The Project "Bach on Bach" 


Goal of the project "Bach on Bach" ist to spread the knowledge about the world cultural heritage Johann Sebastian Bach. In particular, the distribution on the internet play the big role in the 21st century. "Bach on Bach" addresses all ages of folks. In particular, the subjects are designed to be explored by children and young adults.


Compared to the world in the area where German and English is spoken, there is enough to read about the composer, to excite Bach fans and humans who are much interested in the Thomas-cantor on a high level. "Bach über Bach" and later Bach 4 You" as well want to specialize to approach the remaining group of people. "Bach on Bach" as well as "Bach 4 You" try to make the entrance to that unmanageable matter even and introduce the composer, the composer's work and the genealogy first and for most with a hefty portion of fun. 


Fun is the most important thing, which comes with the goal to introduce the most famous musician of all time. Johann Sebastian Bach is displayed on numerous postage stamps. You may discover all of them on "Bach on Bach".  


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Did you know that there are about 33 Bach monuments worldwide? The most exotic is certainly in Shanghai, in China, near the main train station. But also the modern Bach sculpture in the Bavarian town of Ansbach above is almost an insider tip. Of course, you will discover all Bach monuments at "Bach on Bach". As we discover new Bach monuments little by little, the latest one as late as 5 years after the start of the project, in a church in Berlin.



There are dozens of Bach portraits and all painters just imagined, what Bach might have looked like. One single exception: The portrait which you see above is supposed to portrait Bach, like he looked 4 years prior to his death. Many, many portraits, some of them are famous, is what you will meet on "Bach on Bach".



Is it Ambrosius, father of Johann Sebastian, or is it his twin brother, who looked so much like Ambrosius that even their wives couldn't tell, who is who? Learn more about the Bach family of musicians on ... you know where, don't you?



Bach Books and More Bach Books


There are about 7,000 Bach biographies. "Bach on Bach" helps. Because three historical biographies are still freshly printed today, and of course there is also a current one from the Bach specialist par excellence. But you can also enjoy Bach's life as a novel, as a lovely story and quite exciting: almost in the style of a conspiracy theory, but not really. My husband loves the biography "The true Life of Johann Sebastian Bach" by Klaus Eidam.



The Genealogy of the Bach Family of Musicians


The Bach genealogy: the beloved playground in our Bach mission. We do research, we discover and we help. A matter of honor for "Bach on Bach". The three up there? Sure, they are Bachs as well. All three. Our very special passion also with a very special result: The fairy tales around Veit Bach ... and they reach as far as Papua New Guinea and that is no kidding now. 


The Bach family of musicians in America. Interested? You get "tons" of information about this tiny part of the project. At "Bach on Bach". And you will learn why the tiny Andisleben very close to the Bach city of Erfurt in Thuringia is the decisive Bach place for a few Bachs in America. 


More passengers died on the "Empress of Ireland" than in the sinking of the Titanic? Yes, and one of them was Johann August Reinhold Bach, the father. The man in the background in the Bach band in the picture above. 


The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach


Of course, Bach's music. Learn how sensitive we try to convince children that listen to classical music aside of mainstream stuff is just possible. Learn more on "Bach on Bach".



Bach Cities and Bach Places ... Many Cool Ultra Short Videos


"Bach on Bach" presents all Bach cities and all Bach places. The most important even with small, cool videos in both German and  English. All are short, most are even shorter than 5 minutes. A professional narrator speaks the text, there's music is by Bach ... but also modern. And it's a mixture of film and pictures. Why don't you try a Bach video? Maybe you enjoy it, then there are many, many more. 


Bach Quotes and Bach Tributes


"He is the father, we are the boys," said Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart about the composer and musician colleague Johann Sebastian Bach. That's why he is allowed now on this side as well: He deserves it. On "Bach on Bach" you will find not only many, but almost all quotations and honors from many, many different personalities over the past 270 years, who report about the super composer from Eisenach in Thuringia or highlight his work. 



The Promise of My Husband Is a Guarantee ... Is what He Says!


My husband is a joker, a funny maker, how they called such guys back then in Germany (... not a comedian, it's something different and there is no such word nor a translation existing today). And he guaranties that he "built in" many, many opportunities to smile in his project. "Ton be serious" is what he leaves to others and there are many of them around. Learn more about him with a click here.



He tries, to excite his audience in his own personal style. And that is why he provides much and most important correct information, double-checked and researched, but always much, much nonsense in between the lines plus in the lines.


In this spirit I am asked by him to say a warm hello here on my website from him.



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