The Bach Genealogy = The Bach Family Research = The Genealogy of the Bach Family of Musicians


To continue all the research of all Bach genealogists: That is my hobby. To my left, that is Mrs. Brück.


In remembrance to this likable Bach genealogist Helga Brück in Erfurt, without her research we would have never found to our passion: Please watch the tiny video, which we have produced with her in Erfurt. 


There are truck loads more to read about genealogy and the Bach family of musicians on "Bach On Bach". There it's about Veit Bach, it's about whether you are family member and so on. Just click on the button to your right and you get there.


Are You Also on a Trip "in the Subject Genealogy and Bach"?


Is it really true? It's a probability of 99.99 % it's correct! Thee is no Great... grandson of Johann Sebastian Bach with the name of Bach. There are relatives with the name of Bach and there are great... grandchildren. No combination of both. However, who knows that for sure. In particular in the genealogy of the Bach family of musicians there is one surprise after the next one.


Keyword Bach genealogy or Bach family research. Bach ancestor research might work as well. Maybe I am looking  right now  for you.  But I can't find you. More precisely: I will never be able to find you! That is  in the genealogy a problem in our time. However, it always has been that way. Local authorities and church administrations just don't hand out documents "of still living folks" for a good reason. And that is fine that way.


However, it's a problem with doing genealogical research. And it goes without saying, it's also true with the Bach genealogy, which is the research in the matter of the family of  musicians. By the way, you are correct: genealogy, family research and ancestry is the same ... it's three times the same thing and I repeat the words. However, I do that for a really good reason. 


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What All Bach Genealogists Could Not Accomplish with Their Genealogy: How Do You Find Living Relatives of Johann Sebastian Bach?


Never ever would we have assumed, to meet the original photo one day. Meanwhile, we got his particular priceless photo as a gift ... and in particular ... the original. These are those moments, when this hobby genealogy produces real goosebumps.


Not the current "Bible of Genealogy" regarding the family of musicians, the precise and well organized collection and the book of Ragnhild Siegl and Herrmann Kock, not the work of Kurt-Herrmann Frickel, who received  the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany after all have all the nowadays data, that is to say the continuation of the Bach genealogy. Plus authorities are not the only hurdle, to get those so desperately wanted data, however a broad and wide hurdle. But against all odds my husband managed, with his idea and study, to fill in the gaps step by step. 



I Can't Find You ... However, You Can Find Me. Genealogy = Family Research = Ancestry in the 21st  Century


You find such jewels only via the internet. That means: First you find relatives, after that you find the cool photos. And yes, actually the owners of this music instrument store are Bachs from the family of musicians.



Correct. You can find me, and that is perfectly related to the search behavior in the 21st century. Back then, the family book (... das Familienbuch) was the first source coming with this hobby. After that, grandma and grandpa were next, and in most cases even better accessible: Your parents. Those who managed to even interview their great-grandmother, could feel like winning the jackpot.


The next step however was limited by your way to the church archives, or to check on authority files in your town's archives or a helping hand by a genealogical club in your town. However, what are you doing first today? Okay, the family book is still the first document, in which you check. But after that? You google. "Bach" and "genealogy" or "Bach" and "family research" or "Bach" and "ancestry". Plus you hope.


Like it is explained above, it the case with a specific search. So, we wanted to "pick you up" while you are doing that. What does that mean? We assumed even before that this exciting hobby will become a mainstream passion and interests more and more people on earth. So, if your name is Bach, you might get to the idea, to check on the internet, whether you do "belong" to these musical Bachs. That is one way. If you had been underway on the internet like this, it could be you are reading here for exactly this reason.


The second way is, of course, you were looking for a gift, that is related to the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach. So, you saw  on the home page of my "Bach 4 You" shop  and you are here reading these lines just for that reason. 


Our Bach Family Research? We Love to Invite You to Find Us 

Of course ... he is one of these Bachs.



Of course, you are really interested, whether your roots match the family tree of the family of musicians. And we are sure, we can help you with that. If, yes if, there is already a little hint pointing to that fact.


So, just having the name of Bach ... wouldn't work already. However, more indications could point to that connection. Family research, genealogy, ancestry doesn't rely on nothing but documents and records. Not, if it's about prominent personalities like Johann Sebastian Bach or Martin Luther. Even the approved science around the beginning of the Bach family of musicians is built on some indications. What this means would be too much of a good thing here. However, it's not on a different page on a different website.



Would you like to learn more about the Bach genealogy and about its beginning? If your name is Bach and you think you belong to this Bach family, it's like "digging out the pyramids again": If so, please read about that on the matching page and after that please click here or on the yellow button to your right.


So, that could be your next step. Put together some files: death dates, birthdates, names, names of cities and villages. Just build a little family tree, with a special importance on the connection to Johann Sebastian Bach or his family. After that, email us. At least we go a little distance together. Because if you are a member of the family, then we complete not only our Bach genealogy, we are even one family after that.


Okay, so I am excited to get a call or an email from you.

Yours Renate Bach, "Bach genealogist of the next generation" 


My Husband Desperately Wanted to Be Here, Too ...


Even if he has no reason to show up here on this website of my publishing house and right in the middle of my passion inside our common "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission", he just wanted to be here with at least one pic.


Well, okay, it was he who came up with the idea, how we could find you, or better ... you can find us.


He as well is looking forward to your call or your email, whether from Germany, from the Netherlands or from the US. By the way, his name is Peter Bach, Jr.!

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