A Video about the Wine Village Flein, Germany


Cool, short, "to the point": The short video about the wine village Flein near Heilbronn, home of two creative people who want to spread Bach all over the world.


"History Meets Modern Art" we could have call this composers calendar. But a name more suited to the publishing house has prevailed. Exciting about it: 12 portraits are painted by well-known artists in the past 2 centuries. Well-known, but not famous. 12 other paintings, however, date from the 21st century and were created by completely unknown artists. Artists still completely unknown today. And what does "Bach 4 You" stand also for? For Composers Calendars and more Composers Calendars.  

Renate Bach Publishing House ∗ Owner: Renate Bach ∗ Bildstrasse 25 ∗ D-74223 Flein ∗ Tel.: +49 7131 576761 ∗ info (at) bach4you.de