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The Story of Our Bach Poster (Poster as Decoration Examples in Your Home Will Follow Under the Oncoming Paragraph)


Our Bach posters: If you create a website about Johann Sebastian Bach, then you – better my husband Peter – need many, many illustrations. And he photographed them himself or we simply had them painted and designed. Finally, historical finds complete the range of options. With the founding of my publishing house, the idea came to offer these many motifs also as posters. By choosing a motif and then having a poster made of it. But with the first experiences with my shop "Bach 4 You" it turned out that the offer of a poster would be, directly commissioned by us, not only too expensive, but also too complicated. So we excluded posters from the offer again. Until we came to the portals of Zazzle and Co. And they offer posters. And so you can put together your own poster. You can create your Bach poster from countless motifs: portrait or landscape format, small or large or huge, a photo or a painting, something current or antique, something really modern or something really conservative.


Right, not only a Bach poster, but four such composers over the couch. This is how it could look at your home, if you decide for exactly these gentlemen. But you can also get Wagner instead of Verdi and Schubert instead of Mozart. ... the Bach posters and the composer posters of "Bach 4 You". 


Yes, here even the Bach poster matches the wallpaper behind it.


For a young friend of classical music, everything fits here: modern furniture, a modern Bach poster, black-white-grey furniture, a black-white-grey Bach poster.


An even bigger risk in terms of Bach posters than in the picture above: It really takes courage to hang up this Bach poster.


No, not a Bach poster, but if you are already here, why not establish a proposal for a composer poster here? Be sure to note how the colors harmonize. By the way and "not quite fair": It is the perfect time to introduce very young future classical music fans to this music genre very carefully. 



Have fun with exploring all the Bach posters at all those shopping locations. However, our favorite store is "Zazzle" and "Redbubble".



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