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Musician Gifts. There are internet portals where you can find many, many ... many more musician gifts. Great musician gifts. But music calendars? You can hardly go wrong with a musician gift that is a music calendar. Because even if you do not hit "the bull's eye" exactly, then it has at least a "half-life". Have you "landed" here via Google? Then welcome. And otherwise ... of course, likewise.


To the store – in the store the overview is nevertheless somewhat more informative – you get with a click here ( ... maybe you have changed your mind?!). But only once scroll through quickly, whether this offer here on the subject of musician gifts is really so top, you can immediately and below. Two "kinds" of musician gifts are offered by Renate Bach Publishing House: First, of course, Bach gifts and then also – and this is certainly unique in this particular form – many, many calendars and all on the subject of music. Firstly, there are many Bach calendars, then 33 composers calendars, lots of music calendars for adults and – just – really, really many cool music calendars for children, too: for small children and for already really grown-up children. And these are together? Musician gifts and more musician gifts. And now: Have fun exploring.


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Gifts for Musicians No 1: Bach Calendars in Portrait Format


There are very many of our calendars also as "US style", that is "50:50 style" calendars. You can find them with one click here ... after that please choose Zazzle.


By the way, it's easy to access the 1,224 monthly pages of all 99 + 3 music calendars: Simply click on the store button below. Then choose one of the calendar categories. And then look for your desired calendar. Please click - there later - on the button below the picture (... "More" ...) and then the monthly sheets are under the prices and under the information about the three different sizes. And ... did we promise too much? No, it really is very simple.

Landscape format Bach calendars and portrait format Bach calendars are well-balanced. Meanwhile, you now know the first half of all Bach calendars.



Gifts for Musicians No. 2: Bach Calendars in Landscape Format


On this page, they are all European style = poster style. For calendars like they are common in the USA and maybe more countries please click here, next choose Zazzle.


Bach calendars and more Bach calendars in landscape format. However, in European style, which is the same as the poster style. Your way to the shop.



Gifts for Musicians No. 3: Composers Calendars in Portrait Format


On this page, they are all European style = poster style. For calendars like they are common in the USA and maybe more countries (... with a huge grid in the lower half) please click here, next choose Zazzle.


The composers calendars, among the music calendars, in upright format. Yes, it's a healthy blend regarding the ratio with the landscape format composers calendars.



Gifts for Musicians No. 4: Composers Calendars in Landscape Format


On this page, they are all European style = poster style. For calendars like they are common in the USA and maybe more countries please click here, next choose Zazzle.


Many, many composers calendars in landscape format. If we had to decide which one of these composers calendars is the best, we wouldn't know which one. Every single composers calendar "somehow has its charm".  Your way to the shop



Gifts for Musicians No. 5: Music Calendars in Portrait Format


Actually: Unfortunately, there are only two portrait music calendars. That ... is really not very well-balanced. The advantage, however: In no other "department", not in the Bach calendars area and not in the composers calendars section, are there so many calendars in landscape format. There are exactly 31 such music calendars.


Gifts for Musicians No. 6: Music Calendars in Landscape Format


Many, really many music calendars, and they are all in landscape format. Plus they come in European style, which is poster style. Your way to the shop.



Gifts for Musicians No. 7: Children's Music Calendars in Landscape Format


Yes, you saw some of these calendars in the composers calendars section and others in the music calendar section. However: Here all calendars for kids and teens and young adults are combined again for you, just to explore them conveniently. However, these are just the landscape format calendars. Your way to the shop.



Gifts for Musicians No. 8: Children's Music Calendars in Upright Format


Sorry, there are only a few upright music calendars for kids, teens and young adults.



Gifts for Musicians No. 9: Mozart Calendar and Beethoven Calendar in Landscape Format


Two composer calendars from our composer edition: Mozart Calendar and Beethoven Calendar.


Surprise, Surprise: Is The Following Calendar Actually a Gift for Musicians? Yes, Because Dr. Martin Luther Was a Composer, Too. It Is Section Gifts for Musicians No. 10: The Luther Calendar in Landscape Format

We do believe there is no such calendar anywhere else to purchase in the Universe. The monthly pages are awesome, and this Luther Calendar was actually the latest that came into being. Your way to the shop.


Gifts for Musicians No. 10: Bach Gifts and More Bach Gifts


Of course, we can – apart from composers calendars, Bach calendars and also music calendars – especially also Bach gifts. In 2021 there were about 50, in 2023 there will be more than 1,000. Your way to our Publishing House Shop.



Gifts for Musicians No 11: Our Bach Shops on "Zazzle & Co."


Featured above is actually just a tiny number of cool music gifts you can buy at Zazzle, Redbubble, Cafepress and Spreadshirt.



"Zazzle" and three other online stores by "Bach 4 You": There are "tons" of our further musician gifts and music gifts. In fact, with our paintings and our artworks as well as the historical parts, we make them great music gifts and gift ideas for musicians. It's definitely a real pleasure to take a look around there and just browse through the many, many cool ideas. Click on one of the buttons above ... or here



99 Music Calendars Are 99 Music Gifts


Gift for Musicians: A composers calendar. It is a real life painting of Austrian Strauss with an impressiv beard lokking to the right of my head. The background has parts of blue and grey. There are blue parts all over the pic, too.

Composers calendars: You have met 33 composers calendars on this page by now, if you're still here, and indeed you are. However, we simply cannot close this page without showing you at least one single monthly page of a composers calendar in an exciting size.



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