The Flein Photo Calendar No. 2: The Wine Calendar 2023 From and About the Likeable Wine Community Flein South of Heilbronn in Germany


So why is it the Flein photo calendar No. 2? Because for several years there is already the first beautiful photo calendar on the theme of Flein. Exactly ... since 2017. In 2016, a photo competition took place in Flein and the result is well worth seeing. Many experts participated, and you can get detailed information on the website of the organizer, the BürgerStiftung Flein*. You can get there here. Many people from Flein participated at that time, and it was not easy for the jury to choose the winners. 150 photos were sent in and today the most beautiful of them decorate this first Flein wine calendar. It deserves this title, because the theme of wine is also particularly dominant in this work. * = Yes, that's how it writes itself, the BürgerStiftung.


The second Flein photo calendar, which has nothing at all to do with the first. It was not created through a photo competition, it has a completely different layout, and it was not initiated by the BürgerStiftung Flein. On the other hand, it is a little closer to the topic "Wine from Flein", although wine also plays a role on almost every monthly page in the Flein photo calendar of 2017. So the Flein photo calendar "Wine & Flein" with this theme is – just a muggeseggele – ahead. A muggeseggele is the smallest unit of everything in Swabian.


Twelve Cool Collages in the Flein Photo Calendar "Wine and Flein" ... The Wine Calendar From the Mini Calendar Publisher in the Wine Village


This January page in the Flein photo calendar No. 2 could be called "Then And Now". But it isn't. And yes, I am allowed to use this logo. Approved for such purposes – explicitly – by the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg (AZ 1-0140.2/11).


Steles can be found around ... and of course also in Flein. And vineyards ... of course as well.


March in Flein: Of course, there are no grapes at this time of the year ... but as a picture part to the collage you can add them already very well. In the center of the village, the two hints on the left side of the motif are a part of the fountain, and this also applies to the shot on the right.


The Little Carmelite House in the Flein photo calendar No. 2, the wine calendar of "Bach 4 You": It is not quite easy to photograph today, so as not to have the many ugly graffiti in the picture. How good that there is at least image software with which you can make the photo above elaborately suitable for the calendar.


To include such a collage in the photo calendar, you first simply need to know that Queen Elizabeth II, back in 1965, drank Flein wine, more precisely "Flein Altenberg Spätlese", with her banquet when she visited Germany. Then you also need a picture of her – that's the challenge on this calendar page – and where do you get a copyright-free motif? Wikipedia is not an option, because this website – where you are reading right now – is a website of my Publisher and thus the use of Wikipedia motifs is not allowed. Stamps, on the other hand, issued by the state ... you are allowed to publish them, if you show the complete stamp as a whole or also the printing piece as a whole. Then it is ... tolerated. Quite officially. Well, then let's include this cool motif in the wine calendar above.


The people of Flein know this, and the people of Flein regret it. It is sucky smearing that spoil the fun on the "summit", at the little Staufenberg hut. This small building is practically impossible to photograph without being well versed in electronic retouching. But ... we do and so you see this little Flein landmark here ... and ... intact. And of course we work seriously: The shelter, others call it pavilion, belongs to Heilbronn. But we are simply ... against it. And the question remains whether the calendar should not be called "Wine & Flein and a few feet around it". Rather ... not.



However: There the author – my husband Peter for some 40 years – did the calculation without the Publishing House and actually author and publisher (... he and I) decide to look in the Fleiner photo calendar No. 1, what the BürgerStiftung Flein actually decided at that time. Because, had they argued, as in the paragraph above, it would have been a more than cool motif. But no, the Staufenberg hut is not in the 2017 calendar. And so the author and the publisher (... now you already know who that is) came up with a new composition. Of course, this is getting harder and harder. And with the donkey, the winegrower and the goose photograph a doublet, which then corresponds to the first-class original in the Flein Photo Calendar 1 ... no ... who does such a thing?! Below now the calendar motif "June", as it is currently in the wine calendar.


Yes, so is the "wind out of the sails" (... a German saying) ... and we think Haigern and Staufenberg are the Flein "house hills" after all. Felt ... in any case. Oh, yes – PS – with the remaining of the original June calendar sheet on this website, the two hours of effort were not in vain to remove electronically all smearing on the Flein landmark.


A view of Flein across the new development area in the south of the municipality. And yes, the poppies were almost more important than the place itself. In this respect, this motif would probably have had the least chance in the 2016 photo competition.


On the left once again the fountain in the middle of Flein, another perspective and thus on this calendar page of the Flein wine calendar there are even two "Veits in the potty". The large one stands in the Fleiner prairie, so to speak, the small one you see in the shadow on the small picture.


This sign has always excited my husband. So you wait for sunshine, take pictures, electronically remove almost any dirt, look for the motif of a historic tractor, put it on a wine leaf and the November calendar page in the wine calendar "Wine & Flein" is ready.


Where could this sign be? Do you know it? A hint: in Flein at all?


That, too, is something you simply have to know at first, in order to be able to put it together later for a monthly page in the second Flein photo calendar, the wine calendar "Wein & Flein". In 1951, the wine queen of Baden-Württemberg was actually a Flein girl. Peter Bach Sr. already knew that when he put together a slide show about Flein many decades ago. However, pictures of that competition from back then no longer exist today. Today, therefore, the search works – from scratch – on the Internet. And there you can find the listing of the wine queens of Baden-Württemberg since 1950, but not a single picture of Hildegard Seitz. In fact, this was the last calendar page that made it from idea to realization. The way there? First, my husband Peter approached an elderly couple in the center of the village and asked if they knew of a "Seitz Winery in Flein". The conversation quickly turns to the subject of the "Wine Queen" and the couple sent my husband to the Armbruster wine and beverage store. And there, after only a few seconds, they already handed him the certificate you see above, and then he also got the information that it is possible to reproduce a picture of Hildegard Seitz in a photo album from 1950. And so everything fit: We received the picture in the photo album from relatives of the Armbrusters named Jett, the permission to publish it and from the Heilbronn Stimme, the local newspaper publisher the background report regarding the event. What ... a day.

Subject winegrowers' cooperative in Flein. There hangs the barrel. It's rare that you can get so close to such a motif. If the position of the sun and thus the shadows also fit, the result is a cool motif. If ... yes, if you approach with rags, water and a household ladder to remove the actually not at all noticeable cobwebs beforehand. Afterwards ... the work of art is "like new" again and can now take up its service as a December page in the Flein Wine Calendar "Wine & Flein", the second Flein photo calendar.


A picture collage for the benefit of the wine calendar author Peter Bach, Jr. because he's on the left of the picture ... it's been a while ... and he is on the right of the picture, "in action". In the middle he is also, together with me, Renate Bach. With my publishing house "Bach 4 You" we offer today not only 99 music calendars, but also twelve wine calendars.



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