Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. And You Are Looking for a Gift. A Cool Gift, a Real Individual Gift?


Valentine's Day last year, Valentine's Day this year and Valentine's Day next year. Do you know about the problem? Actually it's as simple as can be and only a creative person can figure this out. The problem lies in the creativity itself. Tob creative gets exhausting. It's actually not really true. On the other hand it's true. What we mean is the research for creative gifts ideas. Because what you – fallen in love currently – found out last year which was exciting, will become a more and more hard to accomplish challenge. So you have to search more and more each Valentine'S Day, but not only for Valentine's Days but for Christmas and birthdays as well. The internet helps a little with this and industry and commerce with more and  more gift ideas.


In the 15th century Valentine's couples wrote poems to the partner or gave little gifts to each other. That happened first in England. On the evening prior to Valentine's day the fortune decided, who met on the very next day - on Valentine's day. And it was no good result, if the perfect partner didn't get a perfect gift, that is to say the gift was not attractive enough. In the time of Queen Victoria the fashion came into being to enjoy one another with decorated cards.


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The Valentine's Day calendar: aside of chocolate, jewelry and flowers the Valentine's Day calendar is certainly one of the really creative and special gifts. This is calendar number 100 , respectively number 101 of the Renate Bach publishing house "Bach 4 You", located in the wine village of Flein south of Heilbronn in Southern Germany. 


Often your creativity ends with the decision to give your loved one socks or a tie and 100,000 things, that your partner doesn't want and he or she doesn't need. A gesture develops into an obligation after a few years, and those who try very hard, realize after many years, that so many exciting stuff, which he gave as a gift, now is no option any more and can not be chosen as "creative" or "cool". The special curiosity: With two partners the number of perfect gift ideas cuts in half and we arrived at the calendar for Valentine's Day: Only one partner can give this calendar as a gift too. And that is true only one time in life. After that this idea is "expended". Forever. 


This is the individual among the hot off the press calendars: It is personalized, like you say today. Instead of the names of Scott and Sharon, Max and Stacy or Joey and Lindsay its your name and the name of your partner.



The Renate Bach Publishing House offers its Valentin's Day calendar in two versions. On the one hand there are the hot off the press calendars. The subject of music aside of the subject of heart doesn't bother as it's just the underlying theme, like music, which you enjoy with a candle light dinner at home, while you unwrap your gifts. One of the two Valentine's Day'S gifts is the hot off the press "common" heart and music calendar. This calendar starts at € 18,90 plus shipping and handling, including tax in 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches. You can order it in an impressing size of 11.7. inches by 16.5 inches for € 25,90 and a real decoration for a special place in your home is the 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches size for € 43.90. Please add shipping and handling to the last two positions. All taxes are included. 


February of the value priced Valentine's day calendar in size A4 (210 mm x 297 mm / 8.3 inches x 11.7 inches) 


The month of February in the hot off the press calendar for Valentine's Day: "Hot off the press means there are no calendars of this design lying around in the publishing house. In a manner of speaking. You want one? We'll have it printed fresh for you and send it to you. What other calendars do we have? No value priced Valentine's Day calendars in all sizes. Because there are "only" 9 music calendars of this value priced type. The publisher has a tiny edition printed of the value priced calendars - a fixed term at "Bach 4 You". That's why they are less expensive for the publisher than the single print... and for you, too. Look at it? Please click here. The exception: The size A4 of the first Valentine's Day calendar above. In A4 it is a value priced  one. But just ... in A4. There .. it is actually lying around in the publishing house, or rather: ready for you.  


This page of the Valentine's Day gift homepage is an exception, because you can also view all 12 monthly pages without clicking through the shop selection. This is not that perfect arranged with all the other calendars. But: Valentine's Day is something special. And maybe this idea is exactly "your rescue". By the way, the calendar numbers of these two Valentine's Day calendars are 100 and 101, and you will find this offer in the shop to the right of the music calendars for children. Or click here right now 

The first of two Valentine's Day calendars: In A4 it is a value priced one


The first of the two Valentine's Day calendars: In size A4 it belongs to the group of value priced calendars of the publishing house. Below you can now explore a full 12 of 13 monthly pages. Not only does this calendar starts in February. It even begins exactly on February 14th.


First of the two Valentine's Day calendars, it has the order number 100. Easy to remember, right? 


The second of 2 Valentine's Day calendars: it has only hot off the press options


The calendar title of the alternative Valentine's Day calendar. It is available in three sizes from A4 to A2, but only in the hot off the press version, in all sizes. Below follow 12 of 13 monthly pages. Also this calendar starts not only in February, but in February on the 14th day of this month, on Valentine's Day.


