The Pipe Organ Calendar 2022 ... Actually, You Even Have the Option, to Order Your Pipe Organ Calendar in 2 Styles



The Pipe Organ Calendar. The funny and surprising thing: You get that beauty in two styles. There are more pipe organ calendars of more sellers on the market. But they all have one thing in common: They are all a combination of a picture section and a huge grid section. All of them. However, the title pages of all pipe organ calendars seem to provide the same content. Learn more down this page. You get to those 50:50 Style in my Zazzle shop here.


No grid – this year  is a cool idea? Just discover them on "Bach 4 You". If your prefer it with a grid, click to Zazzle. If you are looking for any gift, subject music of beyond, we recommend Zazzle again … learn more. 



By the way, this whole page on my website is not created to inform you "quick and to the point", but Peter, my husband, designed it to entertain you. Regarding the subject of pipe organ wall calendars, pipe organs, calendars in general and what you can do with a European style wall calendar, which doesn't work like its 50:50 calendar counterpart. So, just let him please impress you, folks.


2 Types of Pipe Organ Calendar – 99 % of All US Pipe Organ Calendars Come in the 50:50 (US) Style


This July page of my organ pipe calendar is European Style. Which means, there is no grid. The timetable – that is to say the weekdays and the numbers of the days – comes as a part of the overall artwork. So, yes, there is no space, to put in a note, an anniversary or the birthday of grandma. Watch all monthly pages of the current year organ pipe calendar far below on this page or use the shortcut with a click here and please return after your "pipe organ adventure".


W i t h  a grid? Click on the button above. For the pipe organ calendar

in European style, that is to say, without a grid, please click here. 


Title page both styles.

Inside page European style.

Inside page US style.


On the left side is a picture of a composers calendar, how you discover it on "Google Images". Both calendar styles – the European style and the 50:50 style, when it comes to the title page – look the same. However, what you don't discover with that particular title pic, is what the calendar looks like after January 1st. Believe it or not, even we had a hard time, how to display the difference and how to describe it.


In the picture in the middle (... above) you see, what all 12 monthly pages look like, if you decide for a portrait format European style calendar: The art work is as large as the title picture. On the rights side is, what you get, if you decide for a 50:50 style calendar: The art work remains in size inside the title page but a "tool section" is added below: the grid or the gigantic timetable for your notes.


Discover the difference – or, in the case, you find my description complicated  – in many examples where I show you the difference between EUROPEAN STYLE monthly pages and 50:50 STYLE monthly pages in several rooms of a house, in an apartment, in an office, in two kids' rooms and a waiting / reception area. 


One more composers calendar: It's the same thing with the title page on "Google Images": There, both styles front pages of each calendar look the same. However, they are different when you go from there to every inside page. Not only this is true, but the landscape format and the portrait format are different, too. While the inside pages in European style are the same size as the front page of every calendar, it is different with a US style calendar: Its size doubles, as the "art part" remains the upper and the grid in the same size adds. However, the art portion remains the same size as the title, but a gigantic part = "grid section" adds.


Tadaa ... for All of You that Didn't Use the Shortcut Link to Explore the Current Pipe Organ Wall Calendar in Its Full Beauty ... Title Page + 12 Monthly Pages ... But Do Not Miss the Decoration Examples Below


Our actual pipe organ wall calendar ... the title pagePlease make sure, and that is true in particular in the middle of the year, whether it is still the pipe organ calendar of the current year ... or whether it's the pipe organ calendar for the oncoming season. The monthly pages below always fit to the title page above.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  January.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  February.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  March.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  April.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  May.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  June.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  July.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  August.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  September.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  October.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  November.


The actual pipe organ wall calendar  December.


A Cool Decoration Or a Tool Which Is Nice – It Is Your Choice


One more calendar  no pipe organ calendar  but you get a perfect impression about the size of the calendar. This is the small one. However, it is one of our favorite music calendars. Are you interested to discover all monthly pages? Click here, select the composers calendars section and decide for this particular one. If you are interested in examples, which we hung in living areas, kitchens, kid's rooms, waiting and reception areas and halls? Scroll down, it's below the next two European/US Style comparison pics.


Yessss, a pipe organ calendar. You see the December page (... the "12" for December ...), you learn, where this organ is located (... hard to read in this pic, but it's in the left lower corner), and all together is a cool art work and may upgrade every room or office, waiting or reception area.


Again no pipe organ calendar  it is a composers calendar  but a cool example to show you how our biggest calendars can fit into a living or working area. This calendar shows 12 combinations, these are the famous classic musicians and the cities which are related to them. You might like this one and want to explore the 12 monthly calendar pages. Just click on this link.


Another composers calendar to discover. A mixture between traditional portraits of the musicians and a modern notes and music collage. The full format artwork is just amazing. You can not compare this size with the smaller and the smallest calendars we offer. Plus, the calendar at the bottom is just an art proportion. Plus ... no space to leave hints. You find this combination great and want to enjoy all 12 combinations. That is possible here.


