The Project "Bach On Bach" ... Several Websites in the Matter of the Thomas Cantor and Composer Johann Sebastian Bach


So ... recognized ... where was Johann Sebastian Bach born? More such amiable Bach errors can be found in the Bach Quodlibet on "Bach on Bach".



Bach on Bach ... this is a particularly exciting portal about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. At the same time, this is a whole series of other special websites, which, however, also revolve around the essential topic, that is, the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer, whom many musicians and the great personalities in the world consider to be the most outstanding musician and composer of all time in almost three centuries. The author of this project is Peter Bach Jr., my husband, and that is why it is the name and motto of his project: precisely Bach on Bach.


The youngest "child" in this family – in the "family of websites" around the composer – is the website "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children". It was originally intended exclusively for children and young adults. However, it quickly turned out to be an ideal platform for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents and especially for music educators. With a click here you can quickly stop by.


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Bach on Bach ... The Most Comprehensive German and International Bach Website


"Bach on Bach" is the website for both Bach experts, Bach fans and also for Bach beginners. It is the first of all websites in the Johann Sebastian Bach project "Bach on Bach". Plus, meanwhile it's the most comprehensive German and also international website regarding the composer from Eisenach. Here, you get there.




The Most Informative Bach Website for Children


"Johann Sebastian Bach for Children" is the perfect website if kids are looking for answers to questions about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Believe it or not: Four out of five musical Bach sons were famous at that time, two even more famous than their famous father (... in his time).  We are looking forward to your visit.




The Most Entertaining Website About the Bach Place of Wechmar, Home of Veit Bach, the First Musician in the Family


"Bach in Wechmar": It is the website for all those who are interested in Bach and who also want to travel, that is who also want to experience the Bach towns and Bach places. And it is the right address for all Bach fans who are also and especially interested in the Bach genealogy. Because it was in Wechmar that the Bach family and the subject of music met for the first time. From that time it's there when the Bachs became the musician family Bach. A very tiny reminder: Please remember that it is Wechmar and not Weimar. A huge difference ... also for the Bach genealogy, that is the Bach family research. Here's your path to Wechmar.




The Only Website About Really Tiny Books Related to the Composer Johann Sebastian Bach and Also Much More Exciting Items


Yes, that is exciting with approximately 700 Bach biographies since 1750: Above it is the really smallest Bach biography. For comparison, there is the Euro and the US Quarter. Another tiny Bach biography is much larger, but still tiny. Both are not meant to be read. A little later than the project "Bach on Bach" started, Peter, my husband, wrote his "Bach Biography for Children" and shortly after that I founded my Calendar- and Book Publishing House "Bach 4 You", in which there are meanwhile many exciting articles around the Thomas Cantor and around the topic of music and classical music. Two more Bach biographies are available in my Publishing House: One is the "Little Chronicle of Magdalena Bach" and the other is "The Truth About Johann Sebastian Bach". Both are Peter's favorite biographies, and they are only available second-hand and in German (... sorry folks). Have much fun on my page 1 of "Bach 4 You", if you "landed" on this page via Google.




The Website About the Most Experienced Family Researcher Regarding Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther


A genealogy website among the Bach websites in the Johann Sebastian Bach Project? That's right. It was created by my husband for Christian Hoske because he accompanies our Bach project so intensively and finds many things that would have escaped our eyes and our research. Just visit him with a click here



The Website About Peter Bach, Jr.'s J.S. Bach Biography for Children


In fact, you have many options: First, of course, there's the paper book, the "real deal" when seen from the author's point of view. But then, just as entertaining, next there is the audiobook. And that even comes in three variants: with no music, with little music, and with a lot of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Finally, there are the electronic versions, that is, the PDF and the version for your tablet. Have a look at the specially created website. Via this link.



The Website Regarding the Only Bach Kindergarten Game ... Plus Regarding the Only Bach Coloring Book, "Invented" by Three Family Members


These are two of several possibilities that the two Bachs from Southern Germany propose to inspire the smallest future classical music fans. The motto of the project and the Publisher: It is important not to spoil a first acquaintance with this particular genre of music. To get to the coloring book, click here, to get to the kindergarten game, please click here.



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99 Music Calendars ... And Actually Countless Music Gifts


A music calendar, a Bach calendar, a composers calendar ... on the left. And the Little Bach Figure on the right.


A composers calendar and a music calendar on the left side, and a music T-shirt on the right side. To the shop? Please click here.


The "modern" Bach beer stein on the left side, the pipe organ calendar on the right side.



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