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"Teaching Material", "Classical Music" and "Teacher": Three keywords "fit" and lead to this page of my website. My Publisher's "Teaching Material Classical Music" is a completely "cross-brushed" approach to introducing kids to classical music in a sustainable way.  And of course the asterisk ( * ) in the headline means that you will use – hopefully enthusiastically – the "Teaching Material Classical Music" purchased for € 11.90 for twenty years and longer (... get to our currency converter here).


Our "Teaching Material Classical Music" can be used in face-to-face classes, in distance learning, in hybrid and alternating classes, and a mix of everything. Even better: Even in "regular mode" this "Teaching Material Classical Music" can be "consumed" on paper as well as electronically at the same time. The complete approach is a "product of the Covid-19-Pandemic 2020/21" as well as the most violent forest fires in California since the weather records, 2020. Paper-free and therefore environmentally friendly, multimedia as well as digital and therefore modern, in addition also "Easy Going Learning" and for that reason a lifelong entrée is it for your kids, when – in the coming 10, 20, or even 50 years – the desire awakens to approach first the popular and then perhaps also the more serious classical music.


And one request already in advance: Teachers are to be divided to 95 percent into three groups (... all other people by the way also): They like classical music very much. Then it will surely cost you some effort to excite your students with the "Mission of the Two Bachs Method". The second group enjoys popular classical music. Then I don't need to convince you. And the third group doesn't like classical music at all. For this third group, certainly by far the largest, our approach is more than perfect. The first group, however, we ask – musicians, classical music fans, teachers and, of course, music teachers – to get over themselves and – only as a means to an end – to make friends with our entry proposal into the "world of classical music". Only kids who like "popular classical music" will "venture further" later on. Students who are confronted with "hard-to-digest classical music" right at the beginning are more likely to conclude for life: "Classical music is not for me!" Exceptions ... always prove the rule, of course. Give our "Teaching Material Classical Music " a chance. Please.


Please, check here, what the prices are in your country ... with my currency converter. Thanks.


20-Part "Teaching Material Classical Music" (100% Download). Delivery Pos. 11 - 13 from Winter 2023*. The "Teaching Material Classical Music " is paper-free and can be used digitally / printed out!


The "Teaching Material Classical Music" consists of 15 PDF files, 2 MP3 files and 3 videos*.


* The videos will be ready in winter 2023. However, they are not necessary to process the whole adventure, as they are only one option out of three to correct the text with all students.

11,90 €

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The Offer "Teaching Material Classical Music" in a Compact Form


Important to know: The following material is – to your taste – very compressible and very stretchable. It can be used digitally, in the classroom, at home, as well as a mix of both. Neither homework nor classwork requires your correction at home and no grading. Everything can be completed electronically ... or on paper. Winner prizes – for all kids – are nearly twice the value of the protection fee. The offer in detail:


1   My "Teaching Material Classical Music" philosophy, which is so important to me  (PDF)

2   "Operating Instructions" – An overall analog/digital general concept (PDF)

3   "Homework": 150 multiple-choice questions on 45 pages (PDF)

4   45 minutes of Bach's most popular music "in one piece" (MP3)

5   4 collections of classical music works with direct links (PDF)

6   Compilation of 300 popular classical works with direct links (PDF)

7   Recommendation of 8 classical music CDs out of 300 CD offers for your playlist (PDF)

8   Reading "What Is Classical Music?" for your teaching (PDF)

9   Entertainment "Funny+++ Facts" for your teaching (PDF)

10  "Test / Classwork": 150 multiple-choice questions on 45 pages (PDF).

11  "Answers + Info" with the test / class test with your students (... option 1; PDF) 

12  Teleprompter for collective test evaluation (... option 2; PDF)

13  "Answer-and-info video" 1, result moderation on question 1 - 50 (... option 3: video)**

14  "Answer-and-info video" 2, result moderation on question 51 - 100 (... option 3: video)**

15  "Answer-and-info video" 3, result moderation on question 101 - 150 (... option 3: video)**

16  Winner certificate / s to fill in electronically (PDF)

17  1st prize (... for all kids, also in the future): "Bach Biography for Kids" (PDF Tablet - Vers.*)

18  1st prize (... for all kids, even in the future): "Bach Biography for Kids" (audiobook; MP3*)

19  1st prize (... for all kids, even in the future): "Bach Biography for Kids" (ePub - eBook*)

20  Thank You Gift for the teacher: The Audio medley "Bach Quotes and Tributes" (MP3*)


* The value of the included "Bach Biography for Children" is alone € 19.90 + € 9.99 + 18.90. The value of the included audio file "Bach Quotes Medley" is € 9.99. Via the options below you will find a detailed explanation as well as examples for all components.


** The English narrated videos will follow in winter 2023.



The Essential Component in My "Teaching Material Classical Music": "Homework" + "Test / Classwork" + "Answers and Info" 


The important hint: Some parts of the "Teaching Material Classical Music" above are also available free of charge on my websites!


My husband and I finance with this "Teaching Material Classical Music" our common "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" as well as the goal to introduce children and adults to classical music in an additional way. For this reason, we kindly ask you not to pass this material on to befriended teachers. To all your students – until eternity – with pleasure. We cordially ask your colleagues to please "invest" this small, fair amount themselves.


The "Classical Music Teaching Material": Homework, Test / Classwork and the answers with the information are the essential components. "Homework" and "Test / Classwork" differ only by the small added boxes. You can see six more sample pages under the "Winning Certificate".



What Does the Winner – or the Winning Team Consisting of Two Students – in the "Teaching Material Classical Music" Project Get ... Apart from the Winner's Certificate? 


For the winner. Or for the best three of your kids (1st, 2nd, 3rd place). Or the best 2-person team: the winner's certificates (... you can enter the names digitally and then print). And, the winner certificate is only one part. Because all ( ! ) of your kids will also get the "Bach Biography for Kids" and that is in three options. Not "either or " ... but each child gets all three components. This year, next year and still in 25 years.


This is available for all kids: The "Bach Biography for Children". And this is not optional, but every electronic version for every child. This year, next year, in 10 years, in 20 years. And for you? There is the cool audio collage "Bach Quotes" as MP3.



More Examples of the Central Element of My “Teaching Material Classical Music”: More Pages From the “Homework” and “Test / Classwork” Respectively


My "Teaching Material Classical Music ": two more sample pages above.


My "Teaching Material Classical Music ": eight more questions above.


My "Teaching Material Classical Music": And finally two more pages, and again eight more questions ... now you have a good impression.


Just have a look at my moderation of the answers regarding the test / class work for your kids: There is information about it, it is excitingly illustrated, and you can hear the most popular works of Bach quietly in the background. And between my moderation also louder. So the music. From Bach. Here you can try once, the videos in English will follow in summer 2023.



* incl. VAT



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