Eleven Personalized Wine Wall Calendar 2023 for Customers, Guests and Suppliers

Item Number: Personalized Wine Calendar


We can personalize eleven wine calendars in my Publishing House for you. A discreet note – for example, your logo, small on each page – makes each wine calendar a very personal gift to customers, guests and suppliers, which has not ( ! ) the main task to "transport" your advertising. The wine calendar remains noble that way. Actually intended is actually only one ( 1 ) unique reference on the title page. However, it is also possible to additionally individualize all twelve monthly pages.



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Below Is an Example of What Your Calendar Might Look Like


The Personalized Wine Wall Calendar 2024 for Customers + Guests + Suppliers (... as Greeting / Thank You at the End of the Year); DIN A4


You can give away eleven wine calendars – as a beverage professional or in the restaurant business – even without personalization. On the whole order, however, this is only € 10 more affordable than the entry-level variant with a greeting on the calendar title.


You can get more information – especially about the important discounts – on a website specially set up for this purpose and by clicking the first button below.


You can only order these wine calendars "in a personal togetherness", because too many variables with too many different discounts and sizes are a bit confusing. Please feel free to contact me. If I do not respond to your request in 24 hours, your message may have been lost "in time and space". Then please try additionally by mail (... info (at) bach4you.com) or by phone or paper mail.


Our cordial request: Please place your order already by mid-November so that no unnecessary stress is caused by the overload of all printing companies from this period onwards.



You Can Also Get These Additional Ten Wine Calendars Personalized: Either Only on the Title or on Each Calendar Page


Only € 10 costs you the personalization per whole order ( ! ), if only the calendar title is individualized. Per monthly page it is € 10 more per page.


One of the eleven wine calendars ... personalized. One is already designed how it will look. For the other ten wine calendars we do it free of charge and without obligation ... in advance and with pleasure.



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