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The Bach eraser, respectively the Bach rubber. Here is the little story about it. And if you are not interested in reading about it, then you can continue right below via the buttons ... then just without reading about this tiny Bach bust, the Bach eraser. By the way: This history of the Bach eraser applies, strangely enough, neither to the Mozart eraser nor to the Beethoven eraser. Feel free to read on below the buttons.



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Will the Bach Eraser Disappear Forever? So, Will There Really Be No Bach Erasers at All Very Soon?


It was only about ten years after the first page of the Bach on Bach project was published and about seven years after the founding of my Publishing House Bach 4 You – both together resulting in our common Bach Mission – that we discovered it: the cute Bach eraser, which you can of course also call Bach rubber. We call it our Bach cutie. So, what's the deal with the "disappearance" of the Bach eraser, the Bach rubber, and why doesn't that apply to the Mozart eraser and the Beethoven eraser as well?



Bach eraser, Mozart eraser and Beethoven eraser: Officially these are the Bach Radierer (... as you can read on the box, if you know German), the Mozart Radierer and the Beethoven Radierer.




The Bach Eraser in the Publishing House: It All Started With Mon Chéri, Ferrero Little Kisses and Rocher ... And a Cool Photo for My Shop


The Bach eraser is unusually small: So there's a size comparison for you here.



We had found the Bach eraser only after so many years, now we also wanted to offer it from the fall of 2020. The store got a new "department", that is the Bach eraser. And there was the consideration whether there should then also be the Mozart eraser. And the Beethoven etcher. The decision was made and the calculation "took its course". When we noticed that the Bach eraser was no longer available here and there. With the inquiry with the manufacturer, the "drama" began. The Bach eraser – and by the way also the Mozart eraser and the Beethoven eraser – are no longer produced. Now that we had fallen in love with the three tiny composers and awarded them the title of "very smallest Bach, Mozart and Beethoven bust". Only about 150 Bach etchers were still available. Mozart etchers and Beethoven etchers, on the other hand, are still available "like sand on the sea". Why there are only so few of Bach ... could not be told to us and also hard thinking does not lead to success, because it could be indeed just as well that Mozart erasers and Beethoven erasers are less in demand (... that would be an "honor for Bach") or it could be that some time ago the Mozart eraser and the Beethoven eraser were so violently in demand that they ordered a further "edition" in China (... in China ... where else?!). Of course, the latter would not be appropriate to the fame of Bach.


In order to be able to offer you and all "our" Bach fans the Bach eraser for a long time to come, we then went on a search and bought up what was still so reasonably priced that we could offer you these Bach erasers at a reasonable price. Of course with at least two Euro plus, because we want to make the next steps in our "J.S. Bach Mission" and our "Classical Music for Children Mission" possible with a moderate, small surplus. Offers that are no longer available, as well as Bach erasers that are offered for € 11.90 plus € 5.80 postage, so together € 6 more expensive than at "Bach 4 You" and in addition do not even accompany our pedagogical efforts, were for us in the purchase ...  and certainly also to you ... too expensive.


Finally, the latest offer in the store – because we have also decided to offer two more particularly beautiful busts, that is the Mozart bust, as well as the Beethoven bust, each in a height of 22 centimeters – are the Mozart etcher and the Beethoven etcher. They both in a height of 5 centimeters and in 22 centimeters, respectively, are the exception to the rule as far as the offer of exciting gifts that exist to composers other than just Johann Sebastian Bach. Check here what the sizes are in inches.



The Bach Eraser: We Have the "Last of Its Kind"


If this Bach eraser, the Bach rubber, or rather the Bach etcher is no longer available for purchase – because it is no longer produced – then we already have a plan. Then we will scan the Bach bust that you see in the picture below. We own the copyright of it. Then we have a form made from this Bach bust in the size of the Bach etcher. And finally, we cast – by hand – many small Bach busts from this form. These Bach busts are then only called Bach erasers. They are then no longer Bach erasers. But ... who erases with such a cute little Bach bust?! After the first use, it would be damaged. And we offer a "Bach eraser protector" for erasing: Namely, a small and much cheaper and also much less attractive Bach eraser, Mozart eraser and Beethoven eraser, where it does not hurt if you really, actually use it for erasing. Take a look at the little picture below the following.


From the middle Bach bust, here in a height of 22 centimeters (... 8.66 inches), we will once make the next Bach eraser in the future, which, however, will no longer be a Bach eraser. What ... a play on words. However, the Beethoven eraser and the Mozart eraser will certainly exist for all eternity ... and both will therefore remain ... real Mozart erasers and Beethoven erasers, with which you can also erase.



Honor to Whom Honor Is Due: A Final Performance by the Three Largest and the Three Smallest Bach Busts, Mozart Busts and Beethoven Busts

Bach, Mozart and Beethoven: In both sizes you can use the greatest of music as bookends. With the big busts, that goes without saying. With the Bach eraser, the Mozart rubber and the Beethoven etcher, you can only prop up very small books, like these for example:


Yes, for such small books you need only very small bookends: This is your way to this "book corner" in the store.



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