The Very Tiniest Bach Bust, the Tiniest Beethoven Bust, the Teeny-Tiny Mozart Bust ... They Are the Mini Bach Bust, Mini Mozart Bust and Mini Beethoven Bust


Bach bust is not equal to Bach bust: You will know that at the latest after you have found my publishing house and my offer in it. Because first, my husband and I attach great importance to how well Johann Sebastian Bach is "met". That is, how good the small work of art is, from which then the mold was cast and finally the Bach bust. For a long time we searched for the perfect Bach busts and finally found them. And yet it took us about 12 years to find even the very smallest Bach bust. Here I present it to you, here you can buy this, cute, tiny Bach bust and here you can also get Bach bust, Beethoven bust and Mozart bust as a famous inexpensive trio. ✓

The Bach bust ... more precisely: the very smallest Bach bust. And it even comes in a noble packaging. It goes without saying that the offer listed below is not 7 mini Bach busts and there is also no Mon Chéri, no Ferrero kisses and no Ferrero Roger chocolate ball. So the offer below is "only" about the pure Bach bust. Plus ... just one the seven.


Mr. Johann Sebastian Bach.



It took us about 12 years, during which we were not intensively but very intensively occupied with Johann Sebastian Bach, until we found – long after the smallest Bach bust – the now very smallest Bach bust. Even the smallest Bach bust is cute and only whole cm high. But the smallest bust is even much, much cuter and a really cute gift when you visit friends or want to bring a very small surprise to the bottle of wine or flowers for a birthday or Christmas. Yet it is not so light, this very smallest Bach bust: After all, it weighs 13 grams.In its original packaging, it even makes a real cool impression and is protected until it "arrives" at the recipient.  ✓ 


Yes, Bach bust, Mozart bust and Beethoven bust would be the ideal bookends, if they just weren't so tiny. Exception: You use them to support tiny Bach books. 



In general, "Bach 4 You" features the most beautiful Bach busts and the most impressive Bach facial expressions. In addition, Bach statues. And Bach tin figures and Little Bach Men from the Erzgebirge (... Ore Mountains). And it came like this: We, too, were looking for a Bach figure and a Bach bust, a Little Bach Man and a Bach tin figure. And found more than we initially wanted. But – looked at more closely – the many offers differed – except by the price – quite considerably: namely, as far as the facial expression of Mr. Bach is concerned. No matter whether copper, alabaster plaster or model plaster: There are Bach busts where "Bach is simply ugly": Already the original is simply not beautiful. It's on the artist. And it takes an artist at the very beginning to make a face for a bust – in our case the Bach bust – just really striking and, above all, beautiful. From this, the form for the Bach bust is created. Your Bach bust then emerges from the form. ✓



No, the candy is not included with the purchase of the very smallest Bach bust in the shop. Placed next to a Mon-Chéri, you have a perfect impression of the size. Or next to a Ferrero Kiss. 


Bach bust after Bach bust. And what do all Bach busts have in common? Bach is modeled really well. And that's not the case with all Bach busts on the market: Many, many are ugly and it takes time to find the perfect Bach bust in every size. By the way, the very smallest Bach bust is not even included above. We found it only after about 12 years of "occupation with Johann Sebastian Bach". 



Back then, we were already thrilled by the tiny size of the smallest Bach bust and found it cute together. The very smallest Bach bust, as we christened it, however, is even "cute" against the smallest Bach bust. With a height of just 2 centimeters, it fits practically anywhere without "wasting space." And the price is also impressively low. While the largest Bach bust costs € 49.90*, the tiny one called the "smallest Bach bust" is available for just € 7.95.* ... means including VAT, plus shipping.  And ... you support our Johann Sebastian Bach mission and also the goal of sensitively introducing more children to classical music: 1 of 5 Bach busts ... is the very smallest Bach bust in the universe.



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