Meet "Bach Country" With Two Bachs. The Most Exclusive Way to Experience "The Land of the Bache" in Thuringia and Saxony: However, Not in the Volkswagen Bus in the Description


If you are interested in a tour together with my husband and me, please let us know. There are many ways to discover the locations where Bach was living and acting. A note in advance: With us, it is not expensive, it's very, very expensive! It's meant to generate funds for our two missions, "Johann Sebastian Bach" and "Classical Music for Children". Actually, this is an offer in particular for very small groups of friends or family or both from outside Germany and even outside Europe, as this comes with the most advantage beyond the Bach fun. Keywords are language, medical support, knowledge of highlights in the area. Read more about this unique possibility via the information button, later ... or simply click here.



You explore all Bach locations all alone. For that goal, Peter delivers many hints and recommendations on his website "Bach on Bach". More about this exclusive offer is what you find here ... with a click. Peter suggest what is the most worth visiting to get "the most Bach for your time and money". Unique on this page: There is a ranking among the Bach cities and Bach places. It's the only such "competition" in the Universe.  It's definitely the most affordable way to explore "Bach Country". On the other hand, it needs the most preparation, too. 



You meet Bach in a group and with a travel agency. Peter has researched for you and there are some options to chose from. Meet these tourism companies on Peter's website.



Travel "Bach Country" by bicycle. Our warmest recommendation: Discover "Bach by Bike".


This offer fulfills your wishes then absolutely perfectly if you like the combination "experiences on the occasion of a bike tour to the Bach locations plus Bach's music in concerts". On a very high level, "Bach by Bike" offers a particularly individual tour guide and as musicians, the providers are probably the most musical option among all travel offers. A visit to their website is definitely worthwhile.




The most special Bach adventure, however – and no doubt the most expensive option, too – is a common Bach excitement together with my husband and me. Please note, that this way of exploring the Thomas Cantor's home cities and his life is an offer, to support our whole mission. After your trip, you are – as official supporters  invited onto our Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team  page. 


Interested in many more details regarding a common trip with us? Click on the button, please. Or click here.


It doesn't matter, whether you want to taste "authentic Thuringian Rost" ...


... or you want to dine in a castle or in a palace ...


... my (... on the left, that's me) and Peter's (... sure, I am kidding) honorarium is the same, whether we want to spend 4 days, 6 days or 8 days together. Whether you are a bunch of 4 or of 12. With us two Bachs you can discover "Bach Country" also quite noble. That is what we deliver in terms of quality. And fun, as well as shared experience.


In our five shops you will find "reasonably priced" offers. Together with the complete stamp collection, our travel offer is the most exclusive thing you can buy at "Bach 4 You". You get to all shops with a click here.



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