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Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry Room, Walk-In-Closet: The Places for a "50:50 Calendar" Are Very Limited


This is a little complicating and I found this out not earlier than after 3 years, shortly after the wife of my US cousin asked me whether I believe offering calendars seems to be a good idea, when everyone uses his or her smartphone. I didn't understand what she meant, so we jumped on the internet, and she showed me for the first time, how a calendar was "constructed" which we today call a "50:50" style calendar.


That was shortly before Christmas, and we wanted to find out, how the majority of wall calendars  no matter which subject  looked in the USA. While I was shopping for shoes, Peter investigated in a special calendar shop inside a mall with all kinds of calendar subjects. He found out, 95 out of 100 calendars followed this 50:50 philosophy.


Here in Germany, 50:50 calendars are a tiny fraction, when it comes to nice wall calendars and even later we found out they call those calendars brochure calendars, which doesn't have to make sens e for you now. Almost 100 percent of all wall calendars in the way we offer it, are what we today call "EUROPEAN STYLE".


After that hint of Dwight and Michele we focused on a description to make clear, that we only offer these European style calendars, and in particular these European style pipe organ calendars. And then ... we found ... Zazzle. And this gift platform Zazzle offers an option for us, to offer both styles, which is European style and 50:50 style. Which today for you means, you can order them both ways. As a cool decoration art work ... or as a tool, to leave in the hints around future dates and appointments. Only my shop "Bach 4 You" offers such a possibility. Many calendars, two styles, three sizes.


What a sweetie. That is how calendars looked like in 1925.


Two  Different Disadvantages – Two Options – Landscape or Portrait Format ... the Pipe Organ Calendars as Art Works or Tools


Again – maybe in other words  back to the hard to explain difference between a portrait format and a landscape format, when it comes to explain the difference between a European style calendar and a 50:50 style calendar. In an upright format calendar the two pics above show the two different styles, when you get to the January page and the following months. The decoration part is halved by 50 % to make place for the grid, the tool. Get a better feeling in the photo collection down that page. So an upright calendar with a particular size minimizes the nice portion by 50 % when it comes to enjoy the 12 monthly pages. It is different with a landscape calendar, as the art part remains the same size, but an "ugly but beneficial" section ads. The size of the whole. See the example below.


Complicated, complicated: On the left side is, how that particular calendar looks on the "Google Images" result, when you put in "composers calendars" or in our case "pipe organ calendars". Same size, however, what you find out about this calendar: It is landscape format. The difference begins, when you get to the first monthly page and all the 11 following inside pages: The format doubles with a 50:50 style upright calendar, but if you want the calendar to "ennoble" a dining room or an area, which actually is no "working space" the added 100 % is an "ugly but useful" grid section. Confused because of a poor description. Check on the picture section below, and it will clear up soon.


Just Imagine, How You Could Decorate Your Home or Office with a European Style Music Wall Calendar or an Organ Calendar


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 1: Imagine your favorite music calendar in your bathroom or in your guest bathroom. Compare it to a US style calendar in the picture below ...


... no way! However, are you interested to meet all these "Splash" calendar pages? Click here please.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 3: A reception area is the perfect place for a European style music calendar, however a 50:50 style calendar would be a no-no here! This calendar was definitely inspired by the Mt. Rushmore Memorial. Discover more pages here.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 4: This kitchen is so cool, that you have to decide, whether the space above is perfect for an art work ...


... or for the 50:50 calendar type. It's your choice.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 6: Yes, here is the perfect place for a cool tool. Not that visible for guests plus some space to put in notes. A close-up is next.


This calendar style is, what we offer via Zazzle: our 50:50 style composers calendar and our 50:50 style pipe organ calendars.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 8: Your older kid's bedroom could be a location, where both calendar types fit. The European style calendars and ...


... the 50:50 style calendar, too. It's your teen's choice.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 10: A special music room is the perfect location for a European style calendar. However, not for a 50:50 style calendar at all.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 11: Here is, where great future musicians and composers grow up. A 50:50 style calendar would be nasty here. A European style calendar here is like a noble picture. You want it closer?


Here is a close-up for you.


Not a pipe organ calendar picture # 13: A hallway is the perfect place for a European style calendar. There are so many themes and colors, that you definitely find the perfect match in color.


You have a business, a layer's office, a tax agency or a real estate company? Upgrade one wall with a music calendar. However, we mean, not with a typical 50:50 style calendar. You love this art work in particular and want to see the other monthly pages? Click here.


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Doesn't the color match to perfection?


What a decoration in your master bedroom. We guess, it is not necessary to show, what a 50:50 style calendar would look like here.


More about the 2 of Us: The Pipe Organ Calendar "Producers"


The owner of the publishing house and author of all music calendars, in particular on this page pipe organ calendars:  a miniature dream team ... my husband and I. He produces the ideas. Tons of ideas. And after that it's my "job" to make them  come alive. However, we do that for 4 decades already and it's fun to create cool stuff related to music. 


Matching the Pipe Organ Calendar Page: Did You Know, Johann Sebastian Bach Is the Most Famous and Best Pipe Organ Player of all Time and All Over the Planet?


The Johann Sebastian Bach monument in Weimar, actually a cute, tiny art work, which doesn't show how great this musician's works were.


