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Music gifts, gifts for musicians, musical gift ideas and especially of course Bach gifts can be found not ( ! ) on this page of this website, but on the shop page of this, my Publisher website, where you are reading right now. You can get there by clicking on the huge store button here ...

With your purchase, you support our common "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" and our "Classical Music for Children Mission". Thank you for that! And here's how you could even support our missions, even by buying a music gift from other vendors' stores without spending a Cent more.


Attention ... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge danger of confusion: This website consists of a publishing house part: That is this page on which you are reading right now. And that's also almost all the sections you see now in the navigation. Then there is – secondly – the shop, which you can find via the second box in the navigation ... and then those are – there – the individual articles below. And finally – thirdly – there are four more Bach stores. On those we are "guests" and offer hundreds of other music gifts more, gifts for musicians and Bach gifts. And now – for your ultimate convenience – here is another direct link to my Publisher's Shop!


Music gifts which are collected to a medley on one photo: a Bach biography for children book, a coloring book, an organ calendar, an opera house calendar, a Bach tin figure and a Bach music complete edition. All is on grey background.

Thousands of music gifts and many, many Bach gifts await your visit.




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About Five Bach Shops, Two Humans, Two Missions and Many, Many Gifts for Musicians, Music Gifts, Pipe Organ Calendars, Composers Calendars and Music Calendars for Children and for Adults


The Publishing House with the Bach shop "Bach 4 You" by Renate Bach and the project "Bach on Bach" by Peter Bach Jr. in Flein near Heilbronn, Germany. Together, this is the "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" and the "Classical Music for Children Mission" of the Bachs in Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany. We two creatives are concerned with an even more intensive dissemination of the world cultural heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach than it has been happening for many decades. And about a completely alternative approach to making classical music fun for young people. "Bach 4 You" is a book and calendar publisher with its Bach shop.


In particular, the Bach Mission focuses on the composer's life rather than his musical works. The internet appearance "Bach über Bach", respectively its international sister project "Bach On Bach" and many further Bach websites of Peter Bach Jr. are supplemented by the Publishing House by the offer of many gifts all around the topic Bach in the shop, for example also 33 exciting Bach calendars. Here in addition, the enterprise offers various publications such as composers calendars and music calendars for adults as well as music calendars for children and also for young people. Peter Bach Jr. plans to extend his presentation of the masters of composition to other musicians in the foreseeable future. The five Bach stores help us to minimize the financial expenditure.


Please Support Our Mission With Your Purchase in the Bach Shop


Why a Bach shop? Designing such a huge project also involves considerable expense. There are also expenses for the purchase of illustrations, stamps, books, pictures, engravings and works of art. Of course, there are also high costs for photo trips to Bach cities and Bach places, overnight stays, translations, speaker fees and fees for genealogical Bach research. An international DNA project and the print runs for the three Publisher's book publications are the largest items to be refinanced. That is why there is a Bach shop, more precisely ... why there are the Bach shops.


In order to make this research and this fun not only a short-term adventure, but to be able to continue the dissemination of the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach far into the future, we are trying to refinance part of the expenses listed above. With the Bach Shop of the Publishing House and the Bach shops on several internet platforms. And this is where something new emerges from the parts that this special "Bach adventure playground" offers in addition to text, images and music. By buying Bach books and Bach audiobooks here  and not elsewhere  you support us directly, and we are very happy about it. If we can make our plans come true in this first attempt, "Bach on Bach" with your help, there are dreams that go far beyond this website and the biography about Bach for children and the Bach coloring book. If these first cautious attempts "work" ... then we want to make projects in the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach a reality, which already exist very real in our dreams. Thank you for your support.


"Bach 4 You" and the Bach Shop as a Publishing House are the strict set-up by which we fulfill all legal requirements in order to separate the creative and editorial part of the mission from the entrepreneurial part of the mission.


Johann August Reinhold Bach and the "Bach Band", Rochester, Minnesota, USA. You can purchase this motif as a puzzle in the Bach Shop (... in the Bach Shop at Zazzle).


Our Johann Sebastian Bach Mission


Three terms, two humans, many websites, even more themes: our "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission".


Renate Bach publishes. She owns the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" with the Bach Shop. Her passion inside the common project? The genealogy of the largest family of musicians in the world.


Peter Bach Jr. loves to write, and he loves to write much. Plus, he creates the private Bach websites with the project name "Bach on Bach".


Almost Every Gift in the Bach Shop Has Its Own Little Story 


Many a gift is offered by the "Bach 4 You" Publishing House in the Bach Shop simply because – for example – there is a Bach alabaster bust, or the complete works of music, or the little Bach figurine from the Erzgebirge (... the Ore Mountains in Germany).


However, behind other offers, such as the Bach tin figures, there is a lot of development, planning, fun and also a sometimes very long way to the offer in the Bach Shop. Many of these developments are exciting to experience, entertaining to read and discover, and you can wonderfully kill the time with these "stories behind the gifts". Have fun exploring the Bach Shops of the Publisher (... the button below).


Music gifts, Bach gifts, five Bach shops … learn more here.


One of many cool Bach calendars, European style, which you can buy here in the Bach Shop. Plus ... there are 32 more Bach calendars and even an additional 66 more music calendars.


The specialist for (... almost) every Bach figure: "Bach 4 You" with its Bach Shop.



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