The Johann Sebastian Bach Beer Stein; Antique + Two Free Bach Add-Ons *


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Bach Beer Stein from 1985 + 2 Free Bach Add-Ons *


Only very, very rarely is a nearly antiquarian specimen of the Bach stein of the edition of 1985, which is at the same time almost as new, as best preserved.


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The Bach Beer Stein from 1985 + your 2 free

Bach add-ons that you have selected below


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It is the many motifs on the Bach stein, which make the stein exciting and unfortunately the Bach stein is no more available to buy it brand new. However, you can find it here and it is still outstandingly preserved.


Of course, the tin lid of the Bach stein is the most striking: the middle is decorated with the Bach seal, still with the 7 cones in the crown. Among the seal are the two dates, 1685 Johann Sebastian Bach's birth year and 1985, the year of his 300th birthday and this is also the year of the issue of "M & R 1985 edition". This Bach stein was offered by the company Marzi and Remi strictly limited and each piece has a certificate of authenticity with a passing number.


First, of course, the portrait of Bach with his name underneath is striking, his name decorates this motif below, above is the year of birth to be seen again. To the right is an exciting scene: Bach at the organ and behind him an orchestra of about 15 people. On the opposite side the notes b-a-c-h are shown in an arrangement, the words "Komponist" and "Kantor" as well as the complete date of birth and death.


Bach Beer Stein from 2000 + 2 Free Bach Add-Ons *. ABSOLUTELY RARE TO FIND!


Included in the delivery: 


The Bach Beer Stein from 2000 + your 2 free

Bach add-ons that you have selected below


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IMPORTANT: The Necrology from 1750, the Bach Tributes Medley and  the "Bach Biography for Children" are right now only available in the German version. The English version will be available in fall of the year 2020. Until then, please choose between the Bach Coloring Book, the small Bach Bust, the small Bach figure and the 16.800 Bach music sheets. Or you decide for the not yet ready items, you get them as soon as they are ready, this might take even longer until fall 2020. 


The Bach coloring book, the smallest Bach bust, the necrology of 1750, the "Bach biography for children", the Bach tributes medley, the small Bach figure and the "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe" consisting of 16,800 music sheets (PDF) ... and you do not only get one free Bach add-on, you get two.


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1. Biography for Kids: Audiobook with 19 x Music; Download.

2. Biography for Kids: Audiobook with 66 x Music; Download.

3. eBook Download Biography for Kids: A Cool Reading Fun.

4. Tablet Download Biography for Kids. Reading fun with pictures.

5. The Cool J. S. Bach Medley of Quotes and Music by Bach as Audiobook.

6. The Necrology – The Biography from 1750 as Audiobook.

7. The Joh. Seb. Bach Coloring Book

8. Johann Sebastian Bach Mini Bust 

9. Johann Sebastian Bach Mini Figur 

10. 16,800 Music Sheets as PDF-File

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