This is the most cost-effective way!


Important, really important: Please note that all our CD recommendations are based on the fact that as many pieces as possible should be "popular, that is well-loved classical works". Beautiful and lovely pieces, but not popular, are "acceptable". However, it is also quite essential that "negative" pieces should be included as few as possible, or none at all. Of course, these are only "negative" works in the sense of the whole project and publishing philosophy! ✓


With the following suggestions, you can try out most favorably whether the "Teaching Material Classical Music" succeeds and can be optimally enriched acoustically with popular classical music. 


Buy the cheapest loudspeaker, connect it to your electronical device and that's it: You start with around $ 5. 


Remember that in the spirit of the project, it makes sense to offer the selected works repeatedly. For this reason, you may well play the same collection three or four times! 


Here you can listen directly test listen. 

The cover is German, the music is international. The CD costs $ 5,99, which is $ as I write (... check here, what's it today ... in your currency)

If you think a selection of works by various composers is better, this is my recommendation, even if the shipping and handling is more expensive than the CD.  You can drive this CD either with your laptop plus the above-mentioned additional speaker or - if you prefer the "good old analog way" - with a boombox, starting at about $40. This is the cheapest option if you prefer "more than by Bach" and are considering this project for more than one year, maybe 20. The ratio between "popular, beautiful and negative" pieces is phenomenal. ✓ 

This is the ultimate collection and our coolest suggestion if you want to treat yourself ... and your kids. It's actually 270 titles for a fabulous price and an incredible share of beautiful, gorgeous, and so important to us, popular, well-loved classic works.  True, there are the shipping and handling costs. But: You can't make a "bad deal" with this recommendation. Because all 270 offers are test-listened. Of course, some titles are included in both collections, that is, the most popular is definitely in both sets. And so on!  But this does not bother: not with 270 pieces. Both CDs together cost € 33.98, plus around $ 11 shipping and handling. Separately, the CDs cost € 19.99 and € 13.99 respectively, plus a little lower shipping and handling as mentioned above. You get to a currency converter here✓ 



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