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Bach T-shirt, Beethoven T-shirt, Mozart T-shirt. Aha. But, what about Schubert, the two Straussens, Verdi, Liszt and Co.? There are no T-shirts with portraits of those composers? Yes, yes ... there are. Don't worry. These gentlemen composers are also heavily represented on these most worn pieces of clothing. And yes, there are also Schubert T-shirts, Tchaikovsky T-shirts and Puccini T-shirts. At Bach 4 You. In the various Bach 4 You shops on the internet.


Music T-shirts and Bach T-shirts are available in all four online stores. Only not in the Publishing House Store at the company headquarters. One click will get you there.



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How quite normal retail stores used to function and still function today, is something you know. Do you? Then you're at an age when people still used to bring milk back home in a jug they brought with them. Relatively at the end of the 20th century, supermarkets appeared. Of course, they were invented, like so much else, in America. Today, the small retail stores, of which there are fewer and fewer, are called mom-and-pop stores. There, paying later was a service, a relic of a bygone era.


In the meantime, the internet is gaining ground worldwide in this area as well. Companies – large and small, huge and tiny – are saving on sales space and staff and people are shopping electronically. In the past decade, mainly from the PC at home. Today more and more mobile. On the way to work (... in trains and buses, not behind the wheel), during breaks, in leisure time, even when away from home. Click, wait for the mail, rejoice. With most articles it goes like this. 


A tiny peripheral area – and yet so large – was only able to find together in the age of the internet. Creative people, providers of unusual gifts and interested parties. And this is how it works: Designers, artists and "simply" creative people not only like to paint, draw and portray, they also want to publish their works afterwards. Yes, and sell them, too. And where better to put a work than on a piece of clothing, a gift, or on a few square feet of fabric to make a statement? On a T-shirt.


These three "participants in the game" meet on the above internet portals. Only you as an interested party and "Bach 4 You" as a store could never lead to a result, because it takes thousands, better millions of designs on T-shirts, so that exactly the right ones meet from the eight billion people ... and a deal comes out of it. And "in" these gift portals every month actually millions of people come by and create with their "keywords" exactly the result they are looking for.


Then you order your t-shirt there. Zazzle, Redbubble and Spreadshirt produce it and ship it to you. If that's not "Industry 4.0" ... what is?! Order quantity one piece ... and you get it for a reasonable price and kin a top quality.


Bach T-Shirts, Mozart T-Shirts, Beethoven T-Shirts ... From Super-Cool to Infinitely Conservative: My “Adventure Playground” in Terms of Music T-Shirts for You


The number of T-shirts you can find in the "Bach 4 You" stores at Zazzle, Redbubble and Spreadshirt is still very manageable. But that will already change in the summer of 2023. And by the end of 2024, there will certainly be no more high-quality composer T-shirts anywhere than on all the stores of my small Publishing House in the south of Germany.



Music T-Shirts ... Would You Like to Know More About Music T-Shirts Now?


A crystal clear "no"? You would like to pick Bach T-shirts, find Mozart T-shirts and discover Beethoven T-shirts ... so just browse music t-shirts? Because you're looking for a gift ... for example? Then below is the shortcut to the four internet stores of "Bach 4 You". By the way ... you can't buy clothes directly in the Publishing Store "Bach 4 You", no shoes, no sweaters, no T-shirts. But via Zazzle, Spreadshirt and Redbubble ... you can do it. And this is not true for many, many gifts, which are available on the internet portals, however, in great quality. Completely "Bachian" ... yes that's possible. From here, where Peter and I live and work.


You are one click away from your decision which online shop to visit first. With a first click here you get to a "junction" and we suggest, you start – looking for a composers t-shirt or a music T-shirt – with Zazzle.



Thousands of combinations: from Bach T-shirt to Mozart T-shirt, Beethoven T-shirt and up to Wagner T-shirt. And if this selection is just not enough for you ... then it really starts on my internet portals in terms of music: one music t-shirt after another. Designed for you and cool to order through the portals.


At least one Bach T-Shirt as a really big picture. That is just a necessity on a page for Bach T-shirts.



The T-shirt and its history. Actually strange that T-shirts have not always existed. While people are so inventive and have always been. Today it is a casual and young garment. Young people are more likely to wear it than 80-year-olds, you can certainly find T-shirts in leisure time rather than in business life. Although ... it depends. Not if your workplace is at Google or Apple. But you're less likely to see people wearing T-shirts in banks than in construction. And clearly ... we don't mean under the shirt.


Of course, it begins in babyhood. And today the smallest fellows wear T-shirts in limitless variety. The creativity is endless. And this applies to the selection of ready-made designs, but also to the millions of own designs, and then order them as clothing. 


