The Bach Flea Market ... and "Little Defects ... Little Prices"


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Well, the Johann Sebastian Bach Flea Market is the corner of the "Bach 4 You" Store where the Publisher offers everything that doesn't really fit into all the other "shelves". For example, there are Bach books that we needed at some point, but no longer. Some good pieces we have just ordered twice "in our enthusiasm" ... and now we would like to get rid of them again. Of course, we can only listen to a CD if we are not allowed to return it afterwards, and here it is ... and becomes a bargain for you, like the first one at the start of the project. But the one offer is now not properly stored with the books, the other not with the antiques. There is the "joker" who sends us back a new book, but it just doesn't look so new anymore that we want to sell it as new. This then makes it a bargain for you, and we are allowed to offer individual copies that are practically new – despite book price fixing (... in Germany) – for a much smaller amount. Basically, of course, there is always only one of the bargains offered here ... and whoever comes first, makes the race. It counts the receipt of the mail, the time of the order or your call.


The Bach Bust as Wall Decoration


Attention: The frame is very slightly damaged on the right and left side (... see pictures below)! 

Johann Sebastian Bach Bust as Wall Decoration in a Wooden Frame. Made of Alabaster Gypsum


Height: 21,5 cm (8.46 inches)

Width: 17,5 cm (6.89 inches)

Weight: 0,41 kg (0.9 lbs) 

49,90 €

29,90 €

  • available
  • delivery time: 3 - 14 days (... depends on shipping destination)

The damage is tiny and can not be seen even from a small distance!


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Calendars With Little Defects for a Small Price


Composers calendars, pipe organ calendars, music calendars ... with little mistakes, with tiny mistakes, with forgivable mistakes. So far it is clear. But what is not clear? What is not clear is how bad we find the defect in relation to how bad you find the defect. We no longer want to send these calendars as perfect calendars. Not to the USA, not to Canada, not to Australia ... and not to Northern Germany, the South, Switzerland or Austria. Because if you pay full price, you have to get a calendar that is one hundred percent good. And just imagine if the buyer were disappointed and sent it back. From New Zealand, from Chile or from South Africa!


Sometimes our order from our print shop doesn't work perfectly, and we receive "only almost perfect calendars". We complain and shortly afterwards the perfect ones arrive at our Publishing House. That leaves the "first try": These calendars are much too good to throw away, but not to send as perfect.


A typical mistake is perfect printing and then cutting with a small offset of half a millimeter to one millimeter. Instead of destroying it, we offer it in an environmentally friendly way. To you. From two meters or three meters away, you can hardly see anything. Except: the monthly pages are predominantly dark, then it becomes clearer. That's why we have sorted out four of the twelve different calendars. We no longer offer them at all. Eight, however, we think is a top deal, considering the low price. However, we ask for your understanding that reduced goods are excluded from exchange or return.



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