Beethoven Calendars, Beethoven Busts and Beethoven Gifts: We Celebrated the "Competitor" ... It Was, 2020, the 250th Birthday of the Famous Composer From Germany


The birthday gift "Beethoven Calendar". We decided to create this special "Beethoven Calendar", also a composers calendar, in the year 2020. From this day on, you can meanwhile order it every year. In three sizes. In the European Style. Plus, in the "US style". In contrast to the 33 composers calendars, each of which contains twelve different masters, the Beethoven calendar is a mix of currently painted portraits, historical portraits and old wood engravings. To get to the Beethoven-Calendar in the shop, click here.




The Monthly Pages of the Beethoven Calendar 


The Beethoven calendar, the only one of its kind and in this combination: twelve monthly pages from historic to modern. What a gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and more opportunities.


Yes, we offer them all three. However, only Beethoven is actually permitted on this page of my Publishing House website. These miniature jewels actually are erasers. We also call them the very smallest composer busts on the planet.


With a height of 22 centimeters, which is 8.66 inches, and a weight of 1.4 kilograms (... 3.08 lbs), these are the impressive composers busts, which the Publishing House offers. Because we allowed Bach and Mozart above, they are also accepted here.


Here you can see the difference perfectly. By the way, you get the Beethoven busts and the Beethoven calendar directly from the Publisher's store, which means that we grab into a shelf and have the Beethoven calendar, respectively the Beethoven bust in our hands. It's different with the many other Beethoven gifts that other suppliers – although with our designs – send to you.


And why does it only work like that? Imagine, how many mugs with how many Beethoven motifs we would have to have made.




More Music Gifts Than You Can Imagine? Please, Feel Free to Figure It Out

The composers calendars from the top of this page are what you find as "US style" calendars on Zazzle. Plus, Beethoven T-shirts, Mozart T-shirts, Wagner T-shirts and Bach T-shirts and so on Spreadshirt … learn more



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