5 Bach Shops ... 6 Buttons ... 6 Destinations. Plus, Please Read 20 Seconds About Our "Bach Mission Request"  

"Bach + Music + Gifts"... Busts, little Bach men, Bach steins, EU style calendars and own publishing offers are available at "Bach 4 You" the leftmost button below. Plus? "Zazzle" is the T-shirt and the US style calendar marketplace.


Please support our mission without spending more money: More below the buttons. In all shops, there are thousands of music gifts and also other ( ! ) gifts ... much more than "just" music gifts!


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Here above, each button works individually. Our recommendation? 50:50 calendars (... with huge calendar for notes; US style) at "Zazzle", T-shirts at "Spreadshirt". Full-size calendars via "Bach 4 You". Plus: The "Bach 4 You" shop has everything Bach-specific: Bach busts, Bach figures, Little Bach men, the Bach biography for children, the Bach coloring Book, Bach steins, Bach music, Bach miniature books. In the other stores, there is an incredible amount of merchandise, such as mugs, bed linen, USB sticks, T-shirts and sweaters, all of which have a design printed on them. "Zazzle" and "Spreadshirt" are definitely our favorites.


You can help us there with any gift on any topic: sports, music, children, dinosaurs, pets, motorcycles, Christmas ... and a thousand other themes. Your best option is "Zazzle"! Please support our Bach mission by visiting "Zazzle" from this page of our website. Also later if you are looking for gifts. You can access "Zazzle" with one click here ... right, or use the big button on the right.

Why this Junction Page?


To inform you – only once, short and to the point – about our important  request in the following short paragraph.



Our "Important" JSB Mission's Request ... Please, Help Even With a Purchase From Other Music Gift Sellers!


Not only in the four shops of "Bach 4 You" on the internet the publishing house and our mission gets a small commission when you buy an item, which we created and sell, but also, if you buy in the shops of other sellers on these 4 Internet gift platforms. 45 seconds more read and you made it.


Please go on reading 45 seconds more.



So, What Does That Mean? 


If you surf back to Zazzle and Co. later, that is, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or even much later – having decided to buy – please do so via this page. Because then it will not be more expensive for you, but you enable – with this procedure – a big portion of help for us in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach. The system will then recognize that you come from this page in the Bach mission. And we also get this small commission even if you order a dinosaur motif on a bed cover.



So, How Do You Remember Us in 10 Months? 


Just google "Shop + Bach".  "Bach 4 You" is among the TOP 3 results.  After that, it's the bottom position in the navigation. If you arrive at the publishing house store, then you also arrive at "Zazzle and Co." via this last position in the navigation.


Bach andShop

Not in One Bach Shop, Not in Five Bach Shops ... You Can Help Spread the Knowledge About Bach and His Music With Every ( ! )  Purchase via This Website. Thank You for Coming Back


The Bach shop "Bach 4 You" is the specialist in the subject of "Bach figure". Again your way to the publishing house shop.


You get the Bach beer stein in no gift publishing house and in no Bach shop in so many variants.


The music gift composers calendar and the music gift Bach T-shirt: Two major sections in the Bach publishing house shop of "Bach 4 You" and in the online Bach shops of Renate Bach in Southern Germany.



Renate Bach Publishing "Bach 4 You" – Bildstrasse 25, 74223 Flein / Germany – Phone: +49 7131 576761 – info (at) bach4you.de