The Johann Sebastian Bach Necrology - The First Biography from 1750 Narrated by A Profssional as an Audio Book


The Nekrolog is the first biography of Johann Sebastian Bach from 1750, which became known to a broad public only in 1754. This offer is an audio collage, the text is spoken by Peter Bach jr., the author of "Bach über Bach" and the individual chapters are underlaid with Bach's music.




The Nekrolog is the first of round 7,000 biographies published since Bach's death in July 1750 and published by hundreds of publishers. It reads in about half an hour and is therefore a very detailed obituary. As the first biography it is of course one of the very short ones. However, it is based on the memory of two musicians who were not closer to Bach: Bach's son-in-law Altnikol and Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel. Kolof de Mitzler was the third in the group of authors. From this biography all the following biographers had their basis of knowledge. The fact that a few insignificant facts could later be corrected by research plays no role in this listening pleasure. 


Who is this audio collage for, even if you can read it for free in "Bach über Bach"? It is for music or Bach enthusiasts who enjoy the presentation: enjoy the text read aloud in ancient German, the sometimes difficult to understand sentence structure and the choice of words 1750. The sections are interrupted by Bach's best-known and most popular musical works, all of which you can listen to - and listen to in full - at "Bach über Bach". You can hear what the speaker of this offer sounds like and how the mix then sounds in an audio sample. 




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