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Exciting Links


Read more about a very special offer: Buy a cool family home in Flein, near Heilbronn, in Southern Germany. It's the "bach 4 You" shop owners brother in law, who sells his parents' home after the death of Peter and Wolfgang's mother. 


On a personal note: Wine calendars are the specialty of the Renate Bach Publishing House, along with music calendars. A special website has been set up to welcome wine fans and wine professionals on the internet. Of course, this website is also available in English. For professionals in the wine business, thus wine growers, beverage dealers, restaurant operators and owners of a vinothek all eleven wine calendars can be personalized in addition. And this applies to interested wine and beverage professionals in German-speaking countries and the rest of the world. And there is another website in the matter of wine, which is addressed to professionals in the wine business: It is the special website on the subject of winemaking supplies. It is based on the experience made, at a trade fair specifically for winegrowers, to offer the most diverse articles, vehicles and services.



Of course, the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" offers the Bach Bust in the most impressive form. Namely, with a selected exciting and realistic facial expression. In the store you can find it through the navigation, but there is more information on the internet, that is inform of entertaining advertising. On Bach über Bach you can find them via the link on the left ... and on the English partner site "Bach on Bach" it can be discovered here.



Only when we had decided on all motifs in the Luther Calendar, we got to know Frank Schumann a quarter of a year later. His website (... Luther Postage Stamps) is definitely worth a visit, even if you don't speak a word German.



After my reading of a new book about Anna Magdalena Bach, I have optimized my AMB page tremendously. It goes without saying, that there is a German counterpart page, too. You get to it with a click here.



You are enthusiastic about bike tours and at the same time about Johann Sebastian Bach? Then there is a really cool offer on the internet: Bach by Bike. Find out more: Maybe it is an infinitely exciting adventure.



 Wechmar ... Wechmar, a district of the municipality "Drei Gleichen" in Thuringia. As the ancestral home of the Bach family of musicians, Wechmar naturally has its own website in the network of "Bach on Bach" websites. And because not only Bach fans who understand and speak German can enjoy this small, exciting place, the content for the rest of the world is also available in English.



Are you living in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and are you interested in genealogy? Then here is my warmest recommendation, especially if you live near or within a medium distance from Heilbronn. Because there you meet and correspond with the Verein für Genealogie in Nordwürttemberg e.V. (... Society for Genealogy in Northern Baden-Württemberg). This society also calls itself ... "The Genealogists of Heilbronn".



Are you enthusiastic about pipe organs? Then Die (... The Pipe Organ Page) is one of the coolest places on the internet for you. Quite naturally, Martin Doering offers his exciting website also in English for organ fans all over the world. Here you can get there.



There are four more "sorts of people" which can still be converted to "fans of light classical music". This is the conclusion reached by the author in the team of the "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" and the "Classic for Children Mission". For the German target group, there has been a corresponding offer since the spring of 2021:



Klassiche Musik für Babys (... in German only)



Klassische Musik in der Kita und im Kindergarten (... in German only)



Klassische Musik für Anfänger / Einsteiger (... in German only) 


And, of course, the reference to the exciting website "Johann Sebastian Bach für Kinder" should not be missing here. It is aimed at three different age groups with different content. For the international "market" of interested people there is the English website "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children".



Teaching Material Classical Music is an offer to teachers at primary and other schools to deal with the topic of "classic and popular classical music" in music lessons. PDFs, MP3s, 1 video and cool entertainment is available. Of course there is a German sister website, which is intended to address the market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In line with this theme, since the summer of 2020 there is also the website What is Classical Music? And its counterpart for all German-speaking interested people around the world Was ist Klassische Musik?



Classical Music Top 100 is the only website that lists 300 popular classical music works. This is the difference between it and all "Top ..." lists. The German website is called Klassische Musik Top 100. At the same time, the website Classical Music for Children was created. The author is of the opinion that there is no classical music for children at all, and is therefore pretty much alone. The German version is Klassische Musik für Kinder.



In October 2019 we get to know Laurens Mauquois and plan our cool collaboration for each upcoming calendar season.  Many exciting topics await you on his website. The address? The Wine Snob.



Do you know the children's theater called "Piano Theater"? And you have heard about the offer of Balint Santa and Bärbel Ganster? 



"Schreuerdesign", a family business in the field of graphics, printing and design of websites. Our recommendation: Just take a look at their website. Together we experienced a cool togetherness in Eisenach. Another keyword? The magazine "Wege".



In the fall of 2018 I had a really great time with Annette Hubbell regarding her new book, which is about Johann Sebastian Bach and more impressing personalities in the world. Her website is worth a visit: Annette Hubbell. A great person, an exciting artist, an impressing website.



