About Peter Bach jr. – He Is My Husband And Author of 2 Books + 99 Calendars. He's 50 Percent of Our Mission, Too! 


That is he, my husband Peter Bach jr.! He loves writing - and he loves writing much - and that is the photo which he likes best.


To come up with this detail upfront: Yes, he has written the biography about Bach for children, his debut  feature. However is second book already was ... a coloring book. More specifically? A Bach coloring Book. So take the hint in the headline regarding he is an author not too seriously.


However: He doesn't hide and so you will get more pictures of him down the page, like he is looking today.

Actually we do different things in our common hobby. Here is the writer and he creates websites and calendars, wrote a book and he comes up with a new idea every 10 minutes. At least it feels like that.


He learned how to take photos and he has a diploma with that. Shortly after becoming a professional photographer, he started to work together with his dad. They both specialize in explaining things to a broad public. So his father started to present vacation destinations to Germans, such as South Tirol, Bavaria and the Schwarzwald in Southern Germany. Later on he started - as a first person in Germany - to present companies via a combination of slides and audiotape. You may know it as commercial and presentation videos. And that is what Peter is still doing today. Not with slides of course and there is no audiotape around anymore.  


A photo matching our Johann Sebastian Bach mission and the "Bach On Bach" project, which are many websites, for instance "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children". A third one is about the origin village of the Bach family of musicians. This is Wechmar - not Weimar - in Thuringia, Germany.


Here could decide for a shortcut to "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children". However: Please come back again. 


My Husband and I ... We both Love Quality


Und das bedeutet für ihn ganz besonders: Er macht Fotos aus den unmöglichsten Blickwinkeln. Er legt sich auf den Boden, er sitzt im Schmutz herum und manches Mal stellt er sogar den einen oder anderen Akrobaten in den Schatten. Überzeugen sie sich selbst. Hier sind ein paar Fotos von ihm. Die ... habe natürlich ich gemacht.  


Peter is taken photos of the Bachhaus with the Bach Museum in Eisenach ...


... Peter takes photos of the artist, who paints Bach after a famous Bach portrait ...

... plus Peter taking a photo of his famous namesake in Muelhausen, Thuringia, Germany.

Taking photos still today is his favorite part inside the passion. There is one monument in Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany. It's a modern one, stainless steel, real different. It's on the side of the old town square. Can you imagine, he took photos of that one monument for 45 minutes. Plus he would never ever take a photo without sunshine. Yup, that is he and that is why part of our relationship for me means ... waiting.


Peter and his sister Petra-Ines. Together they are the authors of the little Bach biography for children. She painted all these dreamlike illustrations of young and later older Johann Sebastian Bach and of the two BFF Veit and Balthazar. Learn more about that book, that is no "little" biography at all with a click here.


The Johann Sebastian Bach Mission: Owner of the publishing house and author, more precisely publishing company starter and novice author: Renate und Peter Bach jr.  (... from left to right and I am not serious now). 

99 Music Calendar, Pipe Organ Calendar, Composers Calendar and Bach Calendars


Each page on the websites of our "Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Mission" ends with a music calendar by Peter. Here it is the most experimental of the 99 music calendars, namely an exciting composer's calendar. 

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