The Whole Johann Sebastian Bach Postage Stamps Collection With All Bach Stamps Ever Released


Yes, there is the option to purchase single Johann Sebastian Bach postage stamps. However, as this section of my "Bach 4 You" Shop is not for postage stamps collector, it is only about a small selection of Bach stamp sheets, which can be used – in a frame – as wall decorations. As this is an exceptional offer at an outrageous high price, you can not buy it just via one click. If you want to afford the only complete Bach stamp collection in the world, we ask you to contact us the old-fashioned way. Send us a mail, call us, or use snail mail. But first, learn more on a special page of this shop website. Both pages on the subject contain common text sections, but on the further page – via the link above – it is described in more detail than on this one on which you are reading.


Please consider, that the really high purchase price of € 8,000 (... click here, to learn what's that today in your currency) for the whole Bach postage stamp collection results from three factors: First, it is all about knowing where to find them. Second, there is the huge time expenditure to buy them. Third, there are the shipping costs and even more of importance, finally fourth: We are looking for bakers who support the future activity of our common Johann Sebastian Bach Mission of my husband and me. Here is more to learn about this unique, one of a kind offer.


If you just want to discover the more than 160 Johann Sebastian Bach postage stamps and do not want to purchase them, please click here.


Please, check here, what the prices are in your country ... with my currency converter. Thanks.


If you are a Bach fan, you discover the likable error probably fast. The artist, who created the picture above, probably was excited by Johann Sebastian Bach so much, that he or she made the German city and Bach's birthplace to "Eisenbach". However, the name of this place is "Eisenach". There is no "b".


The Bach postage stamps whole collection: Even these stamps above are just a fraction.


The complete Bach stamp collection: this is one of our favorites. Issued by the State of Ivory Coast.


Bach is in the top right corner.


One of our treasures inside the complete Bach postage stamps collection ...


... and that might give you a feeling about the hurdles to get all the Bach postage stamps (... the green sticker tells that the customs inspected the content) ...


... and in this envelope was a "jewel", too ...


... and finally this envelope from far, far away: However, don't believe you remain the only person in the world who owns a complete Bach postage stamps collection, after your purchase. Because we will try and succeed again to get all of them: more than 160 Bach stamps from all over the world.



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