The Composers Calendar of all Composers Calendars "12 out of 36" ... but First You Would Have to Love Exactly this Style 


We are sure, this is the most uncommon calendar offer, that you might find anywhere on this planet. It's is you personal composers calendar, the gift for musicians and music fans, so it's a so called gift for musicians. Do you like this particular design? If yes, please go on reading below. 


You Can Order this Special Calendar Only by Email

Not everything works automated, even if you would have loved it. However, it remains easy. Just write us a mail. The title page of the composers calendar remains the same like that you see in the pic above. However, on the inside, there will be just your personal favorites. Your favorite composers. Just select from the musicians below. Plus so that you are here and now and well informed and get "a little bit along", here are the facts to know for you up front. Our effort, to realize your request is just € 10 and it doesn't matter, if which size you order or how many calendars you want. And because all of them will be a hot off the press calendar, the costs for a calendar in size 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches is € 22,90, in size 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches it's € 31,90 and a cool size 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches is just € 49,90. Please add the additional €10 plus handling and shipping fee to each amount, all taxes are included in each amount.


We are sorry, but it is not possible to request the order of your composers, however, we try to put your first person on the January monthly page and the 12th on the December monthly page. And so on ...! First we calculate your order, plus we send you a bill. You transfer the money and after that we arrange your composers and we order the calendar in our printing company. In Germany we suggest a time until it's at your front door of 2 weeks. Sending that jewels to any country in the world might need a much longer time plus it depends, whether you live in the neighborhood of Germany, like in France, or in the Unites States or ... for instance ... in south Africa or Australia. Let us talk about this detail bevor. Here you get to the contact form


Here They Are: The Gentlemen Composers


You know them, these gentlemen composers: Please tell us your 12 favorites, or those gentlemen, that your dad or your grandpa loves and we "handcraft" your absolutely personal composers calendar.



Composers calendars, 1.2 billion different composers calendars. Here is the calendar title page again. However, this will change in the oncoming 4 weeks and we replace it by of of those 12 monthly pages, which we chose from the 36 for one calendar in this style. Our choice than, but € 10 less in cost. You may discover the 12 of our choice in the shop ... at least those 12, which were the most exciting for the most uncommon composers calendar on earth.


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