Bach Eraser, Mozart Eraser, and Beethoven Eraser


The Bach eraser, or the Bach rubber. Here is the little story about it. And if you are not interested in reading about it, then you can go on via the buttons below ... without reading about this tiny bust of Bach, the Bach eraser. By the way: This history of the Bach eraser applies, strangely enough, neither to the Mozart eraser, nor to the Beethoven eraser. Feel free to read on under the buttons. ✓



Bach Eraser

Bach Mini Bust

Mozart Eraser /

Mozart Mini Bust

Beethoven Eraser

Beethoven Mini Bust

Will the Bach Eraser Disappear Forever? So will there Really Be no Bach Erasers At All Very Soon?


It was only about ten years after the first page of the "Bach on Bach" project was published and about seven years after the founding of my publishing house "Bach 4 You" - both of which add up to our joint Bach mission - that we discovered it: the cute Bach rubber, which of course you are welcome to call a Bach eraser. So, what's the deal with the "disappearance" of the Bach eraser, the Bach rubber, and why doesn't that apply to the Mozart eraser and the Beethoven eraser as well?

Bach eraser, Mozart eraser and Beethoven eraser: Officially these are the Bach eraser (... as you can read on the box, if you know German), the Mozart eraser and the Beethoven eraser.




The Bach Eraser in the Publishing House: It All Started with Mon Chéri, Ferrero Kisses and Rocher ... and a Cool Photo for My Shop






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