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The Bach Biography for Children as an Audiobook 


Format: mp3

Length: 341 minutes (... with 19 music works)

Files: 57 mp3 files packed in 20 zip files

Language: English

Narrator: Aaron Regerar

Author: Peter Bach Jr. 

Publisher: Renate Bach Verlag – Bach 4 You



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Audio Sample





Two little cherubs, best friends forever, deal with the life and the music work of the greatest composer of all time. Balthazar has learned to tell stories particularly cool, Veit is the musician of both. In alternation between the cherubs everyday life and the story about Bach, the two have an exciting fun together for about two weeks. The small reader – and certainly also many adult readers – learns in a simple and easy way what the highlights of Bach's life are. Educatively ambitious, scientifically important events are greatly reduced in favor of Bach's adventures. Names, works, and musical-scientific knowledge are not communicated. The biography is supposed to be exciting. And nothing else. Of course, the key data must be correct, but many Bach experts in the project vouch for that.


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