Your Roots in Germany – A One of a Kind Gift for Those Who Love Genealogy and Already Have Everything Else


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This is a very special and very personal gift idea for your father or mother or grandpa or grandma. If they found out that their family has roots in "Good Old Germany". Creating such videos is – like the many Bach cities videos my husband Peter has produced – his favorite part of our hobby. You get the best pictures if you only photograph when the trees are green, which is between late spring and early fall. Also, when the weather is perfect. It is and has been our job to wait decades for these conditions. Look at all of our photos on all of our websites. This is the quality you can expect for your very personal and very special genealogy video for amateur genealogists.


It is a very special off, and that is the reason, you can not purchase this offer by just one click. It is something what Peter and I do for a living for almost four decades, meanwhile. It's the perfect gift for a US hobby genealogist, if he or she has roots in Germany. Just watch the example video for a dear friends couple, Ben and Teri, who live in Florida.


The purchase prize? It's a flat honorarium of € 2,000 for your video, including the general immigration section. And it is € 1,600 in a narrated show without that common part. Just pics from your ancestor's city or community, plus music – no narrated text – is what my publishing house can offer you for € 1,300. A distance fee will be added, if the destination is outside a 65 miles circle: € 100. From a 65 miles circle: € 200. From a 200 miles circle: € 300. There is no additional fee for lodging, food, gas. And VAT is included. There is an additional fee, if your "place of desire" is located elsewhere in Europe, other than Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If so, we have to "talk". Keep in mind, if you like this offer: You can get that video between September and March, however, the pictures just need a green nature and much sunshine. Plus, I need enough time, to create it. So, don't wait too long.


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 Three options, how you can order such a video: First, you get the whole nine yards, that means with the first section, where no word and no pic is changed. Next follows the section about your city or village. The second option is "only" part two of the mentioned options. The third version would be a ton of photos of your place here in Europe, however with no single narrated word.



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