In the Johann Sebastian Bach Church (... it was called the "New Church" in the 1710s) in Arnstadt, Thuringia, Germany, the first organ is located, on which the master performed as an organist.


There is no doubt, Johann Sebastian Bach is a pipe organ player like no other musician on Earth. What most people know is, that he was a pipe organ player. Fewer folks know, that he was a composer, who "invented" many organ pieces, among them the probably most famous organ work "Toccata". However, almost nobody knows that Bach was - even in his young years - a really well-known organ expert. No other musicians combine these "three organ disciplines".


However, the best pipe organ player? How can you measure such a thing? We have to find a "tool" how to figure that out. Let us research and combine, what other personalities - in more than 250 years - said about Bach and "his competitors" and we find out, that no other composer in the league of Bach got so much special honor like the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer (Bach) did. More famous musicians, like Handel, Beethoven, Mozart and all the other legends could not compete with Bach in this discipline". And even if somebody finds, that this musician or that composer is a better organ player - however, it's a matter of taste, too - there is one proof, which makes Bach the best of all. It is said, that Bach had gigantic hands, so he was able to reach more keys than most of his "competitors" (... in our game). But that's not all. He was so enthusiastic and ambitious, that he is said to use a stick in his mouth to play those keys, which he couldn't reach, when both of his hands and his to feet were occupied. So he is the only musician, of which history tells, who operated this "Queen of all Instruments" with his 2 hands, his two feet and his mouth. That ... makes him the most skilled and most famous pipe organ player in the world and of all time.


Purchase Every Pipe Organ Calendar that "Bach 4 You" Released in the Past Years. In Three Sizes. In Two Styles


These pipe organ calendars are available in both the European style and the 50:50 style (with a grid) - in 3 sizes per style. Just email me if you want to know more. We can print every single one of the last years, so you can get every single one "hot off the press", printed especially for you. Of course, your desired organ calendar will then have the current timetable. Here you can explore the individual monthly pages of the current pipe organ calendar and the pipe organ calendars of the past years.


Let Peter Entertain You Regarding the Subject of Calendars in General


Do you want to meet Peter and me? Click here to learn more about the 2 of us.


Johann Nicolaus Forkel, first biographer of Johann Sebastian Bach, based his work on conversations with the master's sons, and he was the one who spread this cool story about the Thomas Cantor and the story of the operation of the organ with a stick in his mouth. This mentioned first of about 7,000 Bach biographies dates from 1788. 


The only biography about Johann Sebastian Bach, that dates earlier than Johann Nicolaus Forkel's biography is the (... actually short) biography of his son Carl Philipp Emanuel and two more authors, written in 1750 and published in 1754, the Necrology for J.S. Bach.


The greatest pipe organ player on the planet: The Bach monument is located in the Ulm Minster in the city of Ulm on the Danube, Germany.


The most famous Johann Sebastian Bach Monument, in Leipzig, Saxony in Germany. However, it's only one of two Bach monuments in this music metropolis. The second monument, the so-called Old Bach Monument is located just 30 steps away, right next to the St. Thomas Church. By the way: Meet all the Bach monuments here, there are 33!


More Cool Calendar Pictures, but no Pipe Organ Calendar Pictures


Have you ever heard of such a thing? We didn't! A Bismarck Calendar.


The Vatican City issued a stamp pad in the year 1982 to celebrate 400 years of the Gregorian Calendar.


This is no postage stamp but a so-called food stamp. It tells that the company "Liebes & Teichtner" was located in Leipzig, Saxony in Germany and upgrades that information with the add-on "The biggest Calendar Company". However, it does not tell: ... in Leipzig? ... in Saxony? ... in Germany? ... or on the Planet?


A Chinese postage stamp to honor Chinese inventions., In our case it's ... the invention of the calendar of course. The stamp is issued in 2005.


This is the "Convenient Teller's Great, Illustrated House and Family Calendar for the Year 1917.


This is "The True 100 Year Calendar" valid until the year 1984/1985. We guess it was then released in the year 1884/1885. Sorry, the link is in German only, however, please use Google Translation to learn more.


It is the "Limping Messenger's Calendar for the Resident and Farmer" for the year 1933 in its 133st Volume. That means the first edition dated back in 1800.


A final small reminder. Promise … learn more.


The German Federal Post Office issued a stamp in the year 1982. It honored the 400th Anniversary of the Gregorian Calendar.


A Bulgarian set of postage stamps from the year 1993 is related to the subject of calendar.


The Most Rewarding Pipe Organ Website on the Planet ... in My and My Opinion ... and also Peter's


You just have to visit Martin Doering's pipe organ website, which in German is called "Die": Of course he provides English pages for you. Music, Exciting stuff and pictures of more than 5,000 organs from all over the planet.


One Final Picture Regarding The Subject of Composers Calendars and Pipe Organ Calendars


Pipe organ calendars, music calendars, composers calendars, Bach calendars: so many gifts for musicians, so many music gifts. Plus, many music calendars come in 2 styles  European Style and 50:50 Style  unique on the Planet.





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