What Actually is that Now? Is There a Real Johann Sebastian Bach Flea Market



Well, the Johann Sebastian Bach flea market is the corner in the "Bach 4 You" shop, where the publisher offers everything that doesn't really fit on all other shelves. There are, for example, books that we needed at some point, but not anymore. We've also always ordered some good pieces twice ... and now we'd like to return them again. Of course we can only listen to a CD if we can't give it back afterwards and it's already here ... - and becomes a bargain for you, for example the first one at the start of the project. One is not really kept with the books, the other not with the antiques.  There's the joker who sends us a new book back, but it doesn't look so new anymore that we can sell it as new. So it becomes a bargain for you and we are allowed to offer individual copies that are practically new - despite the fixed book price - for a much smaller amount. Basically, of course, there is always only one of the bargains offered here - and whoever comes first wins the race. It counts the receipt of the mail, the time of the order or your call. 






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