Beethoven Calendars, Beethoven Busts and Beethoven Gifts: We Celebrate the "Competition" ... It Is* the 250th Birthday of the Famous Composer from Bonn, Germany


The birthday gift "Beethoven Calendar". * = We decided to create this special "Beethoven Calendar", also a composers calendar, in the year 2020. From this day on you can order it every year, that is currently 2020 + 2021. In 3 sizes. In the European Style. In contrast to the 33 composers calendars, each of which contains 12 different masters, the Beethoven calendar is a mix of currently painted portraits, historical portraits and old wood engravings. To get to the Beethoven-Calendar in the shop click here.


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The composers from the top of this page is what you find as US style composers calendars on Zazzle. Beethoven T-shirts, Mozart T-shirts, Wagner T-shirts and Bach T-shirts on Spreadshirt … learn more. 





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