The 12 monthly pages of the second Valentine's Day calendar. The 13th page that follows is exciting because it is another round of "Happy Valentine's Day wishes" for this special day of the year. Please also note the exciting year on the calendar page.


A second time this special day of the year is highlighted and even after that this calendar still gives to more 2 weeks of pleasure. By the way, it has the order number 101.


Valentine's Day: Why After All Do You Give Gifts on Valentine's Day?


Valentine's Day: 14th of February. All over the world this day is the day of lovers. But wait a minute! All over the planet? That is true, however: You don't celebrate Valentine's Day in all country's on earth like in Germany or – even more intense in the United States of America. There whole sections in malls, Walmart and similar shops are coloring rose madder. The Valentine's Day is a Christian tradition and goes back to several Christian martyrs. It is handed down that they shorten Saint Valentin von Termi or Saint Valentin von Viterbo by the size of one head. And that is to say from the top, if they took heir feet off, they would have survived it. 


In remembrance of these two Valentins Pope Gelasius I decided to install a feast day in the year 469. 1969 they degraded this day back to a common working day. The Valentine's Day. Some church services "survived until today, in which married couples are blessed. Not exactly on Valentine's Day but around Valentine's day, sort of. And that is the time, when you get the gifts: One gift for him ...  and one gift for her. 


The May page of the Valentine's Day calendar: There are 6 calendars as gifts to chose from. There is the hot off the press in 8.3 by 11.7 inches, 11.7 by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. Plus the personalized hot off the press in the same measurements. Plus check on the prices: you can compare all 6 of them to similar high quality offers of calendars and they are well competitive in these formats. By the way: all 12 motives are a perfect picture gallery later, when the year is over and history. You may order one of these six calendars on this website. You will find them below all music gifts and all Bach presents. The calendar numbers of both Valentin's Day calendars are 100 and 101.   



Bach then the mandatory gift for Valentine's Day was a flower bouquet, but it didn't take long - in the last century it was the time after World War Two - and all flower shops and companies producing sweet stuff all over the world discovered the Valentine's Day as  the perfect option, aside of Christmas and Easter, to install one more event to promote gifts during the year. If you want to learn even more about this aspect please click to Wikipedia plus Valentine's Day. Where else?


In the 15th century in England Valentine's couples gave each other small gifts or poems. Exciting about it: The evening before, it was decided by lot who would get to know each other on the next day - Valentine's Day. And woe to the one who then chose an unattractive gift for the right partner. At the time of Queen Victoria, the custom of making each other happy with decorated cards came up later.


London, England. It is definitely true, that it was in this metropolis, where the first gifts were exchanged due to Valentine's Day.


Economy factor Valentine's day. First, all Valentine's Day gifts a for most merchandise. Lufthansa Cargo, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Hermes and all the other are happy about that fact. Plus, your partner is the same thing as well,on each February 14th. Merchandise develop into gifts. However, that's true only, if you buy those articles.


It were the English emigrants, who "exported" this custom into the New World. From here it finally found its way back to the Old World. Back to the mainland of Europe: With the American soldiers in World War Two it came to Germany. It was 1950 in Nuremberg when they organized the first Valentine's Day Ball. On St. Valentine's Day ... that goes without saying. And what was around for that reason? Sure, presents. So, what were the first gifts? Flowers. Lufthansa alone transports 1,000 tons of roses today for each St. Valentine's Day... roughly ... to Germany. That's for sure and more precisely: Lufthansa Cargo does that. 


Valentine's Day around the world: Into America, out of America. That is how customs spread worldwide.  And that goes on until the very day, when the whole world celebrates day after day after day. This - by the way - is  cool sight of Ellis Island, the entrance into the Promised Land. For millions of people in many, many decades.


Japan ... the town in the pic above is Tokio: There St. Valentine's Day is a chocolate day. However, after that they came to the idea, to exchange even more gifts. And that finally worked - and it does even today - alter the Motto - "the more creative you are, the more he or she loves me."



In Japan the custom is exciting: On February 14th men and women give each other chocolate. And because that is good for a connection, not only married women doe that, but also school girls and all those who are - in the matter of age - in between these two groups. In a very high league play - by the way - those girls and women, who even produced this chocolate by themselves, so it's a handmade gift. One month later - it is the so-called White Day - white chocolate as a "gift back", so to say. Well ... what about if we "invent" such a day for the sweet stuff industry, too?


