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Individual, very special musician gifts in the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach: You know where to find such musicians gifts!? Correct: in the shop at "Bach 4 You", so on this website ... and with one click here ... one gift for musicians after the other ... in the matter of Bach. But ... I also offer you many, many more gifts for musicians. And not only on the theme of the most famous composer of all time. In my stores on the internet you can also find other Bach gifts, but also composer gifts and of course ... gifts for musicians.


Some examples of what else you can find in the additional stores of musician gifts? Coffee cups and tea cups, thermal mugs, modern beer steins, T-shirts, baby bibs, smartphone cases, suitcases, keychains, magnets, party hats, sneakers, bags, USB sticks, baseball caps ... hundreds of gifts for musicians more. You get to these shops here.


Gifts for Musicians: You Know the Music Calendars?


You get to all 99 + 3 music calendars with a click here.



Gifts for Musicians: Do You Also Know Those Many Following Related to the Subject of J.S. Bach?


You get to all ( ! )  Bach gifts here!



Gifts for Musicians: Do You Also Already Know My Bach Gifts on "Zazzle", "Spreadshirt" and "Co".? Way Beyond the Subject of the Thomas Cantor 


So many gifts for musicians ... so many Bach designs, composers designs and music designs. Via the buttons below, you will get there.


My favorite for T-shirts and sweaters is the portal "Spreadshirt". Beyond that, the marketplace "Zazzle" is my first choice, when it comes to gifts for musicians. Also, here you are "closer" with one click, there please decide for one of the stores.



Gifts for Musicians and More Gifts for Musicians: A Common Trip on the Internet ... However, Only if You Have a Lot of Time to Read


Gifts for musicians. Have you googled "gifts for musicians"? Or "gift ideas for musicians"? Gifts for musicians can actually be found on several portals on the internet. But what is usually missing there? Correct: There is no large selection of calendars among these gifts for musicians. Actually, I didn't find any music calendar as a gift for musicians on three online-shops. None on the British portal "Gifts for Musicians", none on "The Musicians Friend" and I could find none in the "gifts for the classical musicians" department on the great US website Orchestra Excerpts. However, I didn't say there are no music calendars, which you can make a gift for musicians ... I just mean, I didn't find a single one (... status 2022).


Gifts for musicians: the current pipe organ calendar and the pipe organ calendars of the previous years. These pipe organ calendars are the stars among the "Bach 4 You" offers, which excite not only Bach fans.


The musical instruments calendar, one of several. It is also an affordable gift for musicians. And probably also the most affordable music calendar on the market. With a click here, you are in the shop immediately at the correct place, just if you decided to buy it right away. There you can also discover the twelve individual calendar sheets.



Are Music Calendars "Only" Great Gifts for Musicians for Christmas? Or "Only" Gifts, Which You Can Give as a Gift Starting in Late Fall?


No ... and the idea isn't original either: At "Bach 4 You" you can buy a music calendar long before the actual high calendar season in November / December. So the joy can begin on the birthday and there is no waiting time until the end of the year. Exactly 99 different music calendars are offered by the small and young Publishing House "Bach 4 You" in the meantime. And the most of them are printed individually. Already in May, which means a whole seven months before you hang it on your wall. As a gift for musicians. The gift for musicians from music fans. And as a gift for music fans from music enthusiasts.


At "Bach 4 You" the calendar on the left is a Bach calendar, (... and actually) no music calendar. But without question, it is of course also a gift for musicians.


This Bach calendar on the left belongs to the affordable Bach calendars.


The 32 other Bach calendars in the sizes DIN A4, DIN A3 and DIN A2 are a little more expensive. Nevertheless, all 99 calendars can easily keep up with the costs for other gifts for musicians. And a calendar spreads fun on every single day of the year. 365 days long. Guaranteed!


Here is an important note for our American visitors on the English ( ! ) website. Please ... note that our "European" calendars, first of all, do not have a huge calendrical, which then makes the calendar twice as big, but also a "tool". Here in Germany, these calendars are called "brochure calendars" and we also offer them in our "Zazzle Shop".

Hey US citizens and maybe more music fans from outside Germany: These "50:50" calendars, with the huge timetable on the right above are common in more countries in the world: Please take the time and find out more about the difference between design calendars, how they are common in Germany and calendars, how they are common in the United States. By the way, those are two composers calendar titles above.



You Are Looking for a Musician Gift? You Think, Calendars Are a Good Idea? However, You Want a Cool, Quick Survey Now?


Sure, then here on this page you get a cool, quick summary of all the musician gifts that the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" offers. Here – on this page – you can scroll through the page in one piece and get to know some. Really all 99 calendars regarding the topics "Bach", "composers" as well as "music" is what you get with a click on the link.


If this is not a cool musician gift?! For a musician or from ( ! ) a musician. Even though this calendar page honors Johann Sebastian Bach, it is nevertheless a composers calendar. Exactly four different inexpensive composer calendars are available from the Publisher "Bach 4 You". They are available at fantastic and really affordable prices.




Where Else Can You Find Such a Musician Gift: Your ( ! ) Choice of Twelve Composers From 36 in One Calendar  


Bach 4 You was a still very young Publishing House in 2016, which actually only wanted to specialize in Bach gifts among musician gifts. But because the founding of the Publishing House was about refinancing the expenses for the project Bach on Bach, the website about Bach in Wechmar and the website Johann Sebastian Bach for Children, it quickly became clear that the group of Bach fans around the world is really "manageable".


Much larger, however, is the community of those who like classical music and are therefore also enthusiastic about the great classical composers. This in turn gave rise to the idea of a composers calendar. And if you then have at least a fraction of the genes of the musician's family (... like the author and husband of the Publisher's owner), the fun of ordered composers calendars very, very quickly results in a really wide selection.