Now, you would like to find even far more exciting gift ideas? Well, then click once on the following link and there is really a lot of fun:



Ellen Schwarz-Schertler has set up a really cool and great website on the subject of music. Fantastic photos, a lot of entertainment and just really entertaining. The address? You will get it, of course. And with one click, you are there:



Angels and Elves inspire you? Then be sure to take a look at this website. And let yourself be enchanted by the offer there.



And there is another exciting website on the subject: You can hardly learn more about angels. A very personal recommendation from me: Just take a look there, browse and get excited about the large and great offer.



Do you want to launch a new medical device or cosmetic products in the USA? Then Medical Device Pros, LLC is your competent partner.



Are you a music fan? Then you are also right here: Here you will discover cool Bach calendars (... where else are there Bach calendars at all and that is 33?) and dreamlike composers calendars (... in addition also a Mozart calendar and a Beethoven calendar) ... plus almost countless music calendars.



In 50 languages, "Bach on Bach" offers extensive information about the Bach mission for native speakers. The following variants are particularly exciting: Chinese, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu.



I met Niels Brandt on the internet, better he found me, and we talked about spreading our knowledge about Bach. He built a trilingual website and his YouTube channel is worth a visit, too. Please visit Bach Quotes and when you liked, what you have experienced there, then also visit Niels' YouTube Channel.



Two recommendations are particularly close to our hearts. One is the reference to our favorite business partner, Rüdinger Spedition in Krautheim, Hohenlohe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and the second is our family researcher Christian Hoske. The logistics company Rüdinger specializes in three areas in particular: First, it is the transport of expensive and sensitive machinery and equipment under tarpe. Then it is the huge range of storage options in many warehouses around Krautheim, and thirdly it is more and more the shipment of general cargo / groupage. In addition, the forwarding company in the Jagst Valley in Southern Germany has specialized in the transport of oversized, overheight and extra-wide machines for more than two decades. Details on this can be found not only on the corresponding page of the website, but also on a web portal set up especially for this purpose. The freight forwarder thus supports its potential new customers right from the research stage. Here, you get to this offer.



The genealogist / family researcher / genealogist Christian Hoske offers his service not only in an additional English section on his homepage, but also supports another goal for hobby researchers: Christian informs how you can earn money with genealogy yourself.



No, you have not read this far and have been looking for a family researcher for a long time?! In fact Christian Hoske is such a specialist, and he is together with Helga Brück the most important person on our way to the genealogy of the musician family. Christian offers his service in German, of course, but he is also a specialist when hobby researchers from all over the world need his services: with his offer, however, it's a pity ... only in German.


The Bach Shop. Actually, this is the physical Bach Store in Flein near Heilbronn in Southern Germany. It's not a store with opening hours, but there the shelves are full of calendars, Bach busts, tiny Bach biographies, Bach tin figures, Bach statues, the Bach biographies of Eidam and Meynell, and some wonderful Bach beer steins from 1985 and from the year 2000. However, the Bach Shop ... that's also the four Online Bach Shops on four gift platforms. There my Publishing House "Bach 4 You" offers such Bach gifts and music gifts, which are produced only with your order. Including the music motif, the composer motif or just ... the Bach motif. With a click on one of the links below you will get to countless T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, bags and hundreds of items more. So ... the Bach Store is actually the sum of five Bach Stores. LOL.


 Zazzle in the United States of America


Zazzle in Germany









Especially on Bach T-shirts the "Bach 4 You" store is specialized of course. "Bach 4 You" wants to be the most exciting provider of Bach T-shirts in a short time already. Of course, the English store has the same offer. And furthermore, to offer the most Bach T-shirts. Because this is planned in such a way, there is also an additional completely special website for it. We will see if this works, also on the English market. Here you come to this English website.



More Music Gifts, Than You Can Imagine? Why Don't You Find It Out?!

Please support our Bach Mission … learn more.


Pipe Organ Calendars, Composers Calendars, Music Calendars ... Cool Music Gifts


Composers calendars. But ... at "Bach 4 You" you don't just get composers calendars. No ... you can even get some themes in different variations. Such like composers and their monuments. Some like this style better, others like another. One likes it more colorful, the other prefers black and white. That's one of the reasons why there is a Publishing House for this? Right ... composers calendars and more composers calendars. To the shops.


On the left side it's a Bach calendar and a music calendar, on the right side it's a music T-shirt "in the matter" of Bach.


On the left side it is a Bach calendar for young people, on the right side it is the Little Bach Figure, for people who worship Bach without sinking into awe.



Renate Bach Publishing "Bach 4 You" – Bildstrasse 25, 74223 Flein / Germany – Phone: +49 7131 576761 – info (at)