Wine Calendars and Personalized Wine Wall Calendars: They Are Gifts for Wine Fans and for Winemakers, Restaurant Operators and for the Upscale Beverage Trade


Wine calendars: If you like one of the Publishing House's wine calendars, perhaps you will be enthusiastic about another from our range ... then next year. And then again the following year, and maybe even the year after that. How nice that you are here. Unlike the matching store page, here's little information about the options you have as a consumer when looking for a wine calendar. Basically, the Publisher has eleven wine calendars for private wine connoisseurs. The twelfth wine calendar is exclusively for beverage professionals, as it is made up of several components matching the winery , the beverage house, the winegrowers' cooperative or the upscale restaurant.


Basically, my Calendar Publishing House offers about ten percent of all its calendars as affordable calendars. That is – with my wine calendar offer – this one wine calendar below. It is in the sizes DIN A4 to DIN A2, much more favorable than the other wine calendars (... check what's the German sizes in centimeters and inches with a click here). Ten more wine calendars are print on demand calendars: My Publishing House will only print them with your order and that's why they are a bit more expensive. Because we buy them more expensive and because the postage to us that also plays a role.

The affordable wine calendar of the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". Ten more wine calendars that I offer you are "print on demand", that is, hot off the press from a print run of one.



All Our Wine Wall Calendars Can Also Be Personalized Privately


Indeed. If we can place the logo of a winery on the wine calendar, of course, it also works with a small greeting, if you as a wine fan would like to give a wine calendar to your best friends. The personalization is on the title page and can be a text of your choice. The additional cost is € 10 (... check, what's that in your currency) regardless of the order quantity. However, the favorable wine calendar then becomes a print on demand calendar and is a little more expensive. This offer will probably be so rarely in demand that we do not offer it separately in the store, because there the presentation is then really very confusing. What then instead of the logo by and for professionals could be? Well ... "Happy Birthday" ... " Thank You for Our Friendship" ... "All the Best for Christmas, Grandma" or ... "Thank You for Your Help with Our Move": anything not too long, and we discuss it intensively beforehand.


The Monthly Pages in the Affordable Wine Wall Calendar


The monthly pages in the affordable wine wall calendar.



One Wine Wall Calendar Is Affordable, Ten Wine Wall Calendars Are Available as Print on Demand Calendars and They Can Also Be Personalized: A Perfect and Personal Gift


That's right: We don't want to make your choice so easy. And if you can't decide now? Then order a wine calendar this year, the next one next year. The wine calendar below is actually only good for those interested who also do business with wine. Of course, you can give such an elaborate wine calendar as a gift privately ... but the effort ... would be huge, because we need various parts from you, which we then also have to process – at a cost of € 20 per sheet – before it is printed.



The Note for All Wine Professionals Who Have “Lost Their Way” to This Page: Eleven Wine Wall Calendars Can Be Favorably Personalized, One Wine Wall Calendar Is an Individual, Personal, Small Work of Art


More reading about it offers you my Publishing House directly on the neighboring page in this section of my Publishing House. You can order the inexpensive and also the print on demand calendars directly in the store. Important: Personalizations work B2B only in the personal togetherness, thus not simply with click in the shop. We look forward to your mail, which we answer in 24 hours, usually faster. If you do not get an answer in this time, your mail has been lost, then we ask you to call. The exciting monthly pages – each individualized, respectively personalized – can be found in the store by clicking on the button below.

Of course, you can also offer unpersonalized wine wall calendars of the Publishing House to your customers and guests. The twelfth wine wall calendar above, however, is the most noble wine calendar in the range ... and there are even four components on the title page and four on each individual calendar page individualized. You can learn more about it in the store. Here you can get there again, with one click.



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