In South Korea they are even smarter. There is the St. Valentine's Day, the "White Day" and an additional "Black Day". Those who didn't get gifts on Valentine's Day and didn't get any gifts on Black Day", which is March 14th, he or she grieves for that situation and guzzles Jajangmyeon. These are noodles with black sauce. An that is how prejudices works: Although it could taste exquisite, it sounds - at least for German ears - not that mouth watering.


More and more Chinese start to love our western culture. For some it's also more and more of our classical music, travel to Europe and celebrating Valentine's Day with "exchanging gifts". In the picture you discover the impressing skyline of Hong Kong.


Let's just beam to China, to the People's Republic of China. In China moire and more modern folks love this western tradition and more and more gifts are handed at each oncoming Valentine's Day. However, there is a Chinese counterpart for Valentine's Day. Qixi Festival seventh day of the seventh month ... and that is true after the Chinese Monthly Calendar. It is this very day, when the Chinese celebrate the Chines Valentine's Day. Smart couples celebrate - by the way - both St. Valentine's Days. In Japan there is such a day, too. However, there the name for the same thing is Tanabata and it is celebrated on July 7th. Every year.


Actually, in Italy as well? There it's different, too? Correct, in different countries and continents they celebrate Valentine's Day a little different. However, gifts are part of this procedure everywhere in the world meanwhile. Sure, it is the best of Valentine's Day. Or isn't that true? Of course you did know it: The picture "Sunrise in Italy" has been photographed in Venice.



In South Africa St. Valentine's Day is photographed very special. In Italy, too. And in Italy, too, in Saudi Arabia very contrary, because there you are not allowed to buy anything a few days in advance that you could give as a gift on this day (... here the Valentine's Day calendar, already ordered in autumn, would be the ideal present ...). In Thailand they strictly check on this very day, that couples do not cuddle in public. Plus even would do more ... visible to the general public. Finally Bangkok installed a public curfew from 10 p.m. (22:00 o' clock) on St. Valentine's day. More - and even much more detailed than on this page - is what you can find here


The November page of the "hot off the press" Valentine's day calendar No. 2: An alternative gift ... compared to the Valentine's day calendar No. 1.



Did you actually know, that there are customs wikis? Sure, you did. And if not, now you know it. And it goes without saying that there is a Valentine's Day custom wiki pointing out about the matching gifts. You could make a short detour to exactly this customs wiki here.


After all, there are so many different, creative and exciting pages on Google related to the subject of "St. Valentine's day" and about the customs, to exchange gifts on this very day. Cool is an article in the German magazine "FOCUS": "Does the festival of lovers go back to a smart business idea?" The Internet portal "My Valentine's Day is one of our recommendations, too It is a nice website with many aspects all around Valentine's Day. Recipes, gift ideas, poems and rhymes, trip proposals and much more is what you find there. Just click here and check it all out.


Al 12 Pages of the St. Valentine's Calendar: A Cool Gift 

For the prices of all calendars it starts with € 11.90 for the size  8.3. x 11.7 inches² (A4) for the value priced of the 4 options and ends with € 49.90 for a real impressing A2 format which is 16.5 x 23.4 inches². By the way: Get to the currency converter real quick here and get back after that with the "back button". In A3 = 11.7 x 16.5 inches² = 29.7 x 42 cm² it is € 18.90. The small one is A4 = 8.3 x 11.7 inches² = 29.7 x 42 cm² it is € 11.90. Tax is included. Please add S&H. 


All the Best for Valentine's Day: a Calendar from February to February


Where else do you find such a thing:  calendar, which starts in the middle of February and ends , exactly on the 28th of the next February? That is only possible as a a Valentine's Day calendar. This calendar is what you don't give as a Christmas gift, not as a birthday gift and not on Easter.


You find this idea already cool. But it is already the 20th of March!


Well, the advice that the next Valentine's Day will come sooner than you think is not really much use right now. However, a certain percentage of the people to be given presents could be mothers, your own, your mothers-in-law and the mothers of your children. And then perhaps a different but similar concept "takes hold", namely that of the Mother's Day calendar. Click here to find out more. You can see it below and we hope you enjoy discovering it. 


Right, the motifs are the same for the Mother's Day calendar and the Valentine's Day calendar. But with the Valentine's Day calendar, of course, the 13 red heart motifs have the "right of way". Well, of course ... with this color ... on Valentine's Day. Remember: all 6 options are perfect gifts.

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