendars  w i t h  a grid. Click on one of the buttons. Or here.





Renate Bach Publishing "Bach 4 You" – Bildstrasse 25, 74223 Flein / Germany – Phone: +49 7131 576761 – info (at) bach4you.de