About Me, Renate Bach, and About My Publishing House "Bach 4 You" 


How nice to meet you, my name is Renate Bach. I am the founder and the owner of the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". Headquarters, we want to call it that way, is in Southern Germany, more precisely in the wine village of Flein, which is south of Heilbronn, close to Stuttgart.  



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Flein is a small  wine village. It's rural there on the one hand, on the other hand you are in a 120,000 resident neighborhood town in less than five minutes.  There are some 6,800 residents living in Flein. 



How the Publishing House Came Into Being 


We wanted to separate both very accurately: Together we are "underway" in the subject of our common "Bach mission". My husband loves to write text, books, he invents coloring books and creating websites is right down his alley. Plus, the latest passion: He is creating calendars related to the subject of music.


I am creative "underway", too. However, I care about the refinancing of the expenses, I have fun with the Bach genealogy and to order the copies of Peter's books and calendars plus to publish them I first had to found my Renate Bach Publishing House.


So, why is no "real" publishing company  releasing the book about Bach for children. That is told fast. You even almost  find no publishing company for a book which is close to the mainstream, which takes the risk to waste the money for hundreds of books, if they don't sell. And because that is true, we were able to save the time and the energy to use it otherwise. For instance to found a publishing house. 


A Bach dream team: an author, who is writing, an author, who is painting a publishing house owner (... I ...), who publishes what these two authors cooked up. For instance, the common biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. 


If you call or write me an email, there is no call center answering, there is not any employee on the phone or reading your request.


Nope, it is I, who answers your call or sends an email back to you.


Yes, my publishing house isn't tiny but smaller than tiny. However, the name Bach stands for reliability, speed, correctness, commitment, high quality, perfection and last but not least for likability, too.


We owe her so much, and we would have had such a joy in the future together. Why don't you enjoy our ultra-short common video, in which Mrs. Helga Brück is presenting her home town. Helga Brück has died way too soon. 


My sister-in-law and the artist, that contributed the illustrations to the Bach biography for children: Petra-Ines Kaune. I want to say good-bye with this likable photo. My husband thinks, I should mention here, that he took this photo. Okay, it did it with that hint. I am looking forward to your next visit, to your orders and I want to say thank you for supporting our Johann Sebastian Bach mission. From here, you now get to the shop again.


Pipe Organ Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars and Music Calendars ... Only One Specialty of My Publishing House


All pages of the homepages of our "Bach-Mission" we want to end with a calendar title page or with a calendar monthly page. Because there are 99 music calendars for every age and taste in my shop: 33 Bach calendars, 33 composer calendars and 33 music calendars. Your way to the shop in my publishing house.


In my publishing house you can purchase countless Bach beer steins. The one above on the left is a historic Bach beer stein. Plus, there are the pipe organ calendars. To the shop.


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Renate Bach Publishing "Bach 4 You" – Bildstrasse 25, 74223 Flein / Germany – Phone: +49 7131 576761 – info (at) bach4you.de