So what does this have to do with the history of the T-shirt? Actually ... nothing at all. If you search, you will find on the internet. Always. Every day, every minute and mobile today also everywhere. Except with a bad internet connection. Then just not. There are a few theories about the origin of the T-shirt. It's not as clear as the invention of the car or the discovery of flight. Some stories are exciting, some are believable, and some are just plain weird. When ever, is a T-shirt a T-shirt?


So ... the T-shirt. Not the music T-shirt by a long shot. Or even the composers t-shirt. It is an outerwear. Always a T-shirt has short sleeves. But hardly even at that point, you can argue. Because a T-shirt with long sleeves just doesn't look like a " T ". And that ... characterizes a T-shirt. And it never has a turtleneck, but always a round neckline or a V-neck. And does it have to be made of cotton? Not necessarily. But most T-shirts do today.


In ancient civilizations, people are said to have worn garments very similar to today's T-shirts as early as 2000 years ago. Egyptian chariot drivers wore such T-shirts. This was found on papyrus paintings and on pictures in the area of the ancient pyramids in Egypt. But shortly after this first heyday of the T-shirt, it disappeared again. In fact, among the trendy clothes in many centuries: peasants, aristocrats, in fact, everyone wore it under the coarser outerwear.


T-shirts in our time probably first developed in the military and on the high seas. In both areas, T-shirts replaced the then common underwear made of wool, which was itchy and in which you sweat quickly. In the First World War (... WW I), this change already took place.

By the way, a technological leap and thus also a cornerstone in the emergence of the modern T-shirt was earlier the invention of the knitting machine, 1860 to 1864, which made it possible to mass-produce T-shirts at low cost: seamless shirts. Did you know that this invention ultimately replaced the one-piece as underwear, which until then were worn by men and women?

A hearty story is that of the Tea Shirt, which has a different spelling but sounds exactly the same. Because butlers among the English aristocracy constantly had tea stains on their shirts, they were allowed to wear these T-shirts without sleeves. At the very least ... it's a cute story.


Where did the triumphant advance of the modern T-shirt really begin?  In sports. And specifically in rowing. At the beginning of the 20th century. Again, it was the Americans who were also the first to print numbers and names of athletes on their T-shirts. In 1901, the Hanes Knitting Company introduced a two-piece underwear combination in which the top very much resembled a T-shirt. For the first time, the explanation appears in Webster's Dictionary in the 1920s.


WW II, Chewing Gum and the T-Shirt (... Not Yet the Music T-Shirt)


After the Second World War (... it's World War II in America), the T-shirt celebrates its triumph until today. American soldiers brought it – as well as chewing gum and nylon stockings – from the New World to the old homeland. It had to be white. And so it could be used in many ways: as an undershirt, as a flag and as a towel. But the T-shirt alone was not yet "socially acceptable" as an article of clothing.


Even in 1950, great film stars in their time symbolized their rebellious culture by wearing the white garment together with jeans and leather jackets: Marlon Brando and James Dean stand for this period of development. It was not until the 70s of the last century that the T-shirt finally became an accepted item of clothing in everyday life. The films the T-shirt spread with it were "The Wild One" (... with Marlon Brando) and the world-famous work "Because they don't know what they're doing". 

More and more, the T-shirt was becoming a statement. Those who are old enough and back then regularly watched a US crime series set in Florida, remember very well Don Johnson, the smart investigator who combined T-shirt and jacket in style. In addition, the music – this is allowed on a portal where it is about music – ... what a memory. The T-shirt also became more and more famous when in New York they invented the famous garment with the heart, the letters "I" and "N.Y." and produced it by the millions. New York had a bad reputation at the time and that was in the 70s already mentioned above.


By the way, the fashion designer Georgio Armani wears a T-shirt almost to each of his fashion shows. And we have thus arrived in the history of this little piece of clothing in today. In the 21st century and the 3rd millennium.
Would you have known ... by the way? Over 2 billion T-shirts are sold worldwide every year.


The Invention of the T-Shirt and a Cute Definition (... – in Germany – is a cool platform for anyone who has questions and would like to get answers that range from impressive to " to say the least cute". And there, the T-shirt is explained as a T-shaped, non-gender-specific elastic blouse without a front seam. Well, sure, there you go! Wiktionary explained it as thin clothing for the upper body with short sleeves without buttons.

Of course, T-shirts are not called T-shirts everywhere, especially not in local everyday life in the German-speaking countries, and especially not when people tend to avoid Anglicisms and prefer to use German and also Austrian words. Thus, the popular shirts in southern German-speaking countries are also called Laibchen, Leible or in Bavarian and Austrian Leiberl.


You are still here? We appreciate that. So, you see, by the way above, the largest button in our whole Mission. And yes, you can click on it to get directly to our "Zazzle" Shop.



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