You could now also assemble your own calendar as a musician gift. A cool service for only € 10 more. And it works like this: The Publisher has hired an artist to paint a whole 36 masters of classical music in a particular style. Meanwhile, a selection – which, however, the Publisher and the author decided on – is already available at a cost of € 23.90 plus S&H, including VAT. In the size DIN A4. The price for a print on demand calendar with motifs (... composers) selected by you is € 33.90* for DIN A4*, € 42.90 for DIN A3* and € 59.90* for DIN A2*.


* incl. VAT and plus S&H. Check the measurements and currency in your country here.


The only thing that does not "work" is that you can match your ( ! ) favorite composers to individual months. Too big would be the possibility that "something might go wrong with it". However, this would certainly not make your overall work of art "composer calendar" even more attractive.


Why should it now be easier for you to choose twelve out of 36? If it also wasn't for us. You – however – additionally have to decide as well, whether you want to give it away this musician gift or another one!



Why Not Decide for a Musician Gift Together: There Is a Really Cool Discount for Your Club’s Collective Order 


What do you think of the following idea: Are you a member of a choir, a music club or an orchestra? And now you have once looked up what there is on the internet under the term "musician gift", "musician gifts" or "musicians" and "gift ideas"? And you are here now?


Then simply talk among your club members about this calendar offer. Such cool calendars, which really appeal to all tastes, "fit" for large and for small musicians and are also suitable to decorate your own home or to be given away, you will not find again "so close together". Such a calendar is perfect as a souvenir, a top Christmas gift and even for Secret Santa are suitable in the small format. And already with an order of ten pieces there is ten percent discount. And that even applies if you order ten different titles and in different sizes. Plus, if we are allowed to send all of these calendars to one address, and we are allowed to charge only one amount, then it becomes an additional three percent less.   –– 


This is it: the affordable composers calendar "Classical Portraits". They are the gentlemen Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Wagner, Liszt, Brahms, Weber, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Vivaldi and Chopin.


You can get it in different variants: DIN A4, DIN A3 and DIN A2 with the above-mentioned masters. So it's cool musician gift. 



Cool photos, cool composers: Cities associated with the great classical composers. A really exciting musician gift. And you can also get this calendar with photos with best weather and during the day. Fantastic shots of really impressive cities will then decorate your home for a whole, long year: Venice (Italy), Leipzig (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Salzburg (Austria), St. Petersburg (Russia), Hamburg (Germany) and London (United Kingdom). For example.


One of the individual composers calendars: a hip and cool musician gift. Of course, you can also make yourself a musician gift!



There Are Also Musician Gifts for Kids Among Music Calendars  


You are looking for a musician gift, however, one for children? Sure, there are plenty of them. The five portals listed at the top offer a wide variety. European Style and US Style, that is, with a huge grid. But are there also calendars on the subject of music for children? In general and with others? No. And at "Bach 4 You"? Sure, there are! And not only one! You can find a mini selection already here ...


Indeed: A musician gift for the smallest and also for the very smallest. But there are far more calendars for the tiny ones, but also for the already somewhat older kids. For advanced in age and perhaps learning an instrument. You can accompany with such a calendar – as below and for the time really very early in life – a first enthusiasm for music.


No way: a super cool musician gift for grandma and grandpa. Order a calendar for the littlest, color in the figures, add your signature. Wrap it in wrapping paper, and it's the coolest musician gift on the planet!



At “Bach 4 You” There Are Special Musician Gifts: Actually They Are Children's Music Gifts ... For Kitten Friends, for Little Panda Lovers, for Elephant Fans and Also for Doggy Friends


In fact, it's a whole calendar with kittens, doggies, little monkeys, little bears and four other animals. So it's a little monkey orchestra, a kitten orchestra, a doggie orchestra, and so on!



It Also Works as a Little Animals Mix and Without a Lot of "Challenging Painting Work"


The version "Little Animal Calendars" to color yourself is what you have experienced above. Then you have made acquaintance with the calendars, where all the little animals are already painted, but there are only ( ! ) kittens or only ( ! ) pandas. But there is of course also a musician gift, which consists of all animals, and these are already painted. This is then the following calendar.


All animals make music, all animals play different instruments. A calendar with many different little animals and they are all musicians.



Only One Style of Animals? Not With Us


Sometimes you just can not resist. And if "another type of animal" looks even cuter, then you just can't help but create another musician gift. Here follow two more styles in which you can hang the cute musicians on the wall and decorate your home.


The little rascals all like to listen to music (... all friends have headphones on). Have a look at all twelve calendar pages. This works with a click here ... and then on the page at the bottom.



Musician Gifts, Musician Gifts ... Nothing but Musician Gifts! Did We Promise You Too Much?


And it gets even better: Why don't you try it on the next occasion, giving a calendar as a gift. You can always tell very quickly whether a gift will really be appreciated. And a calendar from "Bach 4 you" certainly does.


If this is then so... then you already have the right gift for the next occasion. Because together there are 99 calendars, one more exciting than the other. And now it is simply up to you, and we would be delighted about your enthusiasm. Just make a music calendar or a Bach calendar or a composers calendar to what you have googled on the internet just a short time ago:


... make it a musician gift.


A musician gift for opera fans.


A musician gift for lovers of music with "Tuba and Co.".


A musician gift for all friends of classical music.


Musician gifts: calendars in many cool, exciting and hip designs. 


A musician gift: not every composers calendar has to feature the "grand old portraits".


Composers calendars and more composers calendars, designs and more designs, musicians gifts and more musicians